Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Unknown - Dillon

So over this winter break I heard a shit ton of albums, 93 to be exact. Majority were albums I have been putting off or have not been in the mood for playing. While very few were favorite album material (The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, In the Nightside EclipseEric Dolphy in Europe Vol. 2, Unknown PleasureOutward Bound) some were very bad/bland (Charles Mingus with Orchestra, Live at Brixton, Significant Other, Red Hot from Alex) and most others were just okay (Greg Howe, Reasonable Doubt, Strictly PersonalThe Chronic). Since school has started I will have significantly less time to being listen to records, though I do listen to each album and look for things that stick out to revisit. This is one of the albums I heard during the month long binge. This is also the sophomore effort by Dillon. I found out about her a few years ago with her first album. I think she's kind of cute and I kind of sat on this review. By the time I got to listening to the album I was just hoping she isn't another Lea Michelle or any other cute girl devoid of anything interesting in her music. Well see what my findings were directly below. 
  1. The Unknown: This opens with a piano ballad introduction. So far her vocals aren't half band and I like the chords. I don't love them, but I do like what I'm hearing. Then a bass line comes in and this sort of gets a bit trippy with the electronics. I don't hate this song, but this doesn't really do a ton for me you know.
  2. A Matter of Time: This opens in a similar fashion of the last song, except the vocals and electronics come in at the same time. This is very piano led though also. The beat kind of reminds me of a heartbeat a bit. I mean this is again okay, but it isn't blowing my mind at all.
  3. You Cover Me: Three for three, this sounds very similar to the other songs. Like there isn't much substance here. I do like the patch that is used at the ending of this song, but it isn't really doing much for me outside of that specific detail.
  4. Forward: Is what I wish women would be with me... hahahahahahahahaha. That terrible joke was more entertaining to me than this song happens to be. This also feels a lot like the last songs structure. Listen to the repetition of the chorus.
  5. In Silence: This is just getting harder for me to take serious isn't it. Honestly, so far this is just warranting of an EP. Really I am kind of lost for words, I guess subconsciously I was supposed to put this off.
  6. 4ever: This is more of the same, and again I don't hate it but I'm not getting anything really out of it.
  7. Evergreen: So at this point I left the album and came back hours later, only to be as bored and uninterested if not more. Like why not make something more interesting, you can make ambient music and keep in interesting. Eno has done it, I liked The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Ambient 3 is solid, Delirium Cordia is phenomenal. There are people who have made spare albums and made them great. Possibly bad example, but The Residents have made multiple. A better example would be Klaus Schulze and company have all done minimal stuff and made it great. Like even if there was more variety this could be better but the songs are such copy paste repetition. Piano, Vocals, Bland electronics. Repeat the chorus multiple times. Verse chorus verse.
  8. Into the Deep: Refer to the last track. I think her voice is okay, but it's kind of reminds me of one of the singers on the radio, Alissa Cara?
  9. Don't Go: It sounds like a sample is being played backwards, but sadly nothing really happens with this.Add to it, make it go somewhere. I mean, yes if does grow, but please do it different than the rest of the album. There is potential I hear in this song if they added strings. At the one part that would sound great with it. Around the last 2 minutes or so.
  10. Lightning Sparked: So I realized what I needed to enjoy this album, either start smoking pot or get drunk.
  11. Nowhere: I guess this seems a bit darker, but it's just kind of bland and annoying and has over stayed it's welcome at this point. The ending though is kind of good, I wonder if Laurie Anderson inspired this track.
  12. Current Change: I like some of the textures but not enought to say I'm a fan, but I guess I can appreciate it.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. This album was very bland. I like some of the sounds and the ambience, but I feel that you could combine theses into longer songs with different sections. In fact some felt like the same song. Honestly this isn't terrible, and I think this could be fleshed out into something great, but I feel there isn't really anything here. Hell Blonde did something like this but much better. Also Floating into the Night is a freaking solid records in this Ambient Pop style. I know this was a very bland review but sadly I had very little to say and I figured I would clean out the draft folder.

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