Monday, April 14, 2014

Triple Brutal - Austrian Death Machine

This is the third studio album by Tim Lambesis' project Austrian Death Machine. This project's first album was fresh and original in it's idea and approach. While the second album, Double Brutal, was kind of original and had a slightly different sound than the previous album. But this thing is something that was released April 1st, 2014 after Tim was arrested and, just look up the story yourself. But the biggest thing I have to say, as a Christian, the biggest heart break is a man losing his faith. If he had no faith then what's his views, but losing faith is a terrible and sad thing.

  1. Neah 1, 2: This is the intro and is ultimately nowhere near as funny as the other intros on the other albums. Actually the whole Arnie thing is getting to be overdone, the man doing the voices sounds more like he has a mental disability than he's Austrian.
  2. I'll Be Back: This sounds way too much like Get To The Chopper to be interesting. From the sound to the form, come one.
  3. Chill Out Dickwad: You know, for as angry as their music was I never recall a cus word in any of As I Lay Dying or Austrian Death Machine lyrics. This is just poor taste and forced. Which is the ultimante sin in comedy, forcing something. It needs to be natural.
  4. Prepare To Be Conquered: This song is actually the first song here that I can say I've heard and liked. The love song part is actually pretty, I think it's kind of funny and reminds me a little of Frodo (Don't Wear The Ring) by Flight Of The Conchords.
  5. One More Rep: This intro sounds like a track off his 80's work out album. That had song like Raining Men and other hits in the background while he tells you "one, two three". That albums hilarious, but this song isn't anything they'ven't done before.
  6. I Hope You Leave Enough Room For My Fist: This is from Running Man and samples a line from the movie in the intro. This song isn't that bad, and it is pretty in line with Bring Me The Horizon's debut album from 2006/2007. This though, has some progression from the last album.
  7. Pumping And Humping: The intro is the same type of one as One More Rep and kind of funny. I like that I can hear the bass in this song. It sounds like it's being slapped.
  8. Crom: This sounds like Arnold's voice over a song from Shadows Are Security, except heavier bass playing.
  9. I Eat Green Berets For Breakfast: This song is just like the others.
  10. You Lack Discipline (There Is No Bathroom For You): Come On
  11. Acting Advice: I don't think that this is funny. Tim sounds like he's pissed off. I think it sounds forced and not light hearted like before.
  12. I Know Now Why You Cry: You know, I didn't retain anything from that song.
  13. I Lied: I have nothing to say about this track.
  14. Brutolitics: ...............
  15. Get Your Story Straight: I was hoping for a heartfelt song about his future incarceration.
  16. Brutal Recall: I think it's funny he's pointing out my least favorite part of Decas, but outside of that this isn't anything that good.
  17. I'm Not A Pervert: I originally liked these songs. I thought they were funny but now this is on an album released like three years later. Come on, but it's still the best song here. This song sounds more like the songs on the previous album. I also like the whole breakdown, and think the Arnold voice is funny, but not hilarious, but mainly because of the reference to Jingle All The Way.
  18. It's Turbo Time: This song is pretty punk in that he's not screaming. Also you can understand Tim.
Overall I have to say that the "bonus tracks" were good but this gets a 4/10. Other than to say you heard it, or out of curiosity, but don't say I didn't warn you. I did this review about a month ago on April 10th, 2014 but because of Jazz month waited to upload it. The whole Tim thing sucks and you know I don't think that I can judge him, it's not my place, but you know...... Let's hope this is the last album by this project and hope the new debut album coming out from other AILD members is hopeful. Esp since Jordan mentioned wanting to pursue styles he'd want to. EXPANSION and EXPERIMENTATION


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