Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crusin' - Village People

I though, let's camp this Halloween up a bit more and review the third studio effort by Jacque Morelli's Village People. I did a horror movies score and a underground S&M film soundtrack, let's lighten up the mood a litte. This album is prefect for easing horror. Released on October 23rd, 1978 the title is supposedly a double entendre meaning both driving around and picking up men. Now that might not be true, who knows, but  I kinda feel like that construction worker is waiting to get a ride...... If you ah, catch my drift ;). He's always the most flamboyant on their album covers though so, in all honesty..... I guess another who knows. I'd also just like to admire the ridiculousness of this album cover. Just look at it and try to realize what you're seeing. Once you do that I can continue..... This album is known for contains their biggest hit, and it contains some other tracks too. Also I plan to have my other "Dark Halloween" review up Friday. And I'll probably only have two or three more until the final Halloween album I've had planned since the start of me deciding to do this. Cool, Let's go.
  1. Y.M.C.A.: This is the anthem that's known around the world for its "gay message".... And for its very catchy chorus. I mean I don't think you can, at least to me small knowledge of the world, have lived and not heard this song. Maybe in a non American country, but if you even saw that Despicable Me 2 movie you've heard this. So do I think the fame of this tracks is as warranted as it is? Not really. Now don't get me wrong, it's a great track. As much as I don't like it, I still sing along to it while I drive to look like an asshole. The thing is there is something missing. Far and away their best track is the ode to a joyous future that is Go West. But this song, maybe the fact its about a Youth Hangout place instead of hope. But this isnt bad, its actually a decent song. Infact its extremely catchy to, I mean the second you hear that guitar and then those horns... you know exactly what track this is. And to be honest  the bass on this track is a lot more interesting then a lot of rock bands, yeah reread this sentence, I can think of. I mean when I listen to this in terms of reviewing it, outside of the overplay factor (maybe) I can't really say anything bad about this track. It's kinda cheesy, but it's not bad for you. And I mean, it is fun to sing to. It's much better than the following track. I also like how it kinda seems like it builds each chorus. It seems to get larger each time it comes along. Which I love when you add and make it larger. The only part that I guess I could maybe do without is that instrumental section, in which case I'd just listen to the single edit. But really the single edit of this isn't as terrible as the music video edit of Macho Man. That's so friken bad and abrupt. I kinda went off topic, I guess what I'm trying to say is the general public likes to turn off their brain and just have fun. They aren't concerned with philosophical deeper meanings, unless it's something masquerading as that. Where I think GW is unintentionally motivational and has a bit of a deeper meaning (to me at least) this is just a place to go. I guess when I get past this being their biggest hit.... I can give it a 7/10.
  2. Medley: The Women/I'm A Cruiser: The first track isn't that bad, thought the backing vocals chant is dumb. But then I guess the whole pre-chorus isn't bad. And I mean I kinda feel like the lyrics are on here to compensate maybe. But then when the chorus comes in all I can play in my head is Can't Take My Eyes Off You's chorus. I'll give them props for three distinct sections of the songs verse, chorus and pre-chorus. I also laugh at that sound in between the repeat of the chorus, it reminds me of Drafted Again. Also I kinda feel like at 6 minutes (Women) maybe it goes a little long. But I will say there is that kinda of outro that I can play a perfect segue in my head into the next track (or section). Also I think this is the only track by the group to have a overdriven, buried be it, guitar. But I could serious do without that last chorus, even thought that guitar is welcome anytime. Thought I kinda also have the similar feeling I had with the xylophone in The Spotlight Kid. It's almost like they "just got" the instrument so lets use it as much, or in this case the overdrive. The flow is pretty good, but I wish it was less abrupt, maybe it's my copy since I'm listening to them separate, but I wish it happened at the 3-4 minute mark of Women. Sonically this track is much better up until that "epic" refrain of the title. There is another song that plays in my head, but I can't quite pin my finger on it. I still think this is not as distracting as it was in the last track (I like this more than The Women) but it still hurts kinda. It has a Broadway, show tunes finale feeling. Then a interpolation of Hold on I'm Coming happens and.... No I'm not gonna let it piss me off. I do think that multiple vocals part is a neat idea. It's a lot more interesting than the more bland tracks on Go West. Again I think this section might go a little long, and the string heavy part reminds me of a disco musical, but like a music with a disco beat not Saturday Night Fever. This is followed by the Sam & Dave track interpolation to fade. I really dig how you can hear the vocals and pick them out rather then them all at once. It's neat, but as a whole I think it might run a little long, at 12 minutes. Maybe trim the fat a little, but still.... it's not terrible.
  3. Hot Cops: This isn't that bad of a track, but every time I read it I think of Arrested Development. It's a pretty decent track, outside of the whole AD thing. It also has this phased intro thingy that reminds me of another track that I can't think of. There are also parts that have glimpses of like water. It's a very wet track, not dry. I don't know it doesn't really bother me until there is a section that reminds me of Macho Man but not in a good way. It also kinda gets annoying with the chorus and seems like... I've heard this earlier on the record. So I don't really know.
  4. My Roomate: This song is kinda gay, I'll admit it. Like really gay, just listen to it. There is a sonic feeling I get that makes me feel like this would be one a "gay anthems" compilation. I will admit, this is a fun song. Just because I think it's fun doesn't mean I like it. I mean there isn't really anything for me to like and want to listen to again outside of a front to back listen. Though I don't like it.... I can say it makes me smile. It just seems kinda innocent, they aren't doing anything intentionally gay.... I don't think. I feel like the kid singing this would be a kid who is kind of like a rebel-rouser and you just pat him on the head and smile when he goes "I wanna be a tough kid". You know the kid, the type all the adults think is adorable. A Shirley Temple type, but this would be a boy sing this.
  5. Ups And Downs: I have to say, the novelty of lasers in a Village Person song is worth checking out again, but again there isn't anything really here to say that is good. I mean this is much more entertaining than that Solo Man album, which is disappointing to me but it is what it is. When I listen to this I have a feeling of, there's six minutes left of the film, its wasn't terrible, why not enjoy yourself for the finale. 
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. You know I know you're supposed to dance to this, but I feel a lot of these are a little long. Where Prince's classic 1999 might have just been a little to long for one sitting (not always but it has parts when you sit that seem unneeded). On that record if you listen to each track solo not a single one seems too long or indulgent. Here all but like one feel that way, and while theses tracks are about the same length on both albums... I really wanted to love this. But I find too many things to nit pick to actually say this is great. It's weird thought, this album flys by. That's weird to say when I just said that I jsut said the songs seem a little long. But once the songs are over, the 35 minutes seems like it zoomed past.

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