Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The 2nd Law - Muse

This is the new album by Alternative Band Muse. I like some of their stuff, especially their 2006 Black Holes & Revelations, and I like some other songs that I've heard. I haven't really yet dove into their discography. So I'm going to review this, because I'm curious to how it will sound, and how I like it. Example: I didn't think much of Radiohead, even after hearing the "AMAZING" 1995 album The Bends. But when I gave the different 2011 King of Limbs a try in March this year.... all I can say is I have a CD copy now, and I'm hoping to get a vinyl, and quite possibly like a cassette, and buy it digitally. It is one of my favorite albums ever. Period. So maybe this will do something like that for me. You never know, that's also why I listened to the new Green Day album ¡Uno!, Yeah, it wasn't that good.
  1. Supremacy: I kind of think of like James Bond music, but more of like when Pierce Brosnan was Bond in the 90's. I could very easily see this being a James Bond theme. It would be one of the better one's. This has a very symphonic vibe to it. The one thing I'm not huge on is his falsetto in the song. But beside that, it's a solid tune. I don't know for sure what one, but I do know it would be a cool song for 2002's Die Another Day. Ah, the drums in the background are kind of like the 1963 From Russia with Love's theme by Matt Monroe.
  2. Madness: At first listen I didn't think much of it. Then after a while, and not hearing it, I think that it's better. I read something and it said that this was influenced by Queen's 1984 song I Want to Break Free (which is one of my favorite queen songs). I can totally see how it is. It is kind of, basically, the same set up as the Queen song. I like this though, I think it grows with each listen. You should check out that Queen song if you like this one.
  3. Panic Station: The beginning of this song is even more of an Queen vibe. Like 1977's Get Down Make Love, off News of the World and kind of mixed with Faith No More's early material, espically 1989's The Real Thing. Like the bass for the FNM thing. The Queen-esque vocals are uncanny. I like this song. It's pretty good. If the album keeps this up, then I think that it will be good, and it might make it one the same list as King of Limbs. The part right before the solo kind of reminds me of Peter Gabriel's 1988 song Sledgehammer off the album released that same year So. This is a very synthy song.
  4. Prelude: FUCK! This song is pretty cool. It is pretty, and I could see it being in a soundtrack. And not being one of those shit songs, like a real song. This is an intro to a hell of a song.
  5. Survival: I thought this song was kind of Ok, when I heard it before the album was released, but now I think it's only Ok. I don't think that it's as Epic as it could be. But then again also, after a few more listens it does become more "epic" so to say. I think it's a solid song, and it has a hell of an intro. There is like a choir singing along. This song is definatly much more enjoyable with head phones on. The first two times listening to this song though, I wished it wasn't so "long". And thought I could care less about the Olympics, I think this is a cool song for it.
  6. Follow Me: This song kind of reminds me a little of my favorite song off King of Limbs, track 6, Codex. But it's more electronic and louder. That song kind of reminds me of Coldplay, and this song is kind of like a Coldplayish song. If that in any way makes sense. I can handle this type of dubstep, actually forget the Coldplay thing for this song. I like this song.
  7. Animals: The bass line in this song is pretty sick. It's a smooth song. I think that the guitar sounds cool and I like the way it just is in general. I think that it kind of reminds me of a song on 2006's Black holes & Revelations, but I can't quite put my finger on it. There is like this yelling at the end of the song, I think it's an interesting ending.
  8. Explorers: This song kind of starts out like a lullaby. The title of the song too is kind of like a lullaby too. This song really reminds me a ton of Radiohead, more so The King of Limbs, but this song gets louder. And it is not so looped sounding? I kind of wish I could write a song like this. I really like the instrumental part with the piano and the "ooohhhhsss". I think it's neat sounding. This album has so far slapped me.
  9. Big Freeze: This song is kind of like a "reprise" of the last. Or at least like a new part. I hope that makes sense, because I can understand that. This song kind of reminds me of The Cure. Not the vocals, but the guitars and the upbeatness.
  10. Save Me: I guess the bassist Chrisopher Wolstenholme sings this and track 11. He wrote both of them about his battle with alcohol. And, he isn't that bad of a singer. I kind of like his voice for this song. This song has an atmosphere to it. I like it, and I think it kind of gives a little variety. You aren't hearing Matt's voice the entire album. I like his voice, but a change is always good. The solo is probably my favorite, or almost, my favorite on the album. I love the guitars tone at that solo. And I like the end.
  11. Liquid State: This is like part two. This and the last song were about the bassist's battle with alcohol. These two songs serve as like split personalities. Also I think this is the heaviest song on the album. I think the bass in this song is pretty solid and cool sounding. Chrisopher's voice kind of reminds me of Scott 
  12. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable: I think that this is going to be an epic 9 minute finale. I hope that these two songs are pretty good. This is that song that was in the albums promo. I don't like this dubstep. :( Everything up until the dubstep part is pretty cool. Then it gets cool again and sick. But the dub hurts the fuck out of this song for me. It was like finding out the girl your like, who you think is a goody good two shoes, is not a virgin and has been around town.
  13. The 2nd Law: Isolated System: I think that this is a proper ending to an album. A damn good one to. The strings and the electronics going together are just perfect. The beat is like a heartbeat. I'm getting excited and I don't know for what. Ok... wait for it.... and. I don't know how to explain this feeling. It's a hell of a feeling. Well all for sure I know is, I feel like I want to re listen to this thing. Maybe tomorrow chum, maybe tomorrow. :)
Overall I give this a 8/10. I think it's one of the best albums of this year, go out and buy this ASAP. This is, no questions, one of the best album's I've even heard this year. Not just released this year. The songs are so, so, I don't know how to explain it. This album, for me, is just like The King of Limbs. Now I'm gonna really checkout the other Muse stuff. Just get rid of track 12 on this album, or at least the dubstep breakdowns. One last thing, use headphones, it's better that way. Upon revisitation it's only probably about a 7.

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