Friday, November 20, 2015

Chasing Shadows - Black Tide

This is the third studio album by one of my favorite bands, while I was in High School, Black Tide. These guys had a great, maybe one day classic, with their Light from Above 2008 debut record. Most metal fans should at the very least like that. I don't see why not, there's even a killer cover of Hit the Lights. I personally didn't get into them until about 2010, the year before their second album Post Mortem. I saw them while they were touring with that album, and I got a signed poster and CD. I also have a not signed CD from the day the album was released. While I can't say everything about it was amazing, I still enjoyed it a lot. It was exciting fun, and the cream of that crop still holds up. Now there has been so much shit leading up to this album here's a quick catch up. They kind of went on a hiatus after that tour, they released the Spanish versions of the tracks they originally recorded for the 2nd album as an EP. That was recorded during the  sessions, its a long story. The following year they released Just Another Drug and it didn't feature the bassist (Zakk). Then the groups drummer (Steve Spencer) soon left to become a DJ. So in 2013 they released another EP Bite the Bullet with an even dumber cover than Post Mortem, and name. It also featured a new drummer, while the lead guitarist/singer played bass and I think they added a member Raul. Now this comes out, featuring another new drummer and at this point I feel Gabriel (kinda leader of the group) is holding on to strings at this point. Another thing to mention is, based on my history with this year (and given their recent history), I am expecting nothing. And.......... Well....... Check it out for yourself.
  1. Intro: This is exactly what it is called, an intro. It's an acoustic track that reminds me, sort of, if you took out the real strings (or the more real sounding string sounds), Jason Becker. This whole atmosphere of the track is very a kin to Perpetual Burn.
  2. Guidelines: Sort of a weak title if I do say so myself. The flow between tracks isn't half bad, but this is basically All That Remains, Bullet for My Valentine and Ashes (from their last record). In fact, the beginning of the track reminded me very much of that track.
  3. Angel in the Dark: No, I refuse to hear this title. Like a Lame title, almost as lame as City of Sin. It also reminds me of Rainbow in the Dark. But you know what, I won't let it bother me as long as the songs good. It could be called Alphabet Soup and if it rocks it rocks. First time through I don't really remember, but this track is almost the same song that the last one. The acoustic guitar section is nice and pretty, but I added something in off the top of my head and it made it way more interesting. It's too bare. This is too straight forward, not very fun to listen to, considering I heard it before.
  4. Predator (Animal): The thing I feared, while I was doing this review for real (post initial listen), would I have enough to say. I mean four tracks in and they are basically variations on the same song. Yes they are different songs, but they are so fucking similar in everything it's kinda sad. Sad in that it makes me sad, not in that it's something you should feel sorry for. 
  5. Burn: I can only hope this is a solid cover of Deep Purple's 1974 classic. I mean the Prowler and Hit the Lights covers were solid. Well finally a change of pace, while I think this sounds like the slower songs on the last record, it's still nice to hear a change rather than the same thing over and over.
  6. Chasing Shadows: This, honestly, is the "coolest" title on the album. If any other was a title track it'd be very lame. I heard this song and the intro reminded me a bit of Hail to the King, but out side of that there isn't anything else to say that hasn't been said earlier. There is section right before the chorus I kinda like, but those strings fucking kill me. In the worst way possible, I almost don't want to finish this record. Even thought the song is kind of ruined for me, I will admit it's the best put together thus far, though the strings could have been taken our of the first chorus to show changes and a build. But I kinda feel like this is, in 6 songs, the second to actually be written and not just a changed in lyrics or a little minor variation.
  7. Before we Form: Reminds ms of Before we Began.... Ha-ha self referential humour, what a gass. Refer to earlier tracks. And that is all I have to say about this track.
  8. Sex is Angry: I can't....... While most of the songs here are very similar and have no real impact on me..... I can't get behind this track. I mean, yes its sonically similar to the previous album, but this is just. I feel it should be angrier or sexier. Instead its basically every other track on this album. 
  9. Welcome to Misery: Lame title, but I think this would work as an opening track's title on the new ETF record. I mean, this is sort of a change of pace, a bit, but why have all those same song and not place this somewhere else. Also this in'st really anything that notable. I mean it's technically a highlight, but it isn't that great of a song.
  10. Heaven: "Is A Place On Earth". While I disagree with Belinda, I would never tell her in person. Why may you ask, because she's gorgeous. She was even in Playboy, and issue I plan to own someday. Like top 10 I want. Did you know she was a Go-Go before she went solo. Yeah, and she released a cover of I Feel Free and Band of Gold. I know that's crazy right bro? Also you may be wondering what this has to do with the track, well it has something to do trust me. Maybe not in a conventional " this person did this" way, more of a "its the point". She is also, along with Tiffany, my favorite 80's singer to be in Playboy (if memory serves and I'm not forgetting someone). Now the point, the connection between what I just said is the exact same thing as what i have to say about the track. Absolutely nothing #WarWhatIsItGoodFor. Okay, I will admit it isn't half bad but this is basically a Into the Sky. The arrangment is pretty, but this just..... it's still a bland song. There isn't anything that makes me have any feelings other than this is different, and it sounds like another track from another album. So basically, I have nothing to say.
  11. Promised Land: If memory serves, this is the only track I dug on the record. Not musically though, more of the spiritual aspect. But when I re-listened to it I didn't really get the same feeling I did the frist time. I not only didn't care for the music, it sounds like PM, I didn't feel the sentiment was the same.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. The first time I heard this I knew how I felt. The sad thing I'm realizing is one of my favorite types of music, metal/metalcore and also some rock, no longer bring me any joy. I mean there was a point where I could pick just about any album by an artist I liked and I thought it was at the very least great. But after re-listening to As I Lay Dying, Black Tide, Falling in Reverse, Killswitch Engage (maybe not to the extent of some of the others), Escape the Fate (the amazing records are still amazing) and so on. But I really no longer have the same thrill that I once had. But the thing is this album is a less interesting take on Post Mortem. If you want to check theses guys out I'd suggest Light From Above, Post Mortem and Just Another Drug.

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