Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Surrealistic Pillow - Jefferson Airplane

This is the sophmore album by psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane. I love this album cover. I think it's cooler in person seeing it on vinyl. Obviously the beautiful Grace Slicks is on the cover. I think that this is a good. And from what I've already heard, this is a good album. I haven't heard the whole thing, but what I have, I think is pretty solid.
  1. She Has Funny Cars: I am kind of wondering if this song title was conceived from a "trip". This is a slow song. Not like slow slow, more like a trippy song. It actually reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel 1966 album Sound of Silence. The fact seems more trying with just about everything going on in the song. Minus the psych vibe.
  2. Somebody to Love: This is probably, most likely, their best known song. I really like this song and think that it's pretty catchy. I like the way it sounds on vinyl than on that damn Forrest Gump soundtrack. I don't know how old this is, there isn't a bar code on the cover, but it's probably at least 30 years old. It sounds damn good. I think that the solo sounds really sick and a lot better with the vinyl crackles.
  3. My Best Friend: This seems like any old 60's "summer of love" love song. I don't think this is that special. Like Herman and The Hermits or Simon & Garfunkel. I do like like Simon & Garfunkel though. I don't get anything special from this song.
  4. Today: The beginning of this song reminds me of the beginning of the 1971 song Bargin off the classic Who's Next album by one of my favorites The Who. But the it goes into more of a harmony voice. One of the vocalist really sounds like Paul Simon. Idk. It's got a mellow folky feeling to it.
  5. Comin' Back To Me: This is the longest song on the album and has an intro that could be somewhat compared to Stairway. The fact that there is an acoustic guitar arpeggios and a recorder. That the beginning of that sing. The one thing is that It also reminds me of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme album. This is a mellow song that I think you have to be in the mood for.
  6. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds: This is what I needed to keep my interest. The album was kind of putting me to sleep before this. This has more of an up beat feeling that the last sing in side 1. This is a good way to start side 2. It has a psychedelic feeling I've been dying to hear from this bitch. I think if you like psychedelic music you'll like this song.
  7. D.C.B.A. - 25: The bass in the beginning brought my hopes up, but then the song came in. I don't know why but I don't care for this that much.
  8. How Do You Feel: This beginning reminded me if The Stones for some reason. It only lasted so long. But now that's over and I can't pay much attention.
  9. Embryonic Journey: This could be a Simon & Garfunkel cover almost. I do like that it's instrumental. A good break from everyone's voice. I only like Grace's voice.
  10. White Rabbit: The last song was a good interlude to this song. I like how it's kind of a break and then it comes back to this song. I love this song. This is a good song. I like how there are Alice in Wonderland references. I really think this sounds cool and so does the singer.
  11. Plastic Fantastic Lover: this song is ok but. Here is the thing. Damn, Grace please sing lead. Please... PLEASE!
Overall I have to give this a 6.4/10. It's got it's moments, some more quiet than others. I did not expect this much quietness to it. I think that it was ok, but wished for more moments like Somebody to Love or White Rabbit. If I was younger and more close minded musically then I'd be in love with these songs. I'm not even that old. But thats how I feel now. Even the beautiful Grace couldn't make me love this album.

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