Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr. Wonderful - Fleetwood Mac

This is the sophomore album by the legendary band Fleetwood Mac. I've already done Rumours, and I really like that album. To be honest, I like Peter Green's guitar playing more than Eric Clapton's (and his voice too). I know one of my friends said the song Stop Messin' Round is straight up blues, but there is something about how Peter Green and this era of Fleetwood Mac do it that keeps me interested. Mike Vernon was the producer for this album, and this is the first appearance of Christie Perfect. Now I think this is one of my favorite album cover I've ever seen. I don't know why, but I think it's kind of funny, and awesome at the same time. I know that this wasn't as put together as the first, they miked up amps and recorded through a P.A. rather than a board. I kind of think this is how blues should be though.
  1. Stop Messin' Round: I first heard this song on the Aerosmith 2004 blues cover album Honkin' On Bobo. I'm not huge on that album, or that version of the song. This one is much better. I like the way that they play this. I want to just get up and dance when I hear this song. Either that or jam along.
  2. I've Lost My Baby: This song is a pretty good song. I don't think it's as much of a favorite as the previous track, but I still do think it's a good track. Jeremy Spencer is the one who wrote this track. I think Jeremy is good, but he's not as exciting.
  3. Rollin' Man: This is a Peter song. I know that Clifford Davis is also credited for this song, but the songs that Green sings on this are more upbeat and exciting. Just like Stop Messin' Round, I wanna get up and jam along with this track when it plays.
  4. Dust My Broom: I don't know why, but I love the name of this track. There isn't any particular reason, I just do. This track, Doctor Brown, Need You Love Tonight, and Coming Home all have the exact same Elmore James riff in the beginning of the song. That's one of my problems with blues music. But when I hear this album I think of it as more of a "live in the studio" or like a "jam session". Not that they go insane or anything, but it isn't tracked and perfected and sterilized, IE Music from Another Dimension. It's even kind of hard to hear his voice in the track, or at least pick out the words.
  5. Love That Burns: This song is another Green/Adams (Clifford Davis pseudonym). I could tell, because when it started I was dragged in. I think part of the reason I like Green's playing so much is the tone. I don't know why, but I just love it to death.
  6. Doctor Brown: There was something about this song that dragged me in. I know it's basically the exact same song as Dust My Broom, but I just love this. I love the lyrics to this song too. I also love the title to the track. There is a lot of slide.
  7. Need Your Love Tonight: This is basically the same as the last track, but instead the lyrics are different.
  8. If You Be My Baby: This is an ok song. I am not nuts about it. This song is just another blues type song. I don't really know how to explain it more.
  9. Evenin' Boogie: This song is more exciting than the last track. Thank God too, I was almost falling asleep. Not really, but I needed this "Shot of Rhythm & Blues".
  10. Lazy Poker Blues: This isn't a lazy song. Yes! Thank you Pete you have got me into the album again. I'm not looking forward to the next track though. 
  11. Coming Home: This song isn't bad, but it ain't anything special.
  12. Trying So Hard to Forget: This is it, oh shit, it starts with a harmonica. This is a really slow song. It's one of the slow blues songs. It's Ok, I'm not crazy about it, but I think it has kind of grown on me a little.
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. I haven't heard all of the self titled debut album from 1968, but supposedly that one's better than this one. I feel like this album is a little long at 40 minutes. At least to hear in one sitting. I still plan on doing all the albums from Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac to at least Tusk. That includes the live albums. I don't know about the 80's stuff like Mirage or Tango in the Night, and I really don't have the slightest interest in anything after Tango. This album is like if The Blues Brothers were actually awesome. I think the next Fleetwood Mac album I've gonna do is either Heroes Are Hard To Find or Penguin.

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