Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hatebreeder - Children Of Bodom

This is the second full length album by Finish metal band Children of Bodom. I've heard of these guys, back in sophomore year. So like 3 years ago-ish. I didn't know till recently these guys were recording demos under the name Inearthed. Well, I'm mad at myself. If you know me, I hate when I don't do these enough. I'm hoping, and praying, this month to get up Currents, The Next DayFashionably Late, maybe Yeezus and Random Access Memory, and some of the albums that have been requested. I'm also planning on doing, if not this month, in August?, Halo of Blood.
  1. Warheart: This song begins with a voice clip. The voice clip is from the movie Amadeus, about Motzart, from 1984. The thing about Bodom is I can't really tell the difference between the songs. I like the way they sound, bout I couldn't pick them out from each other. I also love the idea that they used those Mozart arpeggios in the last bridge.
  2. Silent Night, Bodom Night: This song is still sick. I think it's awesome how they use the name Bodom in a bunch of their songs. I don't think that it's vain, I think it's cool. If Maroon 5 named a song "Marooned in 5" I'd think they were assholes, because Adam is, but that's another conversation.
  3. Hatebreeder: This song actually went by really fast, I didn't even realize that it was on this song.
  4. Bed of Razors: This song sounds like the last to me. Maybe with more listens I'll be able to differentiate it.
  5. Towards Dead End: This solo in this song reminds me of something I could see Mike Romeo on a Symphony X album. Thoses guys kick ass. I like this second solo to. I love how it stops, then its starts off the solo. It's sick. The keyboard harmony reminds me of something 1994's Symphony X. The way, when the guitar at that part, plays solo, reminds me of somethings Yngwie might do on an one of his first 3 albums (Rising Force, Marching Out, Trilogy). Maybe too on his 1988 album Odyssey.
  6. Black Widow: These songs, like the last two, have seemed like they are starting to be a little different, set up wise. This is more riff lead. Like there is a part where it's just a guitar riff, rather then the whole band playing.
  7. Wrath Within: This album has gone by so fast I couldn't even keep up with it.
  8. Children of Bodom: This song is a long one. I think that it's time is justified though. I think that little bell sound is pretty cool. This album, reminds me of, Ashes of The Wake. I like the album, but I couldn't really do that amazing job of reviewing it, because the tracks, to me, sound very similar. If I spent forever I could probably pick each track out, but yeah.
  9. Downfall: This is the last track on this album. I'ven't retained much, beside that fact that this is an enjoyable album. Like no songs really stuck out to me. But there weren't any bad songs either. I did really like Towards Dead End and this track, sounds a little darker. I mean the keys are obviously sill sounding, with today's technology, but I still think it sounds good.
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. This is a very repetitive album, but I never said that was bad. Yes, sometimes it's bad to be repetitive, The Stones, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Actually these guys remind me of a screamed, not as strong singer as Russell, neo-classical Symphony X (classical influences) meets Dream Theater (repetition). But they make epic songs, still. These album are "less complex?" than Sympohony X albums. These guys do have a signature sound though. This was an enjoyable album though, I couldn't lie to you about that.

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