Sunday, April 16, 2017

Done with Mirrors - Aerosmith

Today I decided to review an album that I... I don't know, why the fuck not do this. It's not painful to listen to and I quite enjoy some tunes on it, even if they aren't top notch. This is the eighth studio album released the Bad Boys from Boston themselves, Aerosmith. Yes, it is not one of my favorites. I still like it, regardless. This is both the first album after Joe Perry and Brad Whitford rejoined the band, leaving in 1979 and 1982 respectively, and first to be released on Geffen. While they were away Joe formed Joe Perry Project and released 3 albums from 1980-1982. Brad also started a band with Derek St. Holmes, singer for Ted Nugent, called Whitford/St. Holmes. I don't know if it was a group or just a collaborative album. I do know it was released in 1982, and its follow up in 2016. That being said, it has been some 5 or 6 years (1979), since these guys all played on the same album together. So I kind of look at this as a test to see if the magic was still there.
  1. Let The Music Do The Talking: This is a reworking of a songs that was the title track of the 1980 debut album of Joe Perry's solo project the Joe Perry Project. It has some different lyrics, a fact I have only ever read and not noticed. What's more noticeable is the faster tempo, kind of. That and the much more Aerosmith feelinjg to the song, which isn't solely because Steven is singing it. There is a this sort of the classic era vibe, mixed with shapes of the Geffen era to come. Well even though technically started with this album.... I mean more the good stuff from the 13 year period (85-98). This is a solid hard rock number, that while not the greatest tune, it isn't half bad. It does remind me of Draw the Line, which is actually quoted in the solo, but not nearly as good. Well maybe not as memorable as the classics would be a better way to put it. It's fun and a great way to show they're back and start the album off. 
  2. My Fist Your Face: That's for sure! This song is not too bad. It's memorable in that I know the chorus and the hook to the song. I mean maybe I listened to it more then I thought back in 8th grade, but I recognize this. The song itself though doesn't hold up. I mean I was never heads over heals, but it could easily be forgotten if I hadn't heard it and it want ingrained in me. I guess the worst part is it's kind of generic. It also kind of reminds me of Pump. 
  3. Shame on You: This is another tune, while I know it by heart and can recall what happens I can't say I love it. I