Friday, October 9, 2015

In Sorte Diaboli - Dimmu Borgir

This is the first album, I'm reviewing, by Melodic Black Metal band Dimmu Borgir. I was kind of afraid to listen to them at first when I originally heard of them. The reason was because I was like 14 and they worshiped Satan. Well with the help of Burzum and good old Frankie Z I can overlook that. I'm secure enough with my religion to where I do not feel that these guys will shake my faith. This is their 8th full length studio album, and from what I've read, their first concept album. The concept being a priest's assistant who begins to doubt his faith and eventually discovers he has nothing to do with Christianity. Also it takes place in Medieval Europe. Since picking this review I've heard the much better Enthrone Darkness Triumphant and Spiritual Black Dimensions, but I figured finish this for Halloween month..... get it over with you know.
  1. The Serpentine Offering: I think this beginning reminds me, personally, of Symphony X but more symphonic. Like they used a real orchestra I'm betting in the intro. The beginning of the track is promising and I don't really think there is anything to complain about yet. I like the section after this that sounds kinda punky. I mean not punk, but I could see what they were doing being done in a punk track. I also dig, of course, Hellhammer's "programmed" drums. Also nice clean vocals.
  2. The Chosen Legacy: I think the best part of this song, honestly, is the drums. I mean in the last track they were just kinda fast, but here there is different rhythms going on. It's really sick to hear. I'd buy a copy of this with just isolated drums/percussion. I mean seriously, there are Terry Bozzio type drums on speed.
  3. The Conspiracy Unfolds: I think this might be the song that I heard the first time I heard any songs by they. I do really like the choir here, and I really think they did a nice job with that when it comes in. I also like the riffs that remind me of As I Lay Dying, just heavier. This actually, at parts, reminds me of As I Lay Dying on maybe An Ocean Between Us or Awakened. I mean this is heavier at parts, but still. It's got a lot of similar parts to that of a track by them.
  4. The Sacrilegious Scorn: I love the cheesy, sorta, sounding synths in this track. The best part here is the clean vocals on the track. I like they way the accent of I.C.X. Vortex sings with. Now I bet that's his natural accent but I still like it. I also dig that piano part, though I wish it lasted a bit longer than like 5 seconds. I also like the harmony guitars here, that last only a few seconds.
  5. The Fallen Arises: This is basically an interlude, that is made up of the stereotypical symphonic metal stuff. Orchestra, voice and you know I am not complaining. I actually dig this, I just wish it was more grand. Like a full blown orchestral composition rather than just an interlude.
  6. The Sinister Awakening: This starts out promising, but I don't know.... I kinda loose interest in the track. I mean there isn't a whole lot new happening here. 
  7. The Fundamental Alienation: This again starts with an orchestral opening, and goes into the track. I mean I like the story, I get it. But I don't think this is that great variety wise. By this point the whole stick of the style on this has grown old a bit.
  8. The Invaluable Darkness: Maybe if they even threw in a guitar solo that'd make this cooler you know. I am glad they added the clean vocals again in this track. That seems to make things better, for me. I mean I like Shagrath don't get me wrong, but it's nice to not have the same thing throughout. One thing that's nice about Aerosmith in the 70s. Joe Perry would sing lead on occasion and it's not the same voice for everything.
  9. The Foreshadowing Furnace: Closing the album we start with some dissonant strings and guitar. Those strings got me excited for what was to come. And I mean, I have to admit..... I was kinda bummed. There was so many parts where a solo, of any type, would make the song more powerful. I mean something as simple as the sinister riff in Pray for Plagues or anything. The guitar isn't Satanic enough. This is the ending, and according to what I read the assistant became the Antichrist. This sounds be Evil as fuck.... yet it is barley any eviler (not sure if that's a real word, or if the grammar is used properly) than any of the prior tracks. I feel like Bring Me The Horizon's debut is sonically closer to Satan than this ending. I mean maybe it's not their style to be as evil as possible, but still..... I was kinda disappointed.
Overall I have to give this a 5/10. I think that, out of the few albums by theses guys I've heard this is probably one of them where it more repeats its self. I mean at least past records still bring something interesting, this is just more interesting in the "the drums are different, that's a plus." It's not even close to a plus..... if that's a plus to you, then you need to listen to more music and broaden your horizons because you're kinda closed minded. But seriously there are bursts of things I think would sound neat on some tracks, then they end it before I can even really enjoy it. It's almost like a reverse Naked City, let's take the most interesting parts and have them last the shortest, and have the less interesting parts play under neath the bursts of interesting parts. I think theses guys should listen to Torture Garden, Radio or even Disco Volante. Maybe they'd get more ideas. But at the end of the day, I'd play this specific record if I just need something to listen to in order to fill dead air. I mean that isn't bad, that's what I do with just about every comedy(stand up) record I've heard. I mean I like the sound, just as a whole I don't think it's as good as it can be. Thought I often run in to this problem with the Symphonic Black or any Symphonic Metal. Also hopefully tomorrow as very special review will be complete. Cross my fingers.

If you have any advice on better records that are more interesting and exciting in the style can you give me a post and tell me the record, I'll check it out. I mean in theory Symphonic Metal is awesome, but I can't really say I've heard anything that's lived up to what think it can be. Thought I'm one person, but still... Open to suggestions

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