Saturday, February 15, 2014

Black In The Sack - Blowfly

This is my last review for this month (probably). I think its kinda hilarious this is going up for a Valentines Day review. The holiday of lovers. But seriously, Im not huge on it (single) but people who oppose it are full of shit. At least i can admit I'm single on VD. Well, now that i got that outta the way, this is the latest LP by Blowfly. It was released in September 2nd 2012 but was finally uploaded to Spotify Feb 11, 2014. That's the day I'm starting this review. On the Spotify thing it says credits Tesco Vee as an artist on all the tracks. Sorry about the cover, there aren't really any other versions that are as funny as this one. I kind of want to guess before the review what the parodies are of. I'm also digging the design of his name. The album was originally released on cassette on Burger Records and produced by Rat Bastard.
  1. Oh, Ben: I wonder if this is a spoof of the MJ song about a mouse. Damn I'm on fire with those guesses. This is the prettiest ballad I've heard about a homosexual mouse. It's actually pretty hilarious. It's pretty funny, and I think it's great that that's the way it is. The funniest lullaby I've ever heard.
  2. AM/FM: Could this be a Steely Dan spoof. You know... Well I was wrong, it's a spoof of Thriller's classic track Beat It. It's a "message" from Michael Jackson. This is pretty good and it's kind of funny, not as funny as the prior track, but still.
  3. The Sound: This track features The Meatmen. He mentions that this is out to a friend of Sam Cooke. I think it's supposed to be a spoof of (What A) Wonderful World. I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure.
  4. Dirty Chicken: I'm not sure what song this is. I'd probably enjoy the cover more if I knew what song it was, but it's just ok. This isn't as good as some of the prior tracks, but it's still pretty good.
  5. Black In The Sack: I kind of want this to be an AC/DC spoof of Back In Black. Oh my GOD! I'm right, thank you. The backing band on this album is pretty solid. This sounds like there are audio glitches in the track, but whatever, that's hilarious. A great track, and honestly his voice is funny because he does a hilarious job at Brian Johnson vocals. I think he does a better Brian Johnson than the man himself.
  6. Spermy Nights (Slight Return): A double reference, Jimi and The Weird World Of Blowfly album track name. This is a ballad version more, just him and a piano. It's more in the style of the I Belive My Dick Can Fly parody of the R. Kelly song. His voice singing over the piano makes it kind of pretty. Kind of like the aged Johnny Cash voice. I'm not saying he sounds like Cash, but age does things to your voice, and you hear it hear. It's actually added to the effects of the song.
  7. Girlies In The Morning: I think this is another pretty solid song, but I'm not sure what it's a spoof of if it is one. This is a nice song to follow up the prior track.
  8. Dick Stabbath: This track starts out with a dracula impersonation, it's kinda cheesy, but funny enough. I think that the drac is FISTFULA (note it's actually Tesco Vee, FIST is the backing band). The intro is how they'd introduce a monster movie on TV. This is a parody of Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath off their self titled 1970 debut. This is pretty much the typical Blowfly lyrical content, but the instrumentation is almost like a cover, and it's fricken great. I think it's funny, but they did a great job at the replication. The tone of the guitar is great. Actually, beside the original, this is probably the best verison I've heard ever. This actually sounds like 13 production wise. His fricken laugh, damn! This is one wicked cover. This is the first song I've heard, and honestly I'm very impressed.
Overall I have to give this Blowfly effort a 7/10. After this review I have a lot more to do to catch up with these other artist. I don't think it lived up to that Dick Stabbath, but still, it was pretty good. I actually liked it a lot more than the prior Blowfly's Punk Rock Party. You know, this album ain't that long, and it kicks the crap out of the dreaded Superblowfly that I plan on reviewing. I also plan on putting that off as much as possible. But I do plan on possibly doing The Weird World of Blowfly, Blowfly On TVPorno Freak or Electric Banana sometime this year. But I'll defiantly do Blowfly On Tour, which I'm pretty sure it came out in '74. I plan on doing a month devoted solely to albums released in years that end with 4. So 1944, 1954, 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004 but probably not 2014. PS I put links so you can see the years.

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