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Kill 'Em All - Metallica

This is the debut by the Big Four's most popular and successful band Metallica. Now my favorite, musically, is Metallica, but their personalities are pretty much shit. Well not all of them, more Lars than anyone else. But personal problems aside I will review their first album. This was released in 1983 and really is a prime example of a debut, I'll explain. Oh yeah I'm not gonna dwell so much on Mustaine's contributions to the LPs writing, except in track 2.
  1. Hit The Lights: Fade in drums guitar and bass. Then a drum roll and some more feeling of a build. Here comes the riff, what a beautifully distorted riff. Then a scream, and then lyrics. This song is such a statement. Think about it, a bands first impression is their first album/ep release track. Back in the day, and when you listen to a while album you start with track one. This gets you pumped for whats to come and I can't wait to see, though I already know. The playing here is tight, like a machine and to think Kirk has only been with them for a short time. They sound well tuned and ready to shred. The solo is fricken great and he kills it. 
  2. The Four Horsemen: Slightly slowed down and an added verse an bridge this was originally Mechanix. After they kicked Dave they took the song and fleshed it out. They matured it from a car to the Apocalypse. This is a scary song and it think it fits the theme. I I we're to make a movie about the end I would try to get this song to make an appearance if possible. Maybe a clip of the solo or something, but a part. This is an epic and it really is a well put together song. Sings like this with different tempos and time signatures make Metallica stand above Slayer, Megadeth, and even Anthrax and on their first album. This solo is so epic I don't think I can begin to explain the influence it's had on me. This is truly one of y favorite solos ever, up there with Hell Bent For Leather and Buried Alive. There are others too but just to wanted to mention. This is a strong and aggressive song to. You wouldn't wanna mess with this band. Te second solos sicker, but that's not really needed to be said. It's shouldn't change any aspect of the song, just I like the second more.
  3. Motorbreath: I wonder if the title is a nod to Motörhead or if its a coincidence? You know, as much as I live this album it has some weaker songs. By that I mean they are songs I don't listen to by themselves. The solo here is another great solo by Kirk, maybe a little abruptly cut, but still great. I'm glad this is on the album, but it's hard to live up to the last two tracks you know. The solo is really whats the best part of this track. And the post solo power chords at the end. That's interesting. 
  4. Jump In The Fire: This is an epic riff that I wish I could replicate. Not the greatest on this album, but it still tops most other bands. The chorus is so damn catchy, if after 1 or 2 at most listens your not singing along your a tool. Either that or your a parent who doesn't get with fun music. The pre-solo things is neat and I like the solo in the song. The vamp for the solo is cool too. The second solo is awesome here too and it really could listen to this albums solos alone. If only they released this albums solos on an album like Shut Up N Play Yer Guitar.
  5. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth: Cliff gets to shine too. This is an interesting choice I think to have here. It's obviously to show off the bassist and his skill. The only complaint is his mistake before the change. It also like how're tempo changes and its like Free form. It's nice to leave that metal world and take a second to hear a bass solo. And also the title fits the song to a t, in the best fucking way possible. I think it's cool the band comes in later but still damn, listen to them jam. Cliff your sorely missed. 
  6. Whiplash: This song brings us back to a more non instrumental world. This song honestly does take you back and makes me want to head bang. What keeps me from doing it is fear of "whiplash". Fuck it! Seriously this is a great track and kicks ass. Play this for any Mötley Crüe fags in the 80's and they'll melt. No offense to glam metal, but this is Metallica and were here to "Kill You All!". Another killer solo from Kirk and it is kind of a credo song. This is kind of like their own Motherly Love because it talks about going to towns and doing stuff. It's neat, just a though. 
  7. Phantom Lord: This is the song I've honestly heard the least on the album. I honesty couldn't remember this riff. I only heard it a few times. Part of the reason is because its a little underwhelming compared to the other tracks. But this most resembles a song of Show No Mercy. That album came out in December of that same year. The solo here is pretty cool sounding and reminds me of Hell Bent a little. The post solo vamp thing reminds me a little of Fade to Black. I wonder if they reused that for said track. The chorus is cool, but just not really Metallica.
  8. No Remorse: This has that punk attitude. The solo in the beginning before the lyrics is a fricken great idea and damn, those only thing better is a solo at the start (ie Eternal Rest). This is another great riff and there isn't much to say here that hasn't been said earlier on the review. That crunch, Damn! I also like that swoosh sound. Each solo uses the same distortion but different enough to stick out. Those harmonies, damn! I also love the double time and the singing in the double time. Great end, reminds me of the intro to the album. 
  9. Seek & Destroy: Possibly the best riff on the album, and probably most memorable. This thing honestly just could put fear down your spine. If I wast a Metallica fan I could very much see this being the theme song of the devil and his minions. This song is evil enough to be a Mercyful Fate song. That's saying a lot. Whiplash maybe the bands credo song, but this is Lucifer's credo song. The solo is an 10 in my book and really need I say more. This fricken song is a 10 in my book. This is a 10 in any logical persons book. The riff is from a guitar player stand point something to aspire to creating your own of. From my musical trained ear, I'm no expert yet, but the sequences and the whole way this song is and the harmonies and everything theory wise in this song rocks me socks off. I love the tones as the pitches and probably why I love parallel 5ths.
  10. Metal Militia: This is more the tempo of Mexhanix. Talking about your army on your first release, that gutsy and kind of like, we are hereto take over. So close to 1984 people were probably scared shitless. The intensity that started this mother ends the mother on the same not and energy and just mid blowing fun. This has some of my favorite singing by James. Its not my only, but i think its perfect for this song as kind of like an evil hypnotist. Join in on the way of the future, the "metal militia" are here to win. Propaganda if I can think of anything else. One last great solo, kinda. The marching makes this a much more anxiety filled wait for me to do Ride The Lightning. I can't wait, seriously. 
Overall I have to give this album a 8.8/10. This is the debut album and its hard for a band to have it all together for their first album. This band somehow makes it sound like they've all been playing together for years. Thrash is Punk meets Metal or vice versa. This album embraces all the aspects of thrash and probably helped progress the popularity of the genre, so Fuck Master of Puppets, the frost two are way better. I don't think the vocals need much description other than they work as are sometimes awesome. He sounds like a screaming banshee going to attack you. The shredding on this LP is hard to both reconstruct and beat. But over all an extremely consistent record and solid. 

I'll highlight my picks tomorrow because this is on my iPod. 

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