Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just Another Drug EP - Black Tide

I've been a Black Tide fan since about, probably, about two years now. I got Post Mortem, and loved it, the day it came out, and was anticipation it's release. Around that same time I also got into Escape the Fate. Well their album sucked, I had high hopes for Post Mortem. I'm not huge on the album art, but whatever. I actually saw them at Uproar a year ago and bought another CD so that I could have one signed and a poster signed to. This is their new Ep, that for me, came out of nowhere. I guess I should be checking up on them more than I was. But anyway it came out August 21st, 2012. The two year anniversary of my first time seeing Avenged live. So to the review
  1. Start Over: I could see this song being on the radio, like Q101. This isn't really a song that I pictured Black Tide doing. I can still tell there is their style in there, but it's not the same. The riff is Ok, but I'm not huge on it. I feel like this could have possibly been a bonus track off Post Mortem. I do like the little break down. This song is kind of, for me, like Let it Out. I don't really care for that or this song much. Maybe it'll grow on me over time.
  2. I Wanna: This riff kind of makes up for lost time from the last track, so to say. This is a hard hitter in the beginning. Thought I could still see this being on the radio, I could see this being pretty sick. I assume, from the lyrics, that they are making fun of the fact that they are moving more radio friendly. I respect that. The guitar tone in the solo is Sick. That's with a capitol S.
  3. Just Another Drug: I couldn't really tell that this was a different song then the last. The riff in the beginning didn't really change. This kind of reminds me of Disturbed. I'm not a huge fan of that band. I don't like the direction that these guys are headed. Thought the chorus to this song is what keeps my attention, and helps me through the other parts.
  4. Through Thick and Thin: I don't know why, but The Black Keys comes to mind. Like a song off El Camino. I don't know why they are moving that way. Post Mortem was a different album and it was a stylistically. I do like the chorus thought. The guitar is like not double picked, but Gabriel and Austin and doing alternate strums. I think that this is a solid song. The drums in the, towards the end, reminds me of Post Mortem. The solo is cool thought too, because it's like buried and not overpowering.
Over all I have to give this a 7.7/10. I didn't know what to expect from this EP. Ended up feeling how I expected. Maybe I'll grow to like it, maybe I won't. Only time will tell. But overall it's worth the $3 on iTunes. I think that this isn't as good as Post Mortem, but it's still solid.

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