Friday, February 10, 2017

5 Souls - Judas Priest

So I decided to break this review into two separate reviews, I originally planned to just do the deluxe version but I ended up wanting to do them separate since there is an EP of the bonus tracks. I don't really have more to add outside of the RoS album should be out soon and hopefully this once a week thing will work out I have already done an months work in advance. As in this is typed like a month before this is being posted.
  1. Snakebite: This opens with a classic 80's feeling to it. One of the slower songs along the lines of You've Got Another Thing Comin', which this isn't actually that different from in set up. That isn't a bad thing, but I just don't completely jive with this. 
  2. Tears of Blood: "Like tears of your blood, so now that your gone, embrace all that come, and die with a SMiLE". This song also opens like an 80's heavy metal cut, but the intro honestly made me laugh. There was a sort of Def Lepard feeling to it, like I could totally hear this being the rerecorded intro to Bringing on the Heartbreak. Then once the song starts it's faster and there is more agression than in the last track, but it feels like an older wearier Electric Eye. Like what Electric Eye would sound like if it was a person in it's 50's maybe. It's a solid tune if you get past that, but I just think it's okay. There is a solid solo, but honestly I can't retain a single note from it. Like Electric Eye, Living After MidnightHell Bent for Leather, You've Got Another Thing Comin', Painkiller, fuck I'd even include the section that replaces a solo in Breaking the Law there is no denying that you remember these guitar solos.They not only stick with you because they rock, there are some theory things behind it also, but point is it's very good and memorable. This sounds like a knock off of one or all of those.
  3. Creatures: This track starts and I feel a bit unsure how to feel. Like I mean I've heard this before but I don't know what to compare it to. There is quite a bit of crunch and the song is a bit off. Then the chorus comes in and I'm like Metal Gods? This is okay, but I'm pretty sure I wont remember a part of it by the end of the review. 
  4. Bring It On: This song isn't bad, but the lyrics are very cringe. The vocals also make it feel so cheesy that I can take Turbo Lover more serious. And isn't he fucking a motorcycle in that song..... Note I am aware he isn't. This is a better solo and the best thus far. This also is the most memorable that I have heard thus far, though it doesn't hold it's salt to the past solos from the bands heights. This also feels so cheesy, but I digress.
  5. Never Forget: My favorite songs is the "lame" song. Ok I'm joking, but it's the sappy ballad. Now maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a pretty ballad, but this is the best (in my eyes) song I've heard before listening to the whole entire front to back. Literally, some of my favorite songs in history are the ballads by that German group, The Hunters. Kudos if you get the joke. This really reminds me of Wind of Change for some reason, either that or The Best is Yet to Come. Maybe more the Wind of Change that was on that 2011 Comeblack album. But I could literally go on for hours about the tones and what reminds me of what, but I know I wouldn't be interested in some snobby person's review that lasts forever. But let's go back about 93 words, or so. It sucks when people, a lah The Next Day, put some of my favorite tracks as the bonus tracks (or b-sides). Like honestly, screw Just Push Play. But really, this should have been on the album, almost any song could be cut to replace this. I get maybe it's out of place, but it's far better than at least 10 of the cuts from the actual album. {7/10}
Overall I have to give this track a 5/10. As you can see if you're fan you'll love this. But if you're not hardcore then I would avoid it, because it's nothing new really. This and Redeemer of Souls feel like they were just cut to fulfill a contract, or to go shit we need to make a new album.

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