Friday, January 8, 2016


Recently, Lemmy passed away. Now I can't say I'm really a fan of this band, but I can say the first string of albums, at least up to Iron Fist (I haven't heard most of Another Perfect Day yet) are pretty solid all the way though. Of those albums, I remember this being my favorite. And while it's been a long time since I heard this album, I still remember enough to still fell the same. I may not be directly affected by this news, he has been in and out of the hospital numerous times these past few years, but you know it's better. No more worrying, no more him being sick. As much as it might seem weird to take it, for some people, I think death isn't the end. He's going to live on in the hearts of the people who love his music. That is where, more or less, he affects me. Many artists I love have been influenced by Lemmy so I really can't not do something to show I appreciate that he has, somewhat, affected my tastes and likes in music. Okay, this isn't the first album recorded, the first one recorded was On Parole. That was released in 1979, but features tracks recorded in 1975-1976. These were all recorded in 1977. The tracks ther were rerecorded were tracks 1-4 and 7. Also by reviewing this I'm going to reviewing everything released between 1977 and 1982. And probably Mean Machine (one of my favorite tracks by them).
  1. Motörhead: This is a track, written by Lemmy, that was first featured as a B-Side  to King of Speed by Hawkwind in March 1975. Then obvioulsy, as stated earlier the whole On Parole, and now this 1977 version. I think this is probably the best recording of the track. When I hear this I think if punk. Like punk that is considered punk. Not hardcore or any other kind. Just punk. This is pretty raw, and sounds like it was done in one take. This song straight up rocks, killer playing, killer solo. This hasn't gotten old and I don't see it getting old any time soon.
  2. Vibrator: Here's a factoid you may not know. This song was written Larry Willis, and another guy who isn't as important really, who was in early UFO. All that side, this is a rocker, and it really feels like punk. Like I could see Bonnie Rotten (haha) singing over this and it being on a Sex Pistol album. Or if Iggy sang over it it'd fit snugly on the Stooges debut or maybe Raw Power.
  3. Lost Johnny: This is another straight forward track. There isn't much to say about this track that I haven't said before. Though this isn't as good as the last two track.
  4. Iron Horse / Born to Lose: I really think the drums in this track are pretty cool, maybe it's my copy, but the bass is mixed way too low. I hear it doing some things, where I think it's interesting, but that could also be my imagination. I can't really make it out. The solo here is nice, but it's still nothing to write home about.
  5. White Line Fever: I don't know if I ever heard this track but it always made me laugh. I don't know why, the title, but it just kind of did. Now that I hear it... I can say that it is very much in line with the other tracks.
  6. Keep Us on the Road: There is a different feeling I'm getting from this track. While I can't pin it down, I can say this. It's nice for a bit to have a kind of different feeling. This is probably my favorite track so far that isn't the title track.
  7. The Watcher: I really like this bass line, it's opening is pretty cool. This is very different from the rest of the tracks and stands out. This isn't my favorite version of the song, I prefer On Parole's version, but this is still a solid track. I do really like the ending, with the solos but there is something that I've heard with this same general melody at that part. I can't quite pin it down. Also I dig the phasing, reminds me of Hawkwind.
  8. Train Kept A-Rollin': While the best version, seriously, of this is the 1974 epic by Aerosmith I still like this song. The Yardbirds have a great version, Tiny Bradshaw's original 1951 version is pretty great itself. I don't think I've heard a version of this I don't like. This is a pretty solid cover of the classic, and it's pretty similar to Aerosmith's version. I mean, besides maybe the change in the solo and vocals there isn't much new brought to the table with this verison. It closes, but it's not that much of a satisfying closer.
Overall I have to give this debut album by NWOBHM legends Motörhead a 6/10. This album has a more traditional punk feeling to it than later albums. Though punk is always present, to some extent, later records are more crushing (rock/metal). You could also argue on tracks like the title track and The Watcher there is still a Space Rock influence. Maybe I'm nuts, but I can imagine if it were a tad different it'd be one. This album is still a solid listen front to back, it's just that there isn't much variety. I don't know.... It's still fun to listen to . I feel like I should pick an album I know would get a better score, but I don't know. Maybe next time. Also, I can't wait to pick up Blackstar.

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