Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lucille - B.B. King

This is the long awaited review I'm gonna give. It is also the long awaited review of a blues legend. Now I'm gonna be honest, going into this I knew something. There are only two tracks by this guy I LOVE, the title track and The Thrill Is Gone. Now in the wake of his passing, I have to be completely honest.... I felt it was time for me to review him. I did it for Lou Reed, and B.B. King (while not on me specifically or my writing I or direction) has had a huge influence on artists how have had a huge influence on me. Much like Elvis or Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry or Ray Charles and so on. Now if not for a double album called Freak Out! I would have lost faith in the blues, well minus Aerosmith. The aforementioned band, well they kick too much ass to bore me, but I digress. Now from FO! reviving my interest, I also gained footing in my favorite blues band, not from America, Fleetwood Mac. I said that because here there is a quote from BB that said Peter Green is the only guitarist, white, to give his a cold sweat from his pure tone. Now really none of this matters, what does is the BB King is a legend and has influenced countless artists, so why not do the album that I have the best chance of loving. I will also do The Regal next time I get the chance, and depending on how this goes maybe some other records also.
  1. Lucille: Opening with same notes as the legendary Let's Get It On, this is a phenomenal blues track, and one of the best of the genre I've heard. Hell it's one of my favorite songs ever, and at over 10 minutes it doesn't get boring at all. Its "talking blues" that has the in between fills that's sound like a blues god is filling in the voiceless areas. And its not just guitar soloing is also has sax fills and piano fills and even organ fills. I need to say that the tone used for the guitar is amazing, and is gorgeous. I LOVE the Sinatra name drop, and I read somewhere he'd listen to In The Wee Small Hours everynight, and that Old Blue Eyes was his favorite singer. So I got respect for him bro. And the way the he is laughing and just having fun, that's what music really. It's art, but it's also about having fun. The tone is top notch and the playing here is great. All the solos are awesome and I laugh everything I hear the "Oh I bet you're wondering why I call the guitar Lucille". And the tale, while ultimately pointless, is pretty interesting to me at least. Oh I almost forgot to mention; that organ, Damn this recording is so damn phenomenal. {9/10}
  2. You Move Me So: The horns on this upbeat song and fast paced track It's exciting and is a left hook for me in this album, I figured the only good track would be the title track. This is very Motown sounding to me. The upbeatness and speed remind me of a Sam & Dave track like Hold On or Soul Man. The funny part is they were on Stax, but you get the point. I honestly enjoy those tracks. This sounds like it's be a fun little ditty, and sort of sounds like the Shakes but good.
  3. Country Girl: "Fell in love with a Country Girl". The second this started I went "Fuck another Lucille". But that organ is actually pretty solid, and to be honest that little "dun dun dun dun dun dun" at the end of the verses, it reminds me a ton of Pride & Joy by Marvin Gaye. So thumbs up there :) I mean it isn't amazing, but it ain't terrible and boring to me.
  4. Mo Money, No Luck Blues: A Joe Ivy Hunter penned track. This isn't that bad, but I mean it isn't ground breaking. It's a blues tune. I did enjoy it though.
  5. I Need Your Love: While this isn't a cover I vaguely remember a blues classic that had this title. Maybe I'm wrong, but who fucking cares. At this point it's starting to wear thin, the whole blues feeling. I mean I feel hypocritical because I loved Mr Wonderful but I don't know. While the piano is making it much easier to take, I just... I kind of know the rest of this thing is going to be very similar isn't it.
  6. Rainin' All the Time: This does have a nice feeling, but again, I've heard it already and can't really say it's that great in context of a front to back listen. I mean I could totally see myself digging this by it's self, but in context it isn't standing so strong.
  7. I'm With You: Babe: This was very similar and I spaced out and didn't even realize this song started. I think it's okay.
  8. Stop Putting the Hurt on Me: I guess BB ain't into chains, hahahahaha. No just another blues tune.
  9. Watch Yourself: To close the album we get more of the same. I mean it isn't half bad, it just a bit much for me.
Overall I have to give this album a 6/10. First off, I need to be honest. I was surprised by how much I didn't hate this. There are tracks what I think are decent and much better than say his earlier albums. I played a track off each album and damn are some of those boring as fuck. It was nice to see that there was an album with a very long track and not every other track was shit. It usually happens with longer songs like Love to Love You Baby, Foreigner, Disco Wedding, and many others. The title track alone is worth buying the vinyl or CD of the album. At the end of the day Lucille will never be black, instead it will be sunburst and hell maybe one do I'll be able to cover it live. So goodbye Riley B. King, you wont be forgotten by your fans, and won't be by me after making this album. Also there will be another Memorial review coming up tomorrow, or The Next Day.

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