Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vacation - Bomb The Music Industry!

This is the 7th album by indie music collective from New York. They are from NY, ie place that doesn't really bring that much musically. Well outside of maybe Zorn. But I don't really like bands like this, or music like this, so I am kind of not expecting anything huge.
  1. Campaign For A Better Next Weekend: I went into this not expecting to like it. This song kind of shook my feelings, not a ton, but made me feel like I might like it. This wasn't that amazing of a song but if this was like the rest of the songs this would get a decent review score. This song gave me a feeling of Coldplay so I was kind of excited. And the song builds.
  2. Vocal Coach: This song totally sounds like a Weezer song. Absolutely everything, outside maybe the vocals, sound like Weezer. They even have that little xylophone sound that reminds me of Pink Triangle off 1996's Pinkerton. I can't explain how similar it is.
  3. Everybody That You Love: This sounds like a punkish song that might be in a Tony Hawk video game. And outside of the vocals I get this feeling of Christian rock, for some reason. But that Christian thing isn't through out the whole song, only the beginning of the song.
  4. Sponge Board/Baby Waves: This could be a cover of Our Prayer off The Beach Boys 1969 20/20 but was intended to be on the 1967 lost album Smile. Which has been released as a boxset featuring some of the takes of the songs.
  5. The Shit That You Hate:  The beginning of this song reminds me of Green Eyes off the 2003 A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay. But that changes when they add electronic thing playing along with the vocals, and the feedback at that one part. Then they add strings and remove the feed back. This song is what I assume a ballad. The lyrics aren't that amazing, but I don't think that all of Weezer's lyrics "sound" that good. This song builds and is "epic?". Not for me, but maybe for you. The vocals on this just hurt it for me, a lot.
  6. Hurricane Waves: This has a surf rock feeling to it. It is a typical one that I think you can tell that it doesn't sound that new.
  7. Sick, Later: For some reason the like hook in this song reminds me of the theme song for that Victorious TV show on Nick. I have seen it in the past, mainly because sometime my sister has it on and I'm not doing anything. I don't watch it all the time, just on occasion, but then again who doesn't do that if they have a younger sibling. But anyway this song doesn't give me anything fresh.
  8. Why, Oh WHy, Oh Why (Oh Oh Oh Oh): This song reminds me of like The Cure. I don't get exactly why, but it does. This song doesn't sound that far off from the last track.
  9. Savers: As this progresses this starts to get repetitive. And it's a little too repetitive. The last 3 songs before this kind of sound the same. They add strings in this song, but it doesn't do anything at all for me.
  10. Can't Complain: This has the feeling that I get from Hurts Like Heaven off 2011's Mylo Xyloto album by Coldplay. The difference, biggest, is there isn't as much electronics going on in there. I am glad that there is a little variation at this part. There is no need for swearing on this song, or on anyother songs on this album. They just put it in there for "shock value". And It isn't that sharking. The ending has this voice sample that I'm not gonna talk about cuz it's dumb, just remember that.
  11. Everybody That Loves You: By this song I'm kind of looking forward for this thing to end.
  12. Sunny Place Shady People:  This is like the electronic 8-bit solo for the last song, then they add in other instruments. The way this song ends sounds like they sampled Ronnie from Escape the Fate and more recently Falling in Reverse voice.
  13. Felt Just Like Vacation: This is just a continuation on the last song. I think that the last three songs were supposed to be like a big melody. The ending of this album is ok, and it is a good way to sum everything up. There is like a 2 minute outro of an arpeggio that sounds like it getting out of tune. I think it sounds sweet. Nice way to end the album/vacation.
Overall I can't say I really liked this. I have to give it a 6.2/10. I think that this is something that people might like, and I kind of see it having potential, but I just don't like it. This thing is a big "Jumble Fuck" of genres, in a good way. Each song sounds different from each other. But then again, they are from New York. So, I got it free at their website/tumblr and I think you should give it a listen. I do want to review their future/past stuff to. So look forward to that. One last thing, the backing vocals kind of remind me of the choruses on a Bang Camaro song. This band also gives me this NOFX vibe, the vibe that makes me very much dislike NOFX.

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