Friday, August 15, 2014

Lazaretto - Jack White

This is the sophomore solo effort by Jack White. I started this review before the album was released so the singles will have more time to grow on me. The White Stripes are a pretty great band of the last decade or so and his solo stuff is also pretty interesting. I wasn't in love with Blunderbuss, but I love that he didn't just do what everyone expected/wanted him to do. Continue on The Stripes, he's on his own now and doing his own thing. It's what he wants and no one can influence it like other band members. Also as before, the shades of blue on this album cover are great. And the day has come, June 10th so lets go into this Review.
  1. Three Women: This is a cover of a track by Blind Willie McTell. I don't know the original so I can't compare the two, though it was by a delta blues artist so I can assume it's in the vein of Robert Johnson. This song is pretty enjoyable and odd, and I like that it's odd. I might not love this song, but I enjoy that it's a little odd.
  2. Lazaretto: This was the second single released and it's pretty interesting. The song has a feeling that reminds me of the rock/hip-hop crossovers of the 90's. This is like Jack singing and soloing over Rage Against The Machine. I like the change in pace, but it reminds me far too much of the Tomahawk title track off their last album Odd Fellows, but not as interesting or cool. Interesting song I can see growing on me with multiple listens possibly. This song is very reminiscent of Salute You Solutions. I like the electronic elements added in the song, and the thing is it adds a little to the song. It doesn't kind of kill the song like some other artists or songs. My favorite part is the Odd Fellows part. Also dig the violins.
  3. Temporary Ground: This is another just ok track. I've heard the LP a few times and each time I'm, ultimately, disappointed. Why? Well because of an over abundance of material that is just kind of not keeping my interest. It's better than Ultraviolence but all in all just nothing. 
  4. Would You Fight For My Love?: I like the intro to this and the piano. This songs intro vaguely reminds me of an Egyptian version Aladdin Sane's title track and The Supermen. I think this is a pretty good track, but you know the best part is the "choir" thingy in the chorus. Then it turns into a hip hop-esque song.
  5. High Ball Stepper: This was the first single released for this album. I like the backwards intro to this track, but I think that this screech may get a little old if it were through out the entire track. I also Love the piano in this track. This is a bizarre track for someone who was in a blues duo from the late late 1990's to the late 2000's. I also like that this is an instrumental, but I wonder if during that "oh ah oh" if there was a vocal in there and the "oh ah oh" was a little quieter and the no singing part was more the piano part or hard to sing with parts.
  6. Just One Drink: This song is ok. I think that female vocalist is the same from Love Interruption. You can almost look it as a sequel to that track. It's ok, but I prefer the other one.
  7. Alone In My House: This sounds like a Get Behind Me Devil track. Well almost any track in the vein of that track. I can't quite think of it, but this is a great track, on the LP.
  8. Entitlement: This reminds me of a country track that I'm kind of bored of by now. I think a little country is ok, but you know. This is kind of like a country version of The Stones.
  9. That Black Bat Licorice: The backing track is pretty good, but I kind of feel like it may have been looped instead of being played straight. Though I do like the "tape" distortions. Also whenever I hear violin I almost need to hear it being played at the level of Jean Luc-Ponty.
  10. I Think I Found The Culprit: This kind of reminds me of a little less exciting version of Forever Dolphin Love. Well then the chorus is ok, but you know, I just don't think the odd parts fit as naturally as they should.
  11. Want And Able: This is the sequel to another Stripes song, I can't think of.
Overall I have to give this album a 5.8/10. First time through I can't say that I was much more than a 6 on it. While I don't think that it's as good as I want it to be I have to give him credit. While there is variety the production makes all the songs kind of sound similar. If I wasn't paying attention all the songs would probably blend together. I just think that the album only instead of growing on me it ungrows or grows against me. The reason it took so long to upload this review is because of lack of motivation and interest in returning again and again to the album.

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