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The Gold Experience - O(+>

Wow it's been over two years since I did a review of The Purple One. This is the 17th studio album by Prince, first to be with the Love Symbol title, released in September 1995. Thought this follows the album released in July 1995 titled Symbolic Beginnings, with recording from 1977ish from the 94 East band. Then you had November 1994's The Black Album (note The Gold Exp was originally named the Gold Album) which was originally intended for release in December 1987, so in reality his last album before this was August 1994's Come. That album is just..... Not very good. But you know, I've already heard this thing too, and sadly it lives up to the follow up for Come.
  1. P. Control: Pussy Control, for a title like that you know of expect it to be a good track, but sadly, it doesn't reach any expectation of mine. This song opens with a woman talking in Spanish (?) but Prince raps in this track, and honestly I like the International Lover reference, but still this track would fit snugly on the Graffiti Bridge soundtrack. This track reminds me a ton of Tick Tick Bang.
  2. NPG Operator (Segue 1): This I guess sets the theme or tone or concept for the album. I guess after she says the word "come" a sample from the song Come appears until the end of the track.
  3. Endorphinmachine: This has the energy (esp the end of this track) of Let's Go Crazy, but doesn't hit that high. I do like the rhythm on breakdown part. Other than that part and Prince's scream there isn't anything that sets this apart and makes it great. I also wish that peaceful part would last longer.
  4. Shhh: This track, unlike most of the album, dates to June 1992 (but was rerecorded in 1994) because of it's original use for Tevin Campbell. The little kid who dances around and sings Round And Round. That was a song that kind of pissed me off because it was kind of annoying. This is a very appropriate title for this track. It's a kind of slow jam that it very 90's to me. Thought I do like when it picks up and kind of plays harmony notes together right before the solo comes in
  5. We March: This is one of two co-written tracks on this album. It was co-penned with Nona Gaye, you know Marvin's daughter. This song's intro sounds a ton like a later Queen song. Up until the GB sound comes in. You know the 1990 soundtrack album (hint)
  6. NPG Operator (Segue 2): wow The Dawn, it covers everything a young boy can ask for, courtship, sex, commitment, fetishes, loneliness, vindication, love and hate. The segues are there to go to different "experiences" or "themes" for group of songs.
  7. The Most Beautiful Woman In The World: This was originally released as a single in February 1994, 19 months before this album was released. It was released on an Ep as The Beautiful Experience in May 1994. Thats kind of just laziness to reuse a almost two year old track for an album in my opinion. The other thing is that this is another clunker for me. I don't know why but it just.... doesn't work. So to reuse it a year and a half later is just kind of pointless to me. This is seriously the 90's version of The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) by Flight Of The Conchords. Wonder if they were spoofing this song?
  8. Dolphin: This is another uneventful track :( Actually I'm waiting to turn on "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" and this to be in a scene.... well period, anywhere.
  9. NPG Operator (Segue 3): This track goes into the Now experience which also contains Irresistible Bitch, Housequake, and Sexy M.F. but according the the Operator that was then, this is NOW!
  10. Now: This song is pretty much in the "experience" I got from P. Control. I don't think that should have been the intro track. Honestly, I would have rearranged the tracks a little to make the concept more clear, but whatever. I like the reggae, Rastaman voice.
  11. NPG Operator (Segue 4): Welcome to the beautiful experience, why the hell is track seven not in there. But anyway this covers courtship, sex and commitment
  12. 319: This is another track that I just can't get into really. Maybe if it was a blues song
  13. NPG Operator (Segue 5): This is saying to enter a different experience, Ok
  14. Shy: This track is pretty nice, and relaxing, but I'm getting a folksy feeling from this track
  15. Billy Jack Bitch: This track was co-written with Michael B. Nelson. This also features an uncredited backing vocal from Lenny Kravitz and honestly the chorus is kinda annoying an too much like Delirious for me to give the time of day to. It's also a little too long for me.
  16. Eye Hate You: This is a very 90's song. It's got a cool Zappa-esque solo to the end, but still it's just okay first time through. Also it is listed with the eye symbol
  17. NPG Operator (Segue 6): This is supposed to be the computer going haywire. And guess what, I entered the Gold Experience.
  18. Gold: Not great, but a good way to end this album. This is a kind of ballad, but you know the strings on this remind me of tons of other tracks from 90's/00's like this.
Overall I have to give this album a 6/10. Wanna know how you can kind of tell it's kinda weak, Christgau gave it an "A". He's an idiot, but regardless I give Prince props for making a very cohesive album, but it's also not very adventurous or exciting. It works, but for me, I didn't really enjoy this album that much.

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