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God's Father - Lil B

This is the 22nd, or so, mixtape release by rapper Lil B. I reviewed his albums 6 Kiss from 2009, and 2011's I'm Gay (I'm Happy). I have, before reviewing this, listened to it now 3 times. The reason is because I liked I'm Gay until the third listen to it. Because it got boring, but I don't think this one will be the case. Quick note, Brandon has said that everything except Choices and Flowers under the name The Based God is a mixtape. Finally I get to upload this, it's done, it's really done! The next Lil B review I'm gonna do is probably Trapped In The Basedworld, aka this ones follow up.
  1. The BasedGod's Layer: This is the introduction to the mixtape. This has like an angelic feeling to it. I heard this song a bunch of times before I listened to the rest of it. I think that this is a really good intro. And I like how the style switches from this and the next track. This is a pretty neat intro for the trip to come. Sit down, put head phones on, relax, and listen.
  2. I Own Swag: He raps like Danny Brown on this song. For some reason I sing along with this song, just like I would to a Danny Brown song. Even the terribly sung chorus part of the song is sick. I don't know why, but it just works for me. The beat is trap, but there is a type of thing that makes me sounding industrial. It is like a robot charging up, and computing. The beginning continues the epicness of the prior track. I also laugh at the "faggot" and "fatty" insults. He also does a Jamaican thing that's funny too. 
  3. Fuck Ya Money: This is a pretty song more in line with R&B. He's actually staying on beat, which yes it is pretty slow, but still Bs doing it. He's doing it, this 
  4. Febuarys Confessions: Another great sample and R&B flavored. He's sing talking/rapping here, but the whole aura of this song makes you believe he is trying to say something. Some lyrics don't 100% make sense but that's ok because it's joyous. It's a happy song, touching. 
  5. Buss Em 4 Points: This has awesome strings on this song. Another joy, but instead of pretty joy it's happy joy. Upbeat joy, and the sample, 5 for 5 so far. I want to know these song in the background they are great. 
  6. Tropics: The intro is great and a continuation of the joy from the previous track. 
  7. Real Hip Hop 2012: This could be a Wu-Tang Clan beat. Now, me saying that sets a bar. By saying that that means you need to flow to kill this beat, and DAMN! He is living up to it. I don't ever recall him doing this good. It's suprising, and this beat is so solid. I'm running out of things to say about this other than this is great and the beat is like Asian sounding. {8/10}
  8. Keep It 100: This song reminds me a little of The Lonely Island. The beat is great and part reminds me of the interludes between "The Kardashian" Show or other E! Reality Shows. The strings are pretty great, and I like the digital analog drums sounds. 
  9. Fonk Ain't Dead: If the bass drum was slightly different this would remind me of old school hip-hop. This beat reminds me a little, only the atmosphere and female voices and reverb, of Outkast's 1994 debut album. 
  10. Feds At My Doh: This is a pretty "gay" beat, but Lil B makes it fun. The 80's sound quality vibe of it is why people make fun of that and the following decade. This is a solid track though and I'm suprised it as enjoyable as it is. It's relatively simplistic and that's probably it's apeal. And there's one of my favorite rappers again. The ending is kind of funny sounding, and I like the added "pinball machine racking up points, arcade" sounds. 
  11. Remy: it sounds like an R&B sample with a computer booting up and shutting down. The guitar in here sounds great, it's pretty seductive. I wonder what the original track it's off. 
  12. Flowers Rise: This has a little flute thing in it. I could see the being on the bedroom escapades comps. I could also see it being the music to a Super Nintendo Game or Pokemon waiting music in the one for Wii. 
  13. God Help Me: This starts with him giving condolences to the ones who've passed. The drums on this are ok, but the sample gives it an intresting feel. It makes me think the woman's calling through the jungle. It's a nice track, a pretty track, a touching one.
  14. Breath Slow: The piano on this reminds me a little of X-Men off his 2009 6 Kiss, which I reviewed in the past. This is a trap song, but that piano still makes me think if it. This is one of the weaker songs in my opinion. The reverb on the vocals at the end remind me of The Holy Filament off 1999's California album by Mr. Bungle.
  15. I Ain't Neva Won: this song I feel is a little weaker than the prior track. Trust me, the album is 100fold better when you sit the two hours through. 
  16. Let It Drop: This actually reminds me more of older hop hop. The beat ad the "wind" sound and guitar sample reminds me a little of Wu-Tang or one of the solo projects. This is a pretty song, that also doubles as good too. 
  17. God's Father: This has a mellow kind of sample in the chorus/hook. I feel like the sample during the verses reminds me of something like Mr. Rogers. I don't know why, but I mean that in the best way possible. I think that it has this child feeling to it. And Who doesn't like children. I like the Eminem references to.
