Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ungrateful (Deluxe) - Escape The Fate

Because Spotify is an asshole (and changed Hate Me to (Deluxe) I have to download the album), I decided to finish this album. Also I have a job now, so I won't be able to put stuff out like I've been the last two months or so. Cool, this is album four, by one of my favorites, Escape The Fate. We were last left with 2010's Self Titled album. Minus G3 and World Around Me the album sucked dick. You can like it all you want, but it wasn't a "Gorgeous Nightmare"...... That would be a Zorn or Yamantaka EYE record (hahahahahahahahahahaha). That wa, on a more serous note, their darkest record to date. And I don't really think people would argue with me on that. Now 3 years later, no Max and two new members, kinda, here we are..... also the new record blows.
  1. Ungrateful: This is a pretty great opener. This is catchy, heavy and everything that's great about Craig's part in the group. This sounds like it would fit very comfortably on the follow up to, hypothetical, This War Is Ours. I've heard this song tons of times and it's still pretty great. I mean the riff is there, the vocals are pretty angry and this might be angrier than past releases. I mean I could just be imagining it, but I feel like there is an anger when he screams, he isn't just screaming. And while not the best solo in the world, it certainly is memorable and fits.... and while it doesn't go to long, it is a tad on the short side. But I mean, I don't think it'd fit for it to be longer in this given song. It might just be me wanting . Plus I can honestly say the electronics here sound much better than on the last album.
  2. Until We Die: This intro reminds me a shit ton of As I Lay Dying. I can't think of the song, but seriously. It's almost lifted from the song I'm thinking of. I want to say Nothing Left or Repeating Yesterday but there may be one where it is quite literally quoted from. While this song is pretty solid, I think the weakest link here is the chorus. Don't get me wrong, I think this is pretty great.... it's just the last song was much better all around. I'd give this anyday over Hate Me, but still. I think the piano section is very tasteful, and sets a distinct section.... but I think it was done like 100 times better in World Around Me and G3 (If I'm remembering correctly).
  3. Live Fast, Die Young: This is very close to the sound I didn't care for on the last record. And the worst part is the lyrics are kinda stupid. I mean all the lyrics be this stupid, but at least they aren't so overtly dumb to my ears when I hear them. This is almost like he bashed his head in and then wrote the songs. Now this isn't overtly terrible, but I just don't like it. Like if I wasn't reviewing this I'd click skip. 
  4. Forget About Me: This is a return to a tasty lick. But then he starts singing, and after the stop I began to get nervous. I don't think this is bad, it's just.... It isn't clicking with me. But all can be forgiven when I hear that solo. It's easily one of Montey's best. It's so good the song I didn't give two shits about I'm all the sudden listening far more attentive.
  5. You're Insane: This is another decent track, and another single released from the album. I liked it far more when I first heard it. Upon re-visitation it doesn't hold up at all. Although I can pull another AILD thing. Though the main riff reminds me a bit of Avenged Sevenfold. The vocals reminds me a tad of Girl I Know and there is something that makes the Self Titled record pop in my head. The more alternative parts of that record.
  6. Chemical Love: *Sigh*. The digital distortion waves would bother me regardless of how much I like the song. They don't ruin it, I just notice them. But even if they were taken out this song is so..... I just don't like it. I think it's too poppy, ha I know I like music far poppier, but it's just like trying to appeal to a broader audience. They could completely be doing this of their own choice, for artistic reasons, but I just can't get behind this. I can tolerate, but not support (defend is a better word).
  7. Picture Perfect: The beginning of this doesn't really sound like this band. While I may not have liked it at first, it isn't half bad. It's pretty relaxing and pretty. I think the melody is nice and its easily one of the best songs here. It doesn't blow my mind, but its an example of a nice change. While it's more in line with the electronic tracks, its different enough to where I can say its different. 
  8. Risk It All: This is a generic rocker that is on the album. Not a heavy rocker, more of a alt rocker. I mean there isn't anything to report about that sticks out to me. 
  9. Desire: Nice riff, but then the song goes into this vibe I don't jive with. It's really not insanely different from the prior track. 
  10. One for the Money: This, now in 2015, isn't the worst song they ever put out. No that award belongs to Let Me Be. But if this was don't in 2013 it would take the cake as their worst song, in my opinion. The lyrics are horse shit, and music is just ..... it's the worst of what the Self Titled had to offer. The solos has this epic feeling, and has a like build up that doesn't pay off at all. It's just.... trade this with any of the bonus tracks.
  11. Fire It Up: The best way to end the record would be with a Picture Perfect or a Father, Brother. Instead we get a Black Tide track, kinda. Do I think this is bad, not necessarily. I just don't agree with this as the closer. It's not as satisfying as it should have been, and I mean seriously it's not like the electronics are not in the picture. So why not re arrange the tracks.
Now on to the bonus tracks, I'm going to include the iTunes and Japanese bonus track just because I can. Yeah I said it, I CAN.
  1. I, Alone: This feels like one of the more alternative tracks on TWIO. It's not half bad, but I feel like this is best as a bonus track. This could actually be an outtake, be it recording or it was written, from that period. It's kind of a nice little treat you know.
  2. Father, Brother: I don't really have anything to say I haven't said before. It's a nice track, good as an extra though. While I didn't look into the lyrics, I like the idea of what I picked up on. About relationship with his family. While it's been done before I can always support someone writing to someone who played a huge part in their life. The ending would make for a very neat ambient piece. I wish this would have been in the record just to end on that. 
  3. Losing Control: The second I heard the drum machine drums I rolled my eyes. And then the vocals come in and I just close my eyes and take it. The more of this track that reveals itself to me, the less I like it. And the more I feel like it's dug it's grave deeper.
  4. Apologize: This introduction isn't half bad. This is a quicker song, and it's pretty nice. While the chorus is pretty light, I still would trade this over any of the ETF-esque album tracks. This isn't the best track, thought the solo is tasty. I don't know, it feels like a bonus track. The ending also reminds me of Welcome to the Black Parade.
Overall I have to give this a 6/10. This album is best described as the album that was unreleased and bridged the change in sound between This War Is Ours and Escape the Fate. There isn't any other way of describing it, other than maybe some parts are darker than the second album. I also want to mention, I plan to do Just Like You this month.... as in finish it up. And hopefully Chasing Shadows too.

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