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Famous Monster - Misfits

Thought I don't celebrate Halloween, outside of eating candy, I still love horror flicks. I would never dress up for he holiday, last time I did was in 5th grade, and I don't do parties (well depends on who's hosting). But in honor of my favorite horror themed band why not do this review? Since today marks the 16th anniversary of this album, why not pick this? I usually save the Misfits for October anyway, so there's that reason. Now this is, easily, one of the best albums by the group. While this was made during the period Michale Graves was the singer (1995-2000), and this was the second singer to be on a record. This isn't the first album to feature him, including LiveEvil II, it's his 3rd. The first album to feature him is good, American Psycho, but not nearly as good as this (if memory serves. I think they were going for more of a Danzig feeling on that record, this is the record where they come into their own.) And it's way better than anything Jerry Only as the singer put out (though Devils Rain ain't half bad, it's pretty good). I remember the first time I heard this album, hell I remember downloading it. It was while we were still filming Travel Bound, sophomore hear of High School. Riding in a car, waiting to get picked up. I remebwr telling certain people they are awesome, then that person didnt have any interest until I believe the following winter, when he got a Misfits shirt and was all the sudden a bigger fan than me. PS I'm just giving you a hard time, we've all been there. Hell I can still sing most of these songs..... but as you know rambling on and on and on isn't getting me anywhere. So let's review this [in my mind] "classic" punk album. I also plan, by the way, to review a few albums I like this month.... you know instead of reviewing a bunch of 2015 albums that were okay.
  1. Kong at the Gates: This is the opening, and it's really just an intro. Nothing much happens, there is very percussion based, but it's supposed to give that feeling.
  2. The Forbidden Zone: I doubt this inspired by Richard Elfman's classic 1980 cult classic (and one of my favorite ever) film of the same name. Mostly because their cut off is like.... I'd say probably 1968 maybe, for movies and stuff. But his just comes speeds right off the bat, and is a solid track. Like a lot of track there isn't a whole lot to say.
  3. Lost In Space: This track is faster than the last track, and I really dig it. It shouldn't by all counts, there is very little difference between the track, but I still dig it. Also nice drum work Dr. Chud.
  4. Dust to Dust: This riff reminds me of a song, like Hole or something like that. I could be remembering wrong, but like a girl punk song that would be in a Guitar Hero/Rock Band game. I also love the choruses on this albums.
  5. Crawling Eye: The only real difference is the massive amount of feed back at the end of this song, and how it's heavier before that part.
  6. Witch Hunt: When I saw this title, The Office title "Gay Witch Hunt" came to mind. This song is not about that though, I can't imagine they do a song about a TV Show episode that came out some 8 years after this albums release. I really don't have much to say about this track, I really can't think of anything to say.
  7. Scream!: Sadly this was the only track to get a music video. George Romero did it. I liked it when I saw it.For whatever reason I don't really care for this song, I don't know why, it never really clicked with me. It's funny because it sounds different than the other tracks, like different enough to not just be a variation on the same track.
  8. Saturday Night: This is a classic that is a call back to the 50's doo-wop. But they not only did a good job of recapturing it, they also don't use any words that are violent. I mean it's more punky, and uses overdrive and like a rock rendition. But seriously, this could be a cover of a 50's track of the style. It even has the "douche bag" lyrics, as once said by Frank Zappa (look it up). But this is so good, I can't tell you haw often I just play this song once or twice in a row. It's easily, in terms of my favorite Misfit tracks, up there in the league of We Are 138, I Turned into A Martian and even Last Caress. It also might not be the best solo, but I think it works. This is is one of those songs, like the original Science Fiction/Double Feature that you can't really hate. For me at least.
  9. Pumpkin Head: This is another song that is different enough and is fast paced. This is a nice solid punk song, that I feel is going for more of a Danzig feeling. Except unlike on some tracks on American Psycho, he's singing like himself.
  10. Scarecrow Man: While this may be a weak ass title, but it's probably got the toughest riff here. It is also another song that sounds different enough.The music here is very bluesy, with a solid solo. It's kind of a nice change of pace. I imagine, if AC/DC was more punk they'd play a song like this. I like this track.
  11. Die Monster Die: While titled very similarly to the classic Die My Darling (the double die in the lyrics) it's still pretty sick. I mean the harmony vocals sound better than the harmonies on the early albums with Glenn. This is a pretty basic song, in the campy feeling that I got from the earlier tracks. Not much to say other than that.
  12. Living Hell: Great track, great chorus. Also a song that would fit snugly on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack. This is, like most of the songs, very straight forward and to the point.
  13. Descending Angel: This is a track that was later covered by Jerry Only's lead Misfits. And you know, the beginning, I'm just not feeling it. The chorus isn't half bad, harmonies, but it's nothing different here.
  14. Them: This is based on the horror flick that's about Van Morrison's band before he went solo :). Not really, but I thought it was funny. This song isn't that bad, it seems there are two styles on this. The fun, campy sound and the more heavy dark sound. This is the fun campy. Also love the chorus, it vaguely reminds me of Cheepnis.
  15. Fiend Club: I may be going crazy, but I have heard this riff outside of this track. But this is a nice change of pace. Seriously, I don't think a single track here sound like this. This would probably, hypothetically, be a great ender if it was more punchy. Like if they threw in a little Be Agressive.
  16. Hunting Humans: This is a song I'm not very familiar with, never really listened to it. I really like the lyrics in the chorus, it makes me laugh. I love the double meaning you can take away from it.
  17. Helena: This is probably one of the most complex songs by the band. It's certainly the best written on the album. It starts out with a riff that is probably the most memorable on the record, and continues this section for the verses. That part is fairly easy to listen to, not all that heavy. After this the track goes into double time and seems more chaotic. This section also contains the heaviest section on the entire album. The contrast of the two parts *kisses finger like chef (you know that thing they do)* perfect. You know, I think part of the reason I liked Dirty Rotten Bastards may be because its kinda similar to this track. Except this is far superior.
  18. Kong Unleashed: This closes the album and is similar to the opener. This almost didn't have to be here. Like I think it should have been mixed in better to be the ending of the Helena. I know it segues into the track, but the right way to do a track like into this is something like Coming Home into Planets. I think if it was more like that, the feed back from the guitar, then it'd be a much better ending. You could leave in the Kong voice, just have it be part of the last track. 
Overall I have to give this album a 7.7/10. But in terms of writing it's probably less than that, but I love this thing. This is very similar style wise, lots of song sound similar. Usually that bothers me, but there's something about this that lets me just let go. Maybe it has to do with how its still kinda campy, though they embrace the camp more with Mike than before. I mean seriously, when your band is basically a tribute band to old campy b-horror flicks, its bound to happen. It's also a whole lot more fun listening to this than it is say Wolfs Blood. This is just, and I should hang myself for this, a group of guys having fun.... and I'm okay with it. Now I bet lots of people may feel this is a lesser album because it doesn't have Glenn. Something I believe is, unless you don't like the way the singer's vocals, there is always something redeeming about any line up change. From Squeeze to 5150 to Rock In A Hard Place, even (thought it kills to say this) Come Taste the Band. The only exception to that rule is when the bands been around too long *cough* if you were a band in the around or before the 80's *cough*. At that point, unless you have a fresh new take, don't get back together or even still be together. The thing that's so great about this is is sounds different than Danzig. It's sounds nicer, more appealing. Also I plan to do a 

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