  18. Be A Star: This sample reminds me of What's Going On, the feeling of warmth  you get from it, or at least a similar one. The title track on that album has this type of introduction where it has the instrumentation come in as there are people talking. Then the strings through out the track reminds me of a song on that album. I'm not exactly sure if it's a certain track, but the style more so. This has pretty arpeggios in it. 
  19. Deep Ass Thoughts: The guitar sampled here is pretty, and the theme is neat here. I don't know why, but I feel Brandon isn't lying, or bending the truth. The chorus is kind of funny here. 
  20. Go Dumb Tonight: This song samples a soul song that reminds me of Motown. The way it is though   Is pretty glamorous. He is also rapping here at a pace and is doing an accent, a funny one, at party. He sounds Jamacian kinda. This is a funny song and a great sample. The horns on this sound great. 
  21. Bitch I'm Bussin: I like the ambience to the sample. The beat isn't so ambient, but I think the combination of the two kind of work. It kind of sounds like underwater parts in "Donkey Kong Jr Country" or whatever it's called. You know, for Super Nintendo.
  22. Glourious BasedGod: The great electronic discharges in the intro rock. I enjoy the sound of it and like the way the he's rapping on the track. This is a solid track. 
  23. See Ya: This song has the type of beat that I would imagine on a Basket Ball game. Like Holy Calamity by that one Handsome Boy Modeling School. I like this and think its funny.
  24. Flash: This is probably the most A$AP he gets here, even dropping his name. Except the bass might not be in an Rocky song, you know the underwater bass. Pretty epic sounding. 
  25. The Deal: this intro reminded me a little of Death Grips with more minimal beats. This is very minimal, but B isn't scaring me. That doesn't mean he's doing a bad job though. 
  26. Pain: This has another guitar in it. There are also doorbells, or shall I say some M3 intervals..... hahahaha. This is another good song, like I said earlier I can't find any bad tracks. 
  27. Secrete Obsession: This song features an upbeat 80's sample. This song kind of talks about when he first started rapping. When he was in PE in 6th grade and they wanted to see who was better. This song is actually, though I can't relate because of the rap part, it is pretty cool that's the way it happened. Better than Last Call. 
  28. Turned Me Cold: This is another fanominal Track all around and just pumps me up. In this song he samples the 2011 track Man Down by Rihanna and lowers it. I really enjoy this track and think it's pretty great. I like how it alternates between funny, kind of serious, then at the end funny again.
  29. Sf Mission Music: The piano in it reminds me a little of TC. I actually really like this track a lot. This also has some pretty electronics in there.
  30. I'm Just Livin: I like the fun feeling to this song, and also the welcome vibe of it. I also like that percussion sample in there, it's very pretty sounding. This is another very fun song.
  31. Words Not Spoken: This track reminds me of The Real Slim Shady by Eminem. I actually wouldn't be suprised if he sampled that song in this track. This is a pretty solid track.
  32. Wake Up Mr Flowers 3mix: This song has a jazzy intro, then it goes into a hip hop thing. The sample in this song is pretty cool, and I like the instrumentation there, especially the way the keys sound. This is kind of like BadBadNotGood, well at least more or less.
  33. Water Is Dmg: I really think the strings on this are pretty cool sounding, and they make this epic book closer effect to the next track when heard front to back. This is the perfect way to kind of sum up the mixtape. I like that he starts the mixtape out with a dreamy song, and ends it with a louder dreamy track.
  34. I Love You: This is the outro. I don't know if he is singing on this, or if he is just talking. The thing is that this is a touching song. It kind of reminds me of the ending of Sesame Street. It is just pretty relaxing, even though he can't sing very good. I can't really explain this unless you hear it. It is the, no exaggeration, best possible way he could have ended this 1 hour and 56 minute long mixtape. I was surprised to see this sampled a Final Fantasy song.
Overall I think this thing is really good. I think it's a 9/10. Part of the reason I like this so much, probably, is because I'm Gay didn't really change style. This changed styles like it was various artists. By that I mean that this seems like a 34 track record label sampler, but some artists appear on this more than once. The thing too about Lil B is that he is so fricken happy. How, I want to know your secret. Not literally, but seriously who doesn't want to love life. This thing is good because you can tell he put his heart into the more touching songs. He didn't just bs and make stuff up. One more thing, though it's two hours long, it's best when you hear it front to back. It kind stinks about it being two hours, but it is well worth it and after time 2 it went by faster each time. I have to also apologize for the 3/10 rating on I'm Gay, I took him a little too serious and wasn't as open minded and didn't know Brandon as much as I do now. But this shows that confidence is the key to making people believe in you. There isn't a single track on here where he isn't completely confident in what he's saying that. I applaud you Brandon. I want him to release an instrumental version of this, I'd like to listen to that too. But in all honesty, I can't stress the front to back aspect of it for me. It's way better that way. 

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