Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Lost Children - Disturbed

I don't know, but I feel like this will ultimately be my favorite Disturbed album.That's not a very good intro, mainly because I haven't heard the whole thing yet. Well anyway, this the "B-Sides & Rarities" album by Disturbed titled Hell. It was released in November, 2011. I remember one of my friends saying "I'm getting the new Disturbed album today". I naturally wasn't that impressed, but because he was my friend I said "ok". Well I remember seeing these  guys, not my choice, when I saw Avenged Sevenfold for the first time at Uproar 2010. That was the first one they did. It's bad to say that Disturbed is a price to pay to see Avenged Sevenfold. Well I went to the 2011 one too. I didn't go to the 2012 one, but that's because I could careless for every single band that was there. But I remember hearing about Asylum. I listened to that, there are some good songs on that. But here I am with this. I do like that the song titles are kind of short.
  1. Hell: When I first heard this song I thought that it was a pretty cool song. I though that this actually might be a good album, but well.... I was kind of wrong.
  2. A Welcome Burden: This is a good song, right? Yes I want a heavy book dropped on my head to knock me out so I don't have to sit through this.
  3. This Moment: So... Yeah.
  4. Old Friend: 3 more to go.
  5. Monster: Paramore did it better Nickelback.
  6. Run: This is it. :)
  7. Leave it Alone: This is a b-side from Asylum. I can see that. I isn't that much of a stretch. It kind of reminds me of Asylum. The song that comes to mind most is Another Way to Die. The music sounds like that, if you listen and think about it. I don't really, as for basically every single Disturbed solo, care for this guitar solo. The only exception might be Inside the Fire.
  8. Two Worlds: This is a b-side from Ten Thousand Fists. I can see that. I don't really go crazy for this song. I think that it's kind of the same as the other songs on that album. The solo is Ok.
  9. God of the Mind: Wow.... This isn't even an attempt at making this new. I'm disappointed. #ProofAllTheirSongsSoundTheSame. I almost don't want to sit through this song because I can tell how this is going to end. The lyrics are even less complex. I mean it is a b-side from The Sickness, but I hope it's not a an actual song that could have been on the album.
  10. Sickened: Eh
  11. Mine: This is a b-side from Asylum. I kind of wish it was on the album. This isn't that bad of a song.
  12. Parasite: This song starts out Ok. At this point I haven't listened to this in a single sitting and don't even care about background info. I just want to hear the whole thing and say my view. I really can't tell the difference between this and another track off Asylum.
  13. Dehumanized: This song sounds like it could have been off The Sickness. Enough said.
  14. 3: ......
  15. Midlife Crisis: Faith No More does it better. I don't think that they do this with as much as Mikey can do. By that I mean that Mike Patton does the song better. And also, I don't think this version makes me want to jump and sing along. And they have the bridge with the Disturbed synthz, I can't stand that. That is part of what makes this band not one of my favorites
  16. Living After Midnight: Judas Priest cover. I don't understand why the did the intro to Painkiller. That didn't empress me at all. This song actually songs like it would be on a "Pop Gone Punk" type of compilation by Epitaph. Well Judas Priest isn't a pop band. This version of the song is actually more Poppy than Judas Priest's 1980 version of the song. The 80's are really not as heavy as todays music. I could see this being a cover from a band I don't care for. And the end :(
Overall I have to say that, well..... this would get a 3/10. My biggest struggle with Disturbed is they're huge, and they are basically U2. Everything sounds the same. Sorry, this is ok. I think I like Asylum more then this. The Only album  that I could say I'd buy on CD is The Sickness. That's a goodie. It was one of the most boring things to listen to with more than one song at a time. Also Draiman kind of irritates me, I feel he's a tough big guy, who wrote, basically, 5 songs over the entire 5 album's they've released. By that I mean an album is the exact same song, with little variation and lyrics. I don't have anything against them, just not being a fan of them in general. I just want to say that. This is harder to sit through than the Red Hot Chili Pepper's album.

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