Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Village People

To closer this batch of 34 consistant reviews, note not all were done every day (some done ahead of time), I decided this could be the only review the would stand the possible drought. The one that might be my last for a number of months. This is the debut album by NY's own. This also happens to be the gayest of all the Village People albums. Seriously every track is about a city/town with a large gay population. Released July 18th, 1977 this is album has a bit of a confusing history, for me at least. When researching it I have read that the only member to sing on here is Victor Willis. It said they had professional singers do the back up vocals, and while I can see that maybe, I just don't know. I know Felipe was one of the first members, though three of the members were replaced before the next album for certain. It also makes sense because those people who were replaced were because the ones you see on the Macho Man cover had more experience as a whole of what the group was, vs those other three guys. But at the same time I read they had models pose for the cover, so..... I don't really know, or really care enough to spend more time then I did researching this. Although, you can see the group members on the Telefunken release and you can visibly see different members as the biker, and two or three other people who don't have a specific job I can make out.
  1. Medley: San Francisco (You've Got Me) / In Hollywood (Everyone is a Star): While originally released as one track, on CD reissues they are both separate. The first song starts and you can hear the sound that the group had was present right from the get go. Though the backing vocals aren't the regular ones. It makes sense that they used different singers, that's really the best reason. The chorus is pretty decent, but that "magic" isn't quite there yet. This is This first song may not be amazing, but the second half (In Hollywood) is far catchier than SF, but it's decent and pretty good none the less. The transition makes you kind of get pumped from it, I mean not like super pumped, but it's pretty nice. Love that bass, and the horn solo is nice. There is definitely a build for this second half. It might not go insane or nuts, but it is a build none the less (I know I said that twice). Victor also isn't as emotive.... or excited and into this maybe. This second section is so catchy, so infectious I dare you not to want to grove along. I mean the whole section feels very show bizy, then the chorus.... tasty. This is pretty fun, the instrumentation is so musical it's like a fucking musical. I'm waiting to hear a louder backing vocal and then see this number in a play. Really I'm fucking serious. If this was redone in the style of their later records.... 10 outta 10. For now more of a 6 or 7.
  2. Fire Island: Make me want to lift bro. Eh, at this point this sounds like it blends in with the first tune, and it isn't anything that special. I mean there is nothing that makes me want to dance. Nice woodwinds though. Although, I did learn to not go in "the bushes".
  3. Village People: Not many bands dare to have a self-titled track. Among the few Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Village People. This song, while still rather demo sounding, is easily the standout best track on the record. There is something, even though the rest of the album sounds like it isn't fully realized. But this just sounds like it's shit is there and together. This is the most Village People sounding this thing gets. And there is a power here that isn't really there on other records. I mean usually is seems almost jokey, but this sounds kind of not so jokey. Also great backing track, it's got some gorgeous vibes (or xylophone) and harps. It really is worthy of a listen or 10.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. I think the biggest problem with this record is the fact that it seems more like an Ep and also that it's more of a demo. This isn't anything mind blowing, but I still like that title track. It's worth a curious listen or so.

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