Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fashionably Late [Deluxe Edition] - Falling In Reverse

This is the second album by Falling In Reverse. Now, I loved the hell out of The Drug In Me Is You. I loved it to the point of me buying it the day it came out and listening to it a few time's before I bought it, cuz I was on their mailing list. I didn't realize this at first, but there was a Deluxe Edition. Well I picked it up. It came with a slip case that held the Cd, and a pretty big poster. and two bonus tracks too, and a remix of Rolling Stone.
  1. Champion: This song's beginning reminds me of when he was in Escape the Fate. It also kind of reminds me a little of As I Lay Dying. Back on There's No Sympathy For The Dead and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion.
  2. Bad Girls Club: Really? This is like a faggy version of Tragic Magic. This is supposed to be cutesy, but it's really not. This doesn't even sound like them. It sounds like a song that would be played on the summer radio. Or, well, shit.
  3. Rolling Stone: This song isn't that terrible. I kind of like the beginning. The way the voices are. This song isn't like that last "gay" song. The drums reminds me of the last album. Now I'm not huge on the whole dubstep part of the song, but it's not terrible. I can tolerate it.
  4. Fashionably Late: Though the lyrics on this song aren't anything special, this is much better than the other single Alone. That kind of blows. It's the sad truth. With songs like that, how can I keep sticking up for you. This song reminds me of their first album. Kind of like the self titled track of The Drug In Me Is You. It's not half bad. So far, since I'm starting the review and going as I hear the tracks, I hope that the album will be more like this than the next track on the album.
  5. Alone: I don't really know what to say about this. Other than it's like a shittier version of Escape The Fate's 2010 Self Titled album. The chorus isn't half bad? :(. I like some rap, but this isn't even trap-rap, it's shit-rap. Let's hope this is like Tattoo.
  6. Born to Lead: This song is like, WOW! I can't believe that this track follows Alone. Talk about a makeup track.
  7. It's Over When It's Over: I don't know why he want's to be a rapper. I don't think he's that good of an emcee.
  8. Game Over: Why?
  9. Self-Destruct Personality: This song really doesn't do much for me. I know that it's style is good, but the chorus kind of ruins the song for me.
  10. Fuck The Rest: Based of the title this can't be that good of a song. And well,.......... yes :(
  11. Keep Holding On: My favorite part of Trapped Like A Fly is the piano part. This song is kind of like that, more or less, but the entire song pretty much. It's really nothing special either. It's better than the last song.
  12. Drifter: This starts out like a country song. With the slide guitar and all. And it talks about life on the road. This actually isn't that bad of an album closer.
Here are the deluxe edition bonus tracks.
  1. Where Have You Been: This is a pretty heavy, compared to some of the others, song. This could be so much better if it was actually on the album. I think this is a good song. I'm not praising it, but I'm saying it's better than 10 out of the 12 song on the album easily.
  2. Goddamn: This isn't as good as the last track, but it's still better than 80% of the album. The math probably works out to more than eighty percent, but still.
  3. Rolling Stone (Shy Kidx Remix): This isn't anything special. Trust me, unless you're a fan of dubstep.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. This was a surprise. I didn't really know what to think, I mean look at Alone. Seriously, I don't care if it was a "Joke" or whatever, it sucks. That's being nice about it too. I give him credit for experimenting. But I don't think that what he did everywhere is good. At the end of this review, I think I'm going to Westerner.

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