Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Portable Cypher Volume 1 - Brock Berrigan

This is some download that I just downloaded because I thought the album cover was kinda goofy. I thought, getting into this, that this would be like a hip-hop album or something that I wouldn't really like but well, you'll see how I was wrong. What I am going to say about this is, that it completely kicked my ass.
  1. Brandy of the Damned: This song kind of reminded me of a song that I could see being in Kill Bill. One of the parts where she is in Tokyo, in Vol. 1, and the bride in walking through the club is in O'ren Ishii's in. If you didn't know that's my favorite movie EVER!!!!!
  2. Geronimo: This song could also kind of be in that to, possibly. I'm not sure, but I could see this being a song that kind of reminds me of Sweet Cream (Redux) off the the Crank High Voltage soundtrack Mike Patton did back in 2009. I love that song, this reminds me of it because of the drums and stuff.
  3. Orchestrated Mad Man: This beat sounds like a new updated, hip/underground, James Bond song. I could see this playing while he is walking thought a Casino in on of the movies and is about to meet the bad guy for the first time. There is eve
  4. Breakfast with a Stranger: This is defiantly a song that I could see being in like a revamped '60s James Bond classic. Maybe a movie like Thunderball. I might just be crazy, but this gives me this ocean, underwater feel. One that is portrayed through Thunderball.
  5. Dragon's: This song starts with an older woman singing "A dragon once lived on the side of the mountian". The thing that's cool about her saying that is that her voice moves back and forth pretty fast alternating between left channel to right channel.
  6. Get The Message Out: This song is like a song that I could see being in an action movie. Possible like Crank. There is a ballin feel to it where I could see it on that basketball video game Dan the Automator did back in like '08-'09 one of those.
  7. Paddy's Pub: This song has this girl voice in the background that reminds me of The Resident's song Burn Baby Burn. The rest of the song has this smooth, jazz feeling. Like its slick cats. If you know what I mean.
  8. The Headless Horseman's Rampage: This song has that eerie feel to it that makes me feel like it would reminds me of an eerie scene in a movie. I think there it a clip from Ricky Bobby in that song, but I'm not sure.
  9. Coffee and Bacon: This is defiantly a song where I could see it fitting the morning where they are planning and it is starting to flow, and the story line gets interesting. This could be in like Pulp Fiction or a Quentin Tarentino movie. Actually I think this would fit into Kill Bill Vol. 1 perfectly. It definitely has that chill feeling, relaxed and layed back.
  10. Long Strange Evenings: I don't really know how to explain this track, You have to listen to this. I think that the name fits it. It is a cool track. This song is also very chill, and I think that it has a lot of keys in it more so, if that makes sense. I love the way the keys sound for it to. This is a sick ness.
  11. Yesterday's Hero: This song is really cool. It sounds like the rest of the tracks, but it is more big, like orchestra sounding big. This song is really cool and has this sample of someone singing under the mix, but it's buried in the mix. The guy singing sounds like he is screaming to get out, and that works perfect with the fact his voice is so buried in the mix. This would be an amazing way to end a movie. And to top it off this is ten seconds short of being one minute longer than the second longest track at 2:46. This is probably the best track and an amazing way to end. The song kind of cuts off. One of the best endings of like, Ever. {11/10}
Overall this was a 9.7/10. It was awesome, I very much so suggest it if you like instrumental music. Also it you like music with a jazz feel to it. Or if you like Mike Patton's solo soundtrack work or that Lovage album he did with Dan the Automator in 2001. This actually reminds me of the instrumental version of that album, a ton. It's kind of hard to explain these type of soundtrack albums . I really like this, and I am definitely going to pay for all of his stuff, as soon as I get a debit card.

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