Monday, August 6, 2012

The Human Abstract - 2bit

Isaac Toews, also know as his producer/rapper name 2bit, is  . He has 12 releases in his discography, available on his Bandcamp page. This includes Remix albums, Eps, Albums and Singles. This is his latest release and it came out last April. It says, on his FaceBook page, that he's been doing this since 1993, and his first release, at least on Bandcamp, She, Him, Me, Them was released May of 2008. A quick mention, that is an awesome album. He doesn't rap on that album, but there is a woman singing over the beats. It kind of reminds me of Zoey Deschanel singing, either that or the voices in the beginning of The Resident's 1988 concept album God In Three Persons, I also suggest that to listen to also. It's probably the creepiest, for me, album I've heard thus far in my life. Back to 2bit, this is an EP and I will begin to review it.
  1. Stars: This has a beat that kind of reminds me of Aesop Rock's new 2012 Skelethon. That wasn't my favorite Aesop album, but I still enjoyed it. The beat wasn't thought as "agressive" as Aesop on that album. It was more of a mellow beat. This is a good intro to the Ep. This is a sweet song, it has this type of feeling that makes me want to fall asleep, but it is also kind of eerie. This is really good and I enjoy this song. It is also pretty deep. There is a voice in the background that is distorted and it's pretty cool sounding.
  2. Holes: Thus far in the Ep I have been able to kind of picture him as a type of Aesop Rock. This is really good. The beat on this reminds me of The Weeknd, but this guys voice is clean and not hear to hear, so to say. Like it is clear and not in the mix. This is a good songs too. I think that it is short, but it leaves its mark, for me at least.
  3. Monkey: I love the line, "Your attention deficit has to be paid soon, it's well over due." The way he has a poetry slam in the song, so to say, it reminds me a little of Jim Morrison of the legendary 60's band The Doors. I love The Doors thought some of their stuff I'm not as huge on as other. This is defiantly my favorite song. I don't know exactly why, but this song is really sick. It has a beat on it that almost, beside maybe the distorted guitar part, of Daft Punk. But maybe then again the might do something like that... what ever. The point it that he kills the song, and he uses a beat that very much reminds me of Daft Punk. After re-listening a few I thought that it reminded me of the set up of The Doors 1978 album An American Prayer. The song it most reminds me of is The Ghost Song, which has Jim's voice reading poems and the rest of the band wrote music to go along with it. I think that is a sexy song that I would make love to.
  4. The City: This song really reminds me a bunch of 2003's Welcome to the Western Carpet World by the Avant-garde Metal band from California Ballistico. I know I talk a lot about them, but I do like them. They were the only other band who released an album on Bucktan Records. The other one was Pinkly Smooth, one of my all time fav's. I think that he sampled Lana Del Rey on this song, because it sounds like her voice at the ending, right before the very quick fade. I said the last song was my favorite, this is a close second. The beat on this has a fat feeling for some reason.
  5. Little Bird: This song also kind of reminds me of Ballistico's singer Ben Stub who has released an album under his name on iTunes titled Whirlpool of Sadness in 2009. There is a squeaky voice singing the "hook" of the song. It kind of reminds me of The Weeknd exempt this is more clear and easier to hear the songs. That voice also kind of reminds me of, in the best way possible, Lil B's mix tape God's Father but the soft, and pretty songs. I like this guy more than Lil B and think he is a better musician/rapper, but I don't want to rip on Isaac. Just want to get that straight.
Overall I really enjoyed this 9/10. I was hoping that I could do this in one listen. That didn't work that way. Though it took me one listen to enjoy it, I had to re listen to some Aesop Rock albums to get a better hold of my thoughts on this. I honestly think that he reminded me of Aesop Rock, the white guy, not A$ap Rocky. And it's not just because he is also white, it's because of his intelligent words. I did download this free, thought it's pay what you want, as soon as I get the money, I WILL PAY MONEY for this Ep, and some of this others to. I suggest that you do the same. Wow I am stupid, he did remix the whole album She & Him 2010 debut Volume One. Hence the name. One last thing, thank you to who ever asked me to review this, I really enjoyed this. :)

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