Thursday, June 21, 2012

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda

This is the 1977 debut album by French and American Disco group from the '70s. They started in, from what I've read, 1977. The lead singer, who's voice is my favorite, not putting any of the other singers down though, Leroy Gomez. This is one of two he did with the band, the other one was named after another 16+ minute cover song House of the Rising Sun released later in 1977. The third release, and first of five albums, was the first to have Jimmy Goings as the lead singer. His 1978 Beauty isn't really that much of a "beauty" on the album cover. He looks like a werewolf, but the next forth album, Another Cha Cha has a better album cover. But anyway. Here's this albums review.
  1. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood: This song, including the Esmeralda Suite, takes up the whole 1st Side of this album, totaling at 16:05. Now I first heard this song in my favorite movie of all time last summer. If you know it you won't be suprised... It's Kill Bill Vol. 1, with Vol. 2 a close 2nd. Well it's the part with O'Ren and The Bride, which is what you know her as at the time, fight. Now I used to watch the fight video a ton to hear the song until I downloaded it. Now getting all 16 minutes was a pain, but eventually I ended up getting it. So now here's the review. When I listen to it, with each listen, it doesn't seem like 16 minutes. I goes by so fast. It's such a fun song to jam to. It's also such a fun song. The instrumental break in the middle of this song is so sick. The breakdown it awesome, this is seriously how a breakdown in a song like this should be. And his "scream". The strings at that part are also amazing. The guitar tone is beyond me. I could only dream of making something like that. When you pick up everything going on, you learn this is THE BEST version of this song and quite possibly one of the best songs like ever. This is defiantly one on my favorites. The drums, classical guitar solos, horns, strings, it's like a fricken Free Bird, but cooler sounding. {11/10}
  2. Gloria: This is probably my 2nd least favorite track. I don't want to be hating on their version, frankly I don't like the original version that Van Morrison's band Them did in the 60's. I do like Santa Esmeralda's version a little more, but just because of that... I don't think that this is a good song in general. I think if they added the instrumentation to it, or "Dragged it Out". I just sinned big time by saying they drag it out, because the extra length doesn't in anyway hurt the song. Their best songs are their longer songs. I mean this is still a cool song. I like how they make theses cover songs better than the the originals. But over all I give this songs like. {6/10}
  3. You're My Everything: This is my least favorite song, I wish they, unlike all the other songs I've heard by them, cut this song down. They could have added time to Gloria and cut this one down. This is a pretty dry 5:40 seconds for me. After re-listening to it it kind of reminds me of a R&B song. The solo in this song is actually probably a really cool one. I think that this is a little to soft, but this is also the token ballad in the album. So obviously the album needed one. I do still think that 5:40 is a little long for this song, it could probably be 3 minutes, but whatever. It might of been harmed thought if it looses that much time though. {5/10}
  4. Black Pot: This is the second longest track at 7:11. And I was hoping that it would be another You're My Everything, it wasn't. From the first second I heard the opening note, I was like.... I was like wow. This song kicks some ass. There is kind of a, underneath, not buried, guitar part that has wha wha in it. This song reminds me a ton of Black Diamond by KISS off their 1974 self titled debut album. Especially the beginning of the song. Like this is more of a disco version of the song. This has more of a R&B vibe with the more predominantly horn solo in it.The solo and guitar tone at the end is cool. {7/10}
Overall I have to give this album a 7.4/10. I never heard any of the other songs outside of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood before about a week. Leroy kills this album. This album is only 32 minutes long. So why not check it out. This is the perfect album to spin at the roller rink. If you don't do that , then just listen to it for funnzies. I do plan on reviewing their other albums to, not sure which ones yet, but look forward to Another Cha Cha, House of the Rising Sun, Beauty, their albums from 1977-82.

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