Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Everything Will Be Alright In The End - Weezer

Following the pattern of the last review I did, this is the first review review of a band since March 2012. I did for these guys since This is the latest Weezer album, number 10, and to be completely honest after Pinkerton I have no interest in them at all really. This is their first in 4 years, since 2010's release of two albums Hurley and Death to All False Metal. This was also produced by Rick Ocasek, you know of The Cars.
  1. Ain't Got Nobody: This opens the track and is kind of heavy, but I don't like that I can barely hear the vocals in the track. This song didn't do much for me the first time, but maybe it may grow more over time.
  2. Back to the Shack: This riff reminds me a little of The Stripes. But the lyrics defiantly remind me of Weezer. This seriously sounds way to much like El Scorcho mixed with Beverly Hills. The latter of which was a terrible song back when it came out and I remembered it being played. I do enjoy the bridge, and the solo. The solo reminds me a little of, in the very beginning, blur.
  3. Eulogy For A Rock Band: To be honest, this isn't that bad of a song. Thought I don't like the vocals mixing. But part of the reason is because the singer doesn't sound like Rivers so much, and that is a nice change for me.
  4. Lonely Girl: She's a lonely little girl. And outside of that joke, there isn't much here for me to discuss.
  5. I've Had It Up To Here: Few.... I thought for a second this was gonna turn into Pharell's idea of funk. "I'm a Hunter". I do like the synths on this track and like the change in the tempo. Kind of like how I really liked the song Dirty Rotten Bastards off Green Day's last album ¡Tré!.
  6. The British Are Coming: I really like the bell that flows between the tracks and I like the intro to this track. The whole track is pretty great in a Across The Sea way, minus the chorus. That is just proof of why Weezer need a direction change.
  7. Da Vinci: This is a country feeling song, mainly because of the whole.... DAMN IT!!!! Why do they always use the same exact chorus for every song!!!!!!! I mean when they do that it's like an erection. Let me explain, when you get excited you know what happens. Well what happens when you see something that's a turn off.... it just goes down and doesn't come back. It's gone, it's lost forever and isn't coming back (at least in the song length). Best analogy ever.
  8. Go Away: "and leave me on my own"?. This track features Bethany from Best Coast on vocals and I like how she contributes. It's a different voice than River's right, but this song is still just.... Weezer is The Rolling Stones of the 90's.
  9. Cleopatra: This is a change of pace, it sounds like a Dylan-esque track but more current. Ah, well at least the chorus isn't so overwhelmingly reused. This is a nice song though and I do give them props. While I don't love it it's by far one of the better songs here. The guitar solo hidden in the background and that whole part is great, the only thing is I don't like the lack of air at the "5, 10, 15 20" part. The solo is pretty great too here. {7.5/10}
  10. Foolish Father: The part I like is the pre-solo and the solo. I really like the what sounds like string swells, but still it's too claustrophobic, or vice versa, for me. This was another decent track.
  11. I. Waste Land: This is the first of a three part song, and I'm looking forward to this ambition. But this sounds very progressive rockish. The guitars in the intro drag me in. Pretty great track and by far the best here. Actually it kind of feels like The Black Parade's intro track. {8/10}
  12. II. Anynomus: Finally, a piano ballad that isn't a let down. This track sounds like a outtake from the Black Parade. But sadly, they use the famous vocals, they song is so good and have so much potential, but it's just couldn't the drummer or someone else have sang lead. That really too me out of the song and it's hard for me to come back in. Though the maturation on these last three tracks is what Weezer needs. They're like in their 30's or 40's. Time to stop playing around and get serious, and just because you change sound doesn't mean you can't kid. Just don't use the formula you've been using foever. I also like last part of the song. It's awesome parts get {8/10} others get a {7/10}.
  13. III.  Return to Ithaka: I like the harmonies of the guitars here, this reminds me a little of something Blur might do. The song just makes me wanna see if their next album will sound anything like the good tracks here. Also love the sweeps
Overall I have to give this album a 7.0/10. Nerd culture is a joke, but that doesn't mean I don't like Weezer's Blue and Pinkerton albums. While there are some high points on this album, I don't think this is anywhere near as good as those two album. That being said, I don't want to compare other albums.... if their next album pushes their comfort a little more then I'll probably like it even more. And write another chorus PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Also if you wanna get into 90's music get into their first two albums, Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Nirvana (minus Nevermind), anything Blur, Radiohead I can't think of anything else right now.

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