Friday, February 7, 2014

Too True - Dum Dum Girls

This is the latest, released in January of this year, album by Dum Dum Girls. This follows 2012's End Of Daze Ep and 2011's Only In Dreams LP. The album was produced by Sune Rose Wagner & Richard Gottehrer, who have produced with them since 2010's I Will Be and together since 2011's He Get's Me High. According to the liner notes Dee Dee and Wagner are the only two who performed on this LP. This album is my first FROM 2014, it only took me 38 some days to do that. Wow, well the albums short so why not do this one.
  1. Cult of Love: This is a pretty decent opener. It grabs my attention because of its psychedelic feeling to it. It has a solid drum track but I like the feeling from it. 
  2. Evil Blooms: This keeps up that solid drum beat. The way this track is reminds me of a distorted version of a song called Against The Ninja. It's from an 80's move called "Miami Connection", but here it's more distorted and not so Pat Benatar sounding singing.
  3. Rimbaud Eyes: I don't want to be a downer, but this album so far isn't anything special. The biggest problem is this could almost all be the same track on repeat.
  4. Are You Okay?: This track was originally written and intended for Ronnie Specktor, but after being convinced by WagnerDee Dee kept for the album. This is a pretty mellow track. It's kinda layer back and something to just sit back to. I could see this being the song in a indie movie, that doesn't make it good or bad, just "OK".
  5. Too True to Be Good: I think this is the title track, it's close enough at least. 
  6. In the Wake of You: This track can probably go without say.
  7. Lost Boys & Girls Club: There isn't anything about this track that I can't find elsewhere.
  8. Little Minx: I hope the DD was going for a 80's vibe cuz this song is very 80's. if she was going for that she succeeded, if she was going for a solid track, well.....
  9. Under These Hands: This song doesn't bring any new sounds that I'ven't heard earlier in the album. Note: I'm reviewing on Spotify Shuffle Play because of the iPod app. 
  10. Trouble is My Name: This closes the album and if you like consistent sounding song then you'll love this thing, if you like variety, look elsewhere. The vocals on this track remind me so much of Eisley's new album Currents from last year. This and the first track are probably my favorite off the album.
Overall I have to give this 10 track half hour long album a 5/10. Lets hope sone of the albums to follow this year are better than this. No that this isnt any good, just not great. If anything this album reminds me of a group called The Lovemakers which have an LP I'm reviewing. The albums from 2005, and some of the tracks are more electronic sounding, but production wise it reminds me of those dogs. What keeps this from being boring is that its so short. Please bring up my hopes St. Vincent and July it's already been broken by Joe's Camouflage. That don't look forward to that review.

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