Monday, February 1, 2016

Government Plates - Death Grips

It's been a long time since a review from these guys. I wanted to make sure I never made the same mistake I did with my last. This is the newest release (2013) by Death Grips the controversial band from California. I am a fan of ExMilitary, The Money Store (vinyl and Cd copy), and NO LOVE DEEP WEB was ok at first and has grown on me, and now The Powers That B is my favorite 2015 album. This album was released out of nowhere on November 13th, 2013. I remember I was working at UPS and I got home, checked my email and COS posted new Death Grips album. So..... I downloaded it. I listened to it. At first I wasn't' blown away, but I did like some tunes. As time has passed I was able to more objectively pick out tunes I don't like, vs times I don't get. 
  1. You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's You Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat: This is the opener; and wow, what a name. It reminds me of the Bob Dylan 1966 Blonde on Blonde track of a similar name.  Stupid pointless facts aside this song is scary. It opens with a glass break and the best is pretty intense. I feel like this could be in a remake of "Funny Games". There is an insanity feeling to this tracks, and I really like the power behind this. I mean it's kind of raw. It might not be TPTB, but this could be signs of that craziness. Also my favorite part is the whole keyboard/synth line that sounds like it could have been sampled.
  2. Anne Bonny: This title reminds me of Bonny Maroni you know, The Who covered it. This opens with this voice that talks, it kind of reminds me of like a "train cleaving now" voice. The riff is kind of neat, it sounds looped, but I like how it doesn't just repeat. I like the lower notes and wetter sounds in the second verse (or change rather). This track also has some similarities to Lost Boys. Like there certainly is some overlap.  
  3. Two Heavens: One in Heaven and one on Earth? Right, that's what it must be about. The hilight of this song for me is the sort of African sounding drums and sped up or pitched up vocals. Like I can picture someone from Africa dancing to that part. Maybe I'm a racist for saying that, but there is a primal feeling I'm getting from it. And some of the sounds sound like sounds from Africa. 
  4. This Is Violence Now (Don't Get Me Wrong): Ah, Classic title. No really this makes me want to Break a bunch of Mirrors With My fists and also my Face, In and around The continental United States. I wonder if a sampler was used for the vocals on this track. Eh, who cares it's pretty decent. There is a feeling of uncomfortableness to the track. 
  5. Birds: My favorite song on the album, this was also released as a promo single for the album. The guitar player on this song, that sounds like it was sampled, was played by Rob Pattinson. You know of Twilight fame. I love the way the guitar sounds in this song, it sounds like it's almost not being played by a human. It sounds so cut up and almost assembled together. Later on it sounds like a little bird chirping. After that I swear they sampled Forever Dolphin Love by Conan Moccasin. That refrain is pretty catchy, even thought I could see it scaring people away. Great tune all together, nice and Death Gripsian.
  6. Feels Like A Wheel: This feels sort of tribal, and it is kind of good. I mean I don't love this, but I think it's kind of interesting none the less. There are some parts where I wish I could hear MC Ride flowing over this. But it's not terrible. This is one of the most interesting tracks in my opinion. 
  7. I'm Overflow: I like how the last track and this are almost part 1 and part 2. They flow and it that makes me feel like this would be fitting as a tune by the group. It sort of reminds me a bit of Black Quarterback by way of the Ride flow. This isn't that bad when you listen to it, I mean I don't know if I'll revisit it alone, but it's still not horrible.
  8. Big House: This is electronic and it's got some interesting loops, but I mean I don't really know what to say. This kind of makes me want to go to a rave and just start dancing, not literally but you know. While this starts off promising, I feel like it kind of looses it's charm by the ending.
  9. Government Plates: The title track, let's see if it's worth of this honor. This is another, its not bad its just not super memorable. I like it while i hear it, but forget it after.
  10. Bootleg (Don't Need Your Help): This is kind of funny, the reason is because in music bootlegs are albums that come out or are released before. This is just okay. I guess.
  11. Whatever I Want (Fuck Who's Watching): This is very long, but seems like they just looped sections and played one after another. There isn't really a reason this needs to be as long as it is. Maybe if it was a minature like the others it would have worked better but yeah.
Overall I have I give this a 6.5/10. The overall census seems to be a dislike for this album. Now the thing I think is yes, it isn't as awesome as the others. I still think it's better than Fashion Week and that i.l.y's records was just okay. But this is still something that I think has more than a song I like or two.

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