Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kiss & Kill - Le Butcherettes

This is the, I believe, debut release by Le Butcherettes. This was released in 2008 and I'm just gonna do a quick review for today. Why not, this things like under 20 minutes right. So here we go.......
  1. Feminist Politics: This song starts out with an electronic drum beat. It also features a woman talking in Spanish.
  2. I'm Queen: This song starts out with a punk riff. This is relatively simple and reminds me of The Runaways or The Slits (I like the latter way more). It's a good song and I enjoyed it.
  3. The Problems Hide In Our Backs: This is just the two girls talking. This reminds me of the G.T.O. album. The way that they would have tracks where they just talked, and the sound quality of it too.
  4. Kiss & Kill: This has another solid riff that reminds me of One Way Or Another, but with variations. I actually like this song more than I'm Queen. This song is a little more catchy and guitar sounds great. 
  5. Last Tear: This opens with a telephone conversation in Spanish then the song starts. The lyrics are obviously tongue-and-cheek. They are actually kind of funny too.
  6. Honey Honey: This is a bluesy song. For some reason I am not getting bored of this song. Possibly because it's short, but still.
  7. For You're Bleeding: This is probably my favorite song on this Ep, it's the funniest song on here, but it's also the best. I think the pitch wavers in the voices are pretty funny. This is a fun song and hopefully the next song will be good too. It's also the longest track too. This ends with a sound that sound's like a rappers gonna come on pretty soon, but the singer laughs and coughs.
  8. Six More: This is the last song on the EP, and by this point there isn't really anything here on this song that isn't anywhere earlier in the album.
Overall this thing gets a 7/10. It's short, and doesn't really get overbearing because of that. I also like the kind of, what some would say as "filler". I think it's pretty funny and gives personality to the Ep you know what I mean.

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