Monday, November 12, 2012

The Chapin Sisters E.P.

This is the debut release by the sister trio known as The Chapin Sisters. They are related to the Harry Chapin, you know, Cats in the Cradle and the silver spoon. I think they are his nieces. Well anyway, I saw them live when I saw them open for Eisley in February, 2011. I didn't think much of them until after a while and coming back to the group. Note: When I saw them the one left making them the duo. One more note, I haven't been doing many reviews because I've been getting into Jazz. And Jazz is over my head, that's why I'm trying to get into it.

  1. Shady River: I think that this song kind of sounds like the others. I don't think there is anything special in this song that stands out. I'm not putting the song down, but I think it's consistent with the other songs.
  2. Don't Love You: This song has a different girl singing this track than the last one. This song is a decent song. 
  3. Hey: This is another pretty decent song. I like it.
  4. Girlfriend: This EP doesn't have a very wide variety of sounds. The songs are basically the same. So to say. Two is more of a ''mature'' album I guess. There is more experimentation, ie Digging A Hole and other stuff too.
  5. Bird Song: I like the arpeggios and the finger picking on this song. That's part of what I like about this group. They finger pick really good. At least I think so. This reminds me of Palm Tree on their 2nd album. But less arranged or worked out. Like a demo version.
  6. Long Journey: This song is more country than folky. I don't care for this one.
  7. Toxic: This is one pretty cool cover of the Britney Spears song. They played this song when I saw them. I like the way they did this song. This is definatly the best track. Thought I do like Don't Love You and Bird Song.
Overall I have to give this a 6/10. I think it's Ok, but I don't think it's amazing. I haven't heard their Lake Bottom LP or the other 2 Eps, but I have heard all of Two. I wish I'd bought that Cd when I saw them. It's actually pretty good. I think this is an, you like it or you don't.

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