Friday, September 7, 2012

Eat to the Beat - Blondie

This is the fourth album by New York, New Wave band Blondie. I've been crazy about this band now for about a week or two. My favorite song is Call Me. Though Parallel Lines is a sick album, I wanted to review the follow up, 1979's Eat to the Beat. These guys formed with Chris Stein and Debbie Harry in NY in 1974. There were various line up changes but the line up on this album is Clem Burke (drums), Debbie Harry (vocals), Chris Stein (guitar), Nigel Harrison (bass), Jimmy Destri (keys) and Frank Infante (guitar). Their last album, before the first breakup in 1982 was The Hunter and it has a song called For Your Eyes Only. It's not the movie version, though this is better then the shitty version they used for the movie.
  1. Dreaming: This name of this song is titled Dreaming and that's the kind of vibe that I get from this song. I don't know why, but it kind of reminds me of like a New Waved Grease song. Like a song that would be in a more New Wave version of Grease.
  2. Hardest Part: This song starts out with this type of funky feeling to it. There was a part in the lyrics that talk about a bomb. I think that's a reference to the song Atomic. The solo in this song is pretty cool sounding.
  3. Union City Blue: This song starts out Ok. I'm not very interested in this particular song at the beginning of this song.
  4. Shayla: This song starts out with an atmospheric feeling to it. I am not comparing it to, but it kind of reminds me of part of the song Pyramids off Frank Ocean's 2012 channel ORANGE. This is a soothing song. It has that surfy feeling to it, and it is a song that I could see being in Grease. I like the way the tone of this guitar sounds in the solo. It's kind of like a George Harrison solo when he used his Gretsch. But if it was more toned down and soft.
  5. Eat to the Beat: I'm not surprised that this is the way the song is. It kind of reminds me a little of Eat the Rich off Aerosmith's 1993 Get A Grip. But more of in a "Energy Wise" and there's also a harmonica. Part of what I like about this band is the Guitar's and Bass riffs. This song has a pretty good one.
  6. Accidents Never Happen: This kind of reminds me of Bryan Adams song Summer of '69 off his 1984 release Reckless. It was also his fourth album. I like that this song isn't boring. It's kind of more faster paced. Debby's singing on this is also kind of cool.
  7. Die Young Stay Pretty: I like that this is a little shift in tone. This is more reggae styled. I like the way Debby's voice sounds when she does that Reggae voice. And the backing vocals sound cool too. I actually think that this song is kind of funny too. Bob Marley seems, at least to me, and I'm not being disrespectful in anyway. But he seemed to me, like on Jamming, he walked in the studio stoned and started Jamming. I think it's funny that the lyrics say though "Die Young" and then it says "Stay Pretty". I don't know, I find it humors.
  8. Slow Motion: This song is ok. The first time through it I wasn't huge, but I do think that it's kind of  good break before the AMAZING Atomic. It kind of returns to the style of the other songs. But there is like a pre-chorus where it's set up and sound reminds me of Atomic.
  9. Atomic: The first time I heard this I thought that it was bizarre, in the best way. Since then, I've been crazy about it. The song starts out kind of like a little harder then the others. Then the surfy riff comes in along with this like whammy sound. The tone of the guitar is probably, short of eargasmic, and probably even closer on the Vinyl version. Her vocals on this song only get better. I love that it's like this dreamy feeling from her vocals and then in the chorus it's even more dreamy and the dreamy feeling ends with an opposite sounding refrain "Atomic". In the breakdown it kind of reminds me of Heart of Glass but with a bass solo. 
  10. Sound-A-Sleep: This is like a doowap lullaby. Not with the "doo doo wap wap", but with the arpeggios and keys. I think that someone, thought it doesn't say in the credits, is playing a triangle or something like that. It's kind of like a post A-Bom, so to say.
  11. Victor: This has a heavier riff than Atomic and is kind more of a A-Bomb explosion. There are chants going along with the guitar. I'd have never expected this. This is like a march. I could see this being ''their'' post-Apocalypse song. This is a really sick song. After that melt down it goes into a shift of genre's for a couple seconds with the riff. Then it goes back. The one thing I wish was that that genre shift was a little longer. This is a cool song though.
  12. Living in the Real World: This is a more upbeat song. I think that this is a good way to end an album. I think that this is a pretty good song. it's energetic energy. I think that her scream is pretty cool sounding. The song doesn't end abruptly, but it doesn't ends and doesn't fade.
Overall this gets a 7.4/10. This band has a type of a New Wavy/Punky/Surfy/Grease feeling I get from it. I think that, thought there are parts that aren't amazing, this is a decent album. Side 2 defiantly kicks the shit out of side 1. Oh one last thing, if you don't like the man from mars... well then, you're dead to me. Can't wait to check out the other albums.

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