Friday, December 28, 2012

6 Kiss - Lil B

This is the 2nd release solo by California rapper, and member of The Pack, Brandon McCartney aka Lil B. I started listening to this guy in February of 2012. I found out about him via Needledrop YouTube channel. The first album I checked out was I'm Gay. I liked it at first, but I began to get irritated with it after the third of fourth listen front to back. I did a review of that album in March. I have also listened to what is probably my favorite release by him 2012's God's Father. That thing is 2 hours long, but it's worth it. I couldn't believe how awesome it was. I started a review for that album but I couldn't finish it, because I wanted to do a really good job on it. Well I started checking out everything else by him. And I don't understand what happened on #1 Bitch mix-tape, but that's partially because I didn't finish it yet. I was hoping for that momentum of GF on that. I don't know why, but I think that it's cool that it was released December 22nd, 2009. I got that from Amazon. I know as a fact it came out in December 2009. I think that I'm going to highlight my favorite tracks. I'm going to try this out first.
  1. B.O.R. (Birth of Rap): The first time I heard the girls voices, I thought that the album cover kind of made sense. It gave a vibe of angelic-ness to it. It's also an awesome song. It is God's Father worthy for me. He does a really good job on this song.
  2. I'm God: I like the drums heartbeat sound that it has. This song is also just as sick as the last song. This song has this overall happy feeling going here.
  3. Walk the World: I like this song. The beat in the background kind of reminds me of I'm Gay. I don't like this song as much as the first two, but I do like it.
  4. Beat the Odds: This song is also really cool. I feel like I'm repeating myself again, but I do like this thing. I wish that I could be as optimistic as Brandon.
  5. Based: I like how the beat in the background is a little "darker". This reminds me of like 90's video game music, and there is the buzz that reminds me of a mosquito repellent thing I have at my house. Lyrically this reminds me of I'm Ok - Stay Based. But just the beginning part of the song. Then he does this part where it sounds like Prince, but if he couldn't hit any notes.
  6. Real Plexxx: This song is just like I'm Gay. The one problem I have is it's kind of hard to understand his voice because of the echo. He tried to do a Jamaican impression.
  7. Rolls Royce: I don't know why, but I think that this song kind of reminds me of Rick Ross. I don't know, it might be partially be cause of the name, but it still kind of does. 
  8. Let the Eagles Go: The very beginning of the song kind of reminded me of ABBA's Lay Down Your Love. But after the second not it didn't anymore. This song kind of reminds me again of 90's video game music. I like this though. The title reminds me of Where Eagles Dare by my favorite punk band Misfits. I think that I will need to hear this song more than once, but this isn't that mind blowing the first time.
  9. Ridin' 4 My Niggaz: I don't really care for this song. There are parts in the instrumental where I'm interested  but at the same time I'm not so much.
  10. Myspace: This song is awesome. Period. But if you were wondering I'll explain better. The beat is this really cool sounding synthesizer that defiantly is one of, if not my favorite, beats on this album I love. It's also kind of funny, but all of Lil B is. This is a song that should be used when your showing someone Based God.
  11. What I Mean: This song could either be on I'm Gay or on Gods Father. I think I need to catch up on my Based God though, I keep only being able to connect them to this. I like this song though. His voice has this stereo pong thing going on, either that or my speakers suck. But I think that that's in the song. But I do like this song.
  12. I Want Your Bitch: This song kind of reminds me of Rella off the OF Tape Vol. 2. This is pretty cool though.
  13. All Alone: No, I think that that's enough said about how I feel for that track.
  14. Pretty Bitch: This is the classic Lil B that kind of irritates me. I think it's kind of funny, but yeah. I don't really know what else to say about it.
  15. Finna Hit a Lick: I don't understand why, but I like this song title. But unlike the title, I think this track isn't really that crazy. I think it's funny and I like it, but it's not what I was hoping that it would be for me.
  16. I'm the Devil: This seems like it'd be a song on Gods Father. I really like this song. I'm actually pretty sure he used this sample for a song on that. This might be, beside Myspace, my favorite song on this mix-tape. {8/10}
  17. What You Doin': I did listen to these tracks a little out of order. But I think this would be a million times better as the ending vs Smoke Trees Fxxx Hoes. This song is really good too. {8/10}
  18. O My God 66: This song isn't that bad either. I like this song too. I think it's a nice change from the All Alone & Pretty Bitch. Those songs are ok, but I'd probably skip them if I was gonna listen to the tracks again.
  19. I Got Bitches: Though this is the same title as another song by B. I don't' care for this version of it. This actually reminds me a ton of OF. But overall this song was hard for me to listen to.
  20. We Ridin' Scraper: This song is kind of like the other songs, where he can't keep a beat. I like the instrumental though kind of. This could be another 90's video game music.
  21. X-men: I doubt this is going to be about the comic book characters. He does sample the X-Men theme song. But I do think this song is Ok.
  22. Smoke Trees Fxxx Hoes: This song is decent. I like the way it sounds.
Overall this is more of an album than a mix-tape. I think that this is album worthy. But for the score, it would probably get a 7.5/10. If this ever makes it to CD or even Vinyl I'll get a copy of both. This is defiantly among one of my favorite albums of B's. My one suggestion is that it's 74 minutes, I think it's a little long to sit through. But beside that I think it's pretty good. Thus far my favorite releases by Lil B are 6 Kiss, The Myspace Collection, God's Father. And actually Glassface might be on it's way to join the list to. I like how there was a little variety of styles instead of just trap tracks. There are some awesome tracks, and some Ok ones.

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