Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fresh Juice - Blowfly

While I want to save these reviews, by this artist, for one per year this month is special, well 2015 October at least. This is the first Blowfly release for Oops! Label. A label that would be his home from this album until 1988's Blowfly For President. This is also notable for being the first album not to be released on Weird World. This album is sadly overlooked in my opinion. It wasn't ever reissued on CD alone, and it's easily the best album of the 80s.
  1. That's What Your Pussy's Made For: At 7 minutes this is a long track. Compared to his other 3-5 minute tracks, some albums even less. This is also a very educational song, and not in the way that his 1974 track Sesame Street is. No this is a relatively straight song, and yes in terms of serious. I wouldn't have pick up on it until I saw a review of the track. Someone mentioned this is a serious track, and I revisited it and damn! This is a lot deeper than just fuck you. Now obviously there is humor in this track, but the subject matter brought up, especially in the beginning of the track is kind of weird. It's kinda of a portrait of a girl who is destined to become a very sexually active girl. Not the kind that's like a mature, you're a woman make you're choices. It's more of a young girl who probably is confused and lost and that makes her feel good. And it's not necessarily because of her, but because of the unfortunate events of her surroundings and childhood. You know the sad thing is this song could very easily be about a real person that anyone could know. At the end of the day I think this song shows why sex education is an important part of growing up, and why it isn't cool to take advantage of kids. People are only more fucked up then they were in the 80's and I doubt it's getting any better, or it ever will..... And seriously, I may not be the smartest or deepest person, but this truly is worth checking out and thinking about. Musically it's pretty solid and very 80's new wave. It's like a perfect marriage of his 80's out put and his 70's funk. And it also have the stereotypical Fly everyone loves, but I wish the whole song told that girls story instead of the guys too. I think that's just another chance to make a gay joke. And it could have been, in a different time, a perfect chance for him to mention she gets AIDS or something. Although he did kinda do a version of that the followin year with Child Support with the Funky Party Band using his real name Clarence Reid.
  2. Too Fat to Fuck: You could look at this one of two ways, Blow being Blow..... Or a song that's anti-obesity. But in reality it's just what the title says. Again the music here is great. I mean this isn't the funniest song of his, it's also not the best on this album, but it's still a solid track. It also have this disco vibe to it. Like I could picture, with different lyrics, being in Saturday Night Fever.
  3. The First Black President: Easily one of my favorites from his Oops! era. Actually this might be one of my favorites. The playing here's on par with the Weird World releases. If this was done by a white person today he'd be crucified for how racist it is. I could only imagine South Park doing something the level of this songs "UnPC". I love this and it's hilarious, it's like the opposite of Obama. Obama is very diplomatic and acts very calm or "white". But for this song picture a hardcore gangster getting elected. Not a rapper like Kanye West or anyone how isn't probably that "tough" I'm talking about a guy who snorts coke, promises birth control in every purse and chitlins in every pot. Also one who gives his weed to Pope John Paul (but not by choice). I actually could imagine the events of this song happening in an episode of South Park. This song isn't the worst, the part 2 is more unPC but I love this one and it's following adventure of the First Black President. The backing track to this is phenomenal, it's so funky and reminiscent of Rap Dirty. The only bad part is he didn't continue this through the 80's. 
  4. I've Got to Be Free: Oddly enough this doesn't even feel like its fits on this record. I mean it almost sees straight. It's a very romantic song, seriously. I mean if he took out the dick lines, this would be a love song. And I mean it's not like a complete rewrite, it's more of a few clean ups here and there. The only track I can compare this too, is like I Need Love by L.L. Cool Jay, but a tad dirtier. The music here is very 80's and cheesy now, but I mean I still dig the shit out of it. The only bad part is it does go a little long at 5 minutes, but it's still pretty solid.
  5. Business Deal: I wonder what this track might about, P.S. I know I heard this record before but I'm gonna pretend I haven't. And in seriously the horns here are great. This almost sounds like it could fit on Disco. This really is catchy, and it really reminds me of Kurtis Blow. This song also reminds me of The Residents album Demons Dance Alone, but played on the horns. This is a very fun song, and it's pretty funny.
  6. The Vampire That Are Miami: Tell me, does this get more Halloween than this. The classic tale of a Vampire who comes, eats woman's vaginas dry. Who other than Blowfly can clean up this mess and save Miami. Summoning The Incredible Fulk saves the day (blowfly alter ego of sorts - he transforms into it), and everyone's happy. The music here is very similar to Porno Freak, you could almost sing the song, but this is still a great track. This track is great and I love love love every second of it. Lots of his best tracks are story tracks though.
  7. She's Bad: "insert Dolemite reference". This is more of a slow jam funk rap number. Also that bassist is awesome. I mean this is what I assume is Fly's take on a love song.
  8. More Than One Pussy: Who doesn't want that. This melody reminds me vaguely of Just The Two of Us. This topic is insane, but you know I really like the sound of this song. I feel like this would offend someone, but then again who cares. I don't care if it offends someone. The point being, God created more than one woman so us men can have different women to do certain things with.
Overall I have to give this album a 8/10. This is like the other albums from the 80's. When it's great it's fricken great, when its not its just ok. There isn't a bad song on this thought. And it's so fun, if you were having a college party of something I'd suggest playing on this on Spotify if you knew everyone doesn't mind some cuss words and some profanities. The only album from the 80's I've yet to hear is Freak Party, but so far this is the best. Though I do like the On Tour '86 feeling of the original albums. Up next is hopefully another review. The only set in stone review is 31st's so lets see what happens.

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