Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lulu - Lou Reed & Metallica

Listened to Metallica and Lou Reed's "Lulu". Not very good. Have to re listen to it. But From what I heard there are only 3 ok and 1 good song. The last track sounds like "Until It Sleeps" and "Hero of the Day". "Mistress Dread" has a 80's type metallica riff to it. The rest of the songs, except "Iced Honey" are.... bad. Of course have to relisten to them but. If you heard it give me your review.

Now I'm re-reviewing it. This album had so much potential. This would be amazing say if Lou Reed died from getting raped and James said in honor of his death we will finish this album and I will sing. That would have probably been Metallica's best album since 1980's

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