Thursday, October 25, 2012

Roadkill - Meanstreak

This is the, to my knowledge, the only album by all female thrash metal band Meanstreak. I found out about this band via looking for "bad album covers" on the web. This is actually a pretty funny album cover after finding out that they were a girl band. This album was released in 1988, and to my luck the whole thing is up on Spotify for me to listen to.
  1. Roadkill: This song is a good intro to an album. I swore that this was a mans vocals. It kind of reminds me of a Priest off their 1991 album Painkiller. This song actually somewhat reminds me of that song. The singer also kind of reminds me of the singer from Fates Warning.
  2. Searching Forever: This song kind of reminds me of Iron Maiden but before around 1981, 1982. This also kind of reminds me of Judas Priest on their album Stained Class.
  3. Snakepit: This has this kind of Egyptian intro to it. The riff is kind of cool sounding and there is this rattle that sounds like a snake. I don't know why, but this song kind of reminds me a little of the song Shout at the Devil. The way the riff is in the verses. He voice also kind of reminds me a little of Halestorm. I actually saw them at the first Uproar when it was here in Chicago. About halfway thorough the song it speeds up until there is a drumfill and the normal speed comes back for a solo. I think that the tone is pretty cool sounding. And the girl can shred.
  4. Nostradamus: This is a pretty solid song. It's kind of  like the last few. It's pretty cool sounding.
  5. It Seems to Me: For some reason this riff reminded me of Aerosmith but on one of their older albums. The vocals on this song reminds me of 1986's Wasted Years by Maiden.
  6. Lost Stranger: Not much to say about this song. It's kind of the same.
  7. The Warning: This kind of further reminds me of Fates Warning. The name of the song is The Warning. This song actually kind of reminds me of them. I think the name is appropriate.
  8. The Congregation: I like how the bass sounds heavy on this. This really reminds me of Maiden.
Overall I have to give this a 7.5/10. If you like 80's metal then you'll probably like this album. Even thought they are an all girl band they don't really sound like it. If you like metal you will probably like this album a lot. Trust me, I would know. I don't really care for female metal singers, but this is an exception. The solos didn't WOW me, but they were pretty solid.

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