Wednesday, October 10, 2012

119 - Trash Talk

This is 4th album by Californian Punk Band Trash Talk. I found out about these guys over the summer when they signed to Odd Future Records. They are releasing this on that label, along with their own Trash Talk Collective. Now I don't know much about these guys, mainly because I just want to give this a listen. I did a review yesterday of Numbers by MellowHype, which was released the same day as this one.
  1. Eat the Cycle: This song kind of reminds me of some type of song by Retox. The thing though is, it's not as interesting.
  2. Exile on Broadway: I feel like this is a Stones reference. But whatever, This song kind of sounds like Slayer's song 2001 songs Exile but with more of a punk vibe to it.
  3. My Rules: I didn't even realize this song started. It's sound like the others.
  4. F.E.B.N.: This song is Ok.
  5. Uncivil Disobedience: This song has the punk energy, it's just, I don't really find this interesting.
  6. Blossom & Burn featuring Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator: This song kind of starts out a little different, by that I mean it kind of sounds like "Doom Metal/Sludge Metal"ish. If that makes any sense. I think that Hodgy does an interesting job on the verse on the album. And also Tyler's verse is pretty cool too.
  7. Reasons: Pretty much the same thing, I don't find these songs interesting.
  8. Fuck Nostalgia: This kind of reminds me of a less interesting Motörhead. The title is kind of ironic. So wait, Fuck the Album?
  9. Apathy: ....
  10. Thanks, But No Thanks: At least this is more drum driven.
  11. Bad Habits: .......
  12. Swinging to Pieces: 3 more tracks to go.
  13. For the Lesser Good: Refer to past descriptions
  14. Dogman: It's finally over.
Overall this album shall get a 5/10. This is my introduction to this band and I have to say that I will probably let it be background music. By that I mean I won't put to much thought into listening to any albums by these guys. I think that it sounds like a less interesting Retox album. Also this is way too long. It could have gotten away with 8 songs and been like an EP or something.

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