Monday, March 11, 2013

Butterfly - Blowfly

This is the 1976, one of them, album by Blowfly. I figured do a quick review to hold me over till The Next Day. Damn You Europe! I didn't care for The Weird World of Blowfly, his 1971 debut (as Blowfly not Clarence Reid). I feel like it was too repetitive. There are some other's I've listened to the entirety, but most I've heard more than that but not 100% of the album. Well this is Blowfly at him being Blowfly. So lets dive in to this.
  1. Intro: This track kind of explains what the whole entire vibe of the album is. Like a radio show. It explains that interruptions and the guy talking in between the tracks.
  2. Rap Dirty: This is probably one of my favorite songs I've heard, especially in the comedy department. I love the way this this sounds like it's on the radio. This song is so damn catchy, once you hear the song and realize it's funny. He references The "Grand Dragon Of The Ku Klux Klan", being a distant cousin of "Muhammad Ali". There are also references to masturbation and him remembering his dad told him "Niggers Dicks Are More Bigger Than Whites" but this "Crackers Dick" was "Three Times My Size". This totally sets the tone of some of the ridiculous stories told on this album. The backing to it proves this is the first rap song ever. 
  3. More Cracker Lies / Could Have Worse: This is the second part with the Butterfly on W.F.U.C.K. Radio. He is talking about stories, one of them is a "friend" who can't achieve an erection  so he gets a "$3000" pill that gets his "dick hard 3 different times". In order for it to stay he has to say "Beep" then to keep it down go "Beep Beep". And well, You can see what happens to this guy while he's driving home. Another story is about a guy who always said "It Could Have Been Worse".
  4. Suck Train: I think this is supposed to be a spoof of Soul Train. This isn't as good as Rap Dirty.
  5. Easter Bunny: This is another piece of think where Butterfly is talking the Easter Bunny Laying Eggs. And Tarzan.
  6. Tarzan: This is just the instrumental that was in the background of the last track. This is funky and is "wah-wah" something that I could see being in a '70s Blacksplotation movie. I really like this song a lot.
  7. Niggaz Ain't Shit: I'm assuming that this is the beginning of side 2. It has "Butterfly" talking.
  8. Juice It Up: This is the first song where Blowfly sings in 3 tracks. This song is kind of crazy with it's final line "Sperm It Up". I don't know, it's kind of funny.
  9. Big Game Hunter: This is another piece with Butterfly talking. It's much better to listen to these stories front to back. I don't think, if you're reading this, the stories might not sound interesting. They are more interesting when you hear them telling them.
  10. Neither One Of Us: The lyrics to this song is such a stretch, but what song by Blow isn't.
  11. Niggaz In A Bar / Integrated Education / Fart Contest: The backing to this is fucking funky. UGH! This is sick as fuck. These backing instrumentals with Butterfly's talking is awesome. If you don't even like the concepts or what is talked about listen to this backing track. It kind of reminds me of Kill Bill.
  12. Outro: This is the the ending. It's kind of like the end, Butterfly signing off. The instrumental at the end is pretty funky.
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone who gets offended easily. I like this a lot, but I also don't really get offended by anything. I don't really know what more to say about this specific album more than I've already said. Based on catlouge numbers and dates I've deducted this came out correctly in 1976 not 1981 or 1973. RateYourMusic was right

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