Friday, February 26, 2016

The End - Black Sabbath

This is the second, technically if you don't count album tracks, Ep by Black Sabbath. I could be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. I decided to review this, because I did review 13 and I've been wanting to do one of the group for some time now. I do plan on getting maybe Forbidden (:D really) or Mob Rules out before 2017 still, but you know.
  1. Season of the Dead: Opening the album we get this sort of doomy, nice opening that I really am digging. The only real complaint is I could very much see this being any song really on the album. Like it's nothing that mind blowing, it's just kind of okay.
  2. Cry All Night: I like the wah on this tunes opening. I mean this isn't a terrible tune, but the second time around it kind of loses some of it's interest. Like this isn't as good time number two or three. All thought "who gave you the right" made me laugh because it reminded me of Michael telling Toby "what gives you the right". Even thought the song changes into a slower pace I mean is that really that shocking. I mean did that take anyone by surprised they did this.
  3. Take Me Home: "Tonight, I don't want to let the feeling go aria". Whatever, this is solid, but much like the other tunes, this sounds ike it's an outtake from the last record. Upon looking it up, I got to this track, I discovered it is and so are all the non live tracks...... Figures. While I do like the nylon string solo, I can't really say that took me off guard. I mean this is the band that put out Fluff and Planet Caravan. I mean that don't have to experiment, but that's what made (even the lesser of the album) 70's material so good. That had fun with it, kind of. 
  4. Isolated Man: This really sounds like a lesser version of a Sabbath tunes that I kind of have tuned out, either that or Ozzy in the 2000's. There isn't anything here for me to really hold with me. It starts and ends. Also If I'm being honest, that intro reminds me a bit of Faith No More's 1989 tune Suprise Your Dead!. Just a hair. Tasty solo, but again, am I really surprised this is happening here.
  5. God is Dead? (Live Sydney, Australia 4/27/13): Don't get me wrong, I like this tune, I think they vocal thing that sort of bothered me at parts sounds good here. The only down side to this live version, is it looses some of the atmosphere I think. It's not as eerie. It's kind of like if you were to hear a prerecorded version of a song for a live performance. There isn't much variety to this.
  6. Under The Sun (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4/20/13): Of the live tunes, the only one to be not from the new album. This finds it's home on 1972's Vol. 4. This is still a solid performance, it's just..... I mean there isn't anything that makes this amazing you know. I just don't feel it you get me.
  7. End Of The Beginning (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14): This is just another live version of a song. It's okay it's not super amazing, or really that sick. I mean the one part reminds me of Fairies Wear Boots, but outside of that I'm just feeling neutral on this ditty. My biggest complaint though is even thought theses songs are very predictable, they are long as fuck. Like I've heard longer songs that end sooner.
  8. Age Of Reason (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14): Hey, he saved me the touble and said where the tunes from.... even though I knew, but it is what it is. This is just a live version of the song. You know I think I'm disappointed because even thought I'm not a huge fan they're records usually don't take forever to end for me. There is always something for me to admire you know. Here, I just don't know. All thought I do like the keys or the choir sounding thing in the middle of the song. All thought I will say, I'm glad this is the last track on the EP.
I have to give this a 5/10. It was better than Dystopia, not better than Blackstar or Heaven Adores You but it's only a month in the year so lets cross our fingers. I still have hopes for Waves, SVIIB
You can almost look at this as a sort of 5 Souls Ep and the Reedemer of Souls album. That just took the 5 bonus tracks from the deluxe edition and put them on vinyl for record store day. You can look at this as the cuts that weren't on that bonus disc. To be honest, this could have come out a few years ago. I don't see why they waited until now, I mean I understand "The End" but you could have turned that deluxe edition purchase worth someones while (The Next Day Extra *cough*). But in all seriousness this wasn't bad, I just wish they'd take a note from the Blackstar booklet (push themselves to make something truly great and new). To their credit the Ep was completed two years ago, sorta (the tunes were done 3 years ago). 

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