Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Numbers - MellowHype

This is the third release by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All's group MellowHype. It is made up of Left Brain and Hodgy Beats. It's kind of like, I guess, EarlWolf. Actually it's kind of funny I mention that, because Tyler did some production on this album. The first release , YelloWhite, came out in 2010. The follow up, BlackenedWhite, was released in 2010. In 2011 that same album was reissued, officially not as a mixtape, with a different track listing. I assume its because of some stupid thing called copyright, but whatever. Do I've been, somewhat, anticipating this release. I'm probably gonna review Trash Talk's new album, 119, for tomorrow. So this one is for today One last thing, this is the first time I've heard a MellowHype release front to back.
  1. Grill: The beat is Ok, but It isn't that crazy. The first time hearing this, it isn't anything special to me. I don't know why, but I feel like this song would be a song that might be on Eminem's compilation album thing he did The Re-Ups. I don't like that they keep spelling words out for me.
  2. 65 / Breakfast: I kind of like the keyboard sounding chords in the beginning. I like this beat much more than the last song. I am not crazy on Hodgy, but I still kind of like the song. I kind of like the change where the voices go "uh uh uh uh". I think that that's kind of cool, it kind of reminds me of Christmas. Like this might be a Christmas themed song, I guess? Does that make any sense to anyone but me. This entire song kind of gives me a Christmas music vibe. But not the words. Breakfast kind of reminds me of the ending of Pyraminds on Frankie's new album channel ORANGE. He actually kind of reminds me a little, especially when he says "I'ma touch the sky" of Kanye's song Touch the Sky off his 2005 Late Registration album. You know, the song that featured Lupe.
  3. Astro featuring Frank Ocean: I'm kind of curious about what Frank is going to do on this song. I am not huge on Frank's line "Wear the yellow turn at the Grammy, rock out with my cock out". Beside that, I think that this song is kind of cool. So far this album is kind of getting better. It's not as bad as the first song. I don't hate that song, but I don't care for that song. I really like how Frank sounds. I also like how he mentions Prince. And the part at the end where Frank is singing with the piano, that's awesome. I think the song will only get better. And I also kind of like the original beat plays after Frank's part and to the fade. {7/10}
  4. NFWGJDSH: This drumbeat reminds me of a mix of The Re-Ups intro track Shady Narcotics and the MellowHype song on the last OF Tape Vol. 2 the track 50. I don't care for the ending.
  5. La Bonita: This song kind of starts out interesting. I hope it's nothing like Tenacious D's new song, off Rize of the Fenix, track 4 Senorita. Sorry I don't have that symbol on top of it, but I don't know how to get it. Yeah, I probably won't listen to this song again.
  6. Beat: This song doesn't really keep my intrest that much. I still have 10 tracks. :(
  7. Snare: The thing about this song is, I'm a teenager with a C average, and I can't really relate to this song. Like there is no lever that I connect to the whole feeling of it. The beat is ok.
  8. Untitled L: Ok there's still a good 30 minutes left to this album. This song is not very intresting to me. I like the 007 mention.
  9. Leflair: What?
  10. Monster: The beat on this kind of reminds me a little of Bastard. But the song isn't as good as that album.
  11. 666 featuring Mike G.: I thought that there was a song called 666 on either the original version of BlackenedWhite or YelloWhite. This song is probably easier to listen to than the last few songs.
  12. P2 featuring Earl Sweatshirt: Hopefully Earl can help to save the rest of the album. I think the first P on OF Tape Vol. 2 is better than this song. I still think this is better than most of the album. The beat reminds me of Pyramids.
  13. GNC: I kind of like the sitar sounding think in the song. This song reminds me of  a more intresting version of Lean. I also think Domo is on this track.
  14. Brain: I feel like Hodgy was trying to be Tyler on this track. I kind of like the horn sounds in the song.
  15. Under 2: The beat on this song reminds me of Analog 2. Hodgy kind of sound to me, a little like Em on his first album Infinite. I like this song.
  16. Break: This was a decent song, and I think it was a good way to end the album
Overall I have to give this a 4.5/10. I didn't really care for this thing that much. Track 1 wasn't that good, then track 2 & 3 were pretty good, then it kind of when down hill. Maybe over time I'll be able to enjoy this more, but the few MellowHype songs I've heard before this I didn't care for.

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