Monday, June 4, 2012

An Offer Of Moonlight - Eisley

This is one of the many studio sessions that the wonderful Daytrotter has done. I fricken love that website. You should go there and join it, because it has a ton of bands that I like, and didn't know about before. There are also some bands/artists that I knew about and was suprised about Danny Brown, Max Bemis, Wayne Kramer, MGMTSucré amoung others. So this is the one they did with Eisley. I was like, crap, I couldn't believe it. The best part, this was released today. So I couldn't help but to do this. This is the second Review I've do for Eisley.
  1. Laugh It Off: This is like a more of a version that would maybe on something Pre-Room Noises. Like the way the song is. I think that this isn't as Epic as the album version of it. But I still think that this is a pretty neat version. This is more of a peaceful version. This isn't a cool sounding or powerful and delivered with so much emotion. The Ep version is more like "into" it.
  2. Mister Moon: This song has the keys more present. In the studio version of the song the keys and vocals are mixed together, kind of. This version the keys "drag" the notes out. Not the song, but the notes seem longer. This version has no drums, which is part of what makes that song so... the way it is. The nice thing about this version is it's a bit more easy to understand the lyrics. I think that this is just a pretty and different take for this session.
  3. Ambulance: This sounds like the acoustic version on the deluxe edition of The Valley. This song has version of the songs has more of an atmosphere to it, if that makes sense. Actually it is the same version that is on the deluxe version. This is more of a layed back version. It only has vocals, keys, and acoustic guitar strums. It's a pretty version, I like the album version more, but that's my opinion
  4. 192 Days: This song is like a tones down version. If that makes sense. I think that there is electric guitar in this song, but it's isn't in the background. This song sounds like it's more "Live" than the produced version on Deep Space. I like this song, but I think there is part where it is hard to think about the 2009 Fire Kite Ep demo version. Because I like the 2012 Deep Space Ep version more. My favorite part is that this sounds like a non produced version that they would actually play
Overall I have to give that a 7/10. This is more of a quiter version of their songs, and live performances. I saw them live and they had more energy. I don't think that they used electric guitars. When they do things like this it's usually just Sherri, Stacy and Chauntelle. This is a pretty cool sounding thing. Its like looking at their songs, if they had an MTV Unpulgged, that's not the reason they do it like that, but you can look at it like that. 

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