Sunday, February 2, 2014

Misfits - The Kinks

This is the 1978 album by The Kinks. In order it's number 16 and was released via Arista Records and released May 19th. It is more well liked than it's predecessor Sleepwalker. I was on the computer and I couldn't find much information about this album. I mean I found out it was recorded from July 1977-January 1978. I also have the UK LP track listing for the review up. I figured why not do this during the Super Bowl, I did it two years ago Lana Del Rey style. Beside, I already saw the Puppy Bowl so I'm set.
  1. Misfits: This opens the album, and has a country twang to it. This is a pretty soft track that's easy to listen to. I also like the organ in the bridge that gives it a gospel influenced vibe to it. This is a good way to open this album and from this I think it will be a solid listen, hopefully.
  2. Hay Fever: This has a ballad atmosphere to it. It opens with vox, keys and bass. Kinda like their You Never Give Me Your Money. This is actually a pretty fun song and I love the bass in the song. This sounds like it could be a new wave song. It reminds me a little of Talking Heads or some other New Wave band at the turn of the 70's to the 80's. Maybe not the vocals, but the instrumentation, and it reminds me a little of The Beach Boys to. I really like that piano key fill.
  3. Black Messiah: This reminds me a little of Bryan Ferry's cover of What A Wonderful World and People Get Ready by The Impressions. This song has an island vibe to it. I love it, and it's a great surprise. You don't think that the, more or less, unloved Kinks albums would have any great tracks. This is probably my favorite track because of how sharp it is. The New Orleans influenced solo is great too. This is definitely a standout to me. It talks about race and kind of says people want to be equal, but no one's really doing anything to it. He's the only "honky living on an all black street" like it's no big ordeal. And what if God was Black. Interesting thing to think about. This is truly a great track, and a shame it's not on any comps. {9/10}
  4. A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy: This track has another gospel influenced intro. This song isn't really rock and roll, it's more soft rock. The song picks up, and I like the instrumentation on this track. This is actually a pretty song. It mentions "The King Is Dead", I wonder if that's an Elvis reference. This is a nice song to follow up Black Messiah. A spiritual themed song, followed by a spiritual influenced sound.
  5. In A Foreign Land: This song starts out and reminds me a little of Come Dancing. Just the first few seconds of the song. This song is similar to that song in it's set up and structure. It's not such a dancy song though. It also kind of reminds me of Do It Again by The Kinks. The guitar reminds me of Already Gone by the Eagles. This is another decent song.
  6. Live Life: This sounds like a old school Kinks song riff. It reminds me of some of their early 60's stuff, but then with a 1970's edge to it. I know they kind of lost their original sound with albums like Village Green, Arthur, and even the previous three or four albums before this one. They were opera influenced. This has that rock and roll flavor that's been needed. The solo in this tracks pretty great and is one of the best I've heard Dave play.
  7. Permanent Waves: No, not the Rush song of the same name. This is another New Wave influenced track. I think this isn't really an amazing track, but I think that it's a decent track.
  8. Out of Wardrobe: This track has a Drag theme to it. I like the guitar in it, the twang reminds me of raga, or at least country. This is better than the prior track in my opinion, and I think it's funny they brought this theme back after Lola. You know that "Lady-man-lady" theme. It's actually kind of a funny song in a way.
  9. Trust Your Heart: The only Dave Davies penned song on this LP, the rest by Ray, and also has Dave as the lead vocalist on this track too. This is another soft song, and I could see the vocals being from Elton John. I actually like Dave's vocals for a change of things, you know. The guitar in this is pretty sick sounding too. Its reminds me a little of Night Moves. This more so reminds me of a Who song than anything else.
  10. Get Up: I like the whole distortion intro. This song has a build up to it, much like what The Who do. This actually reminds me of a song from the Tommy movie. You can hear Dave singing again, not lead though. The acoustic guitar gives it a Who vibe to it. I love that the singer has a growl, damn! This is a good way to end off this album and a solid listen. It ends on a fun note.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. Some of the songs obviously have themes to them but I decided to only really talk about the immediate ones. I think that you should definitely listen to this album and I suggest it. This is still a consistent album and pretty solid listen.

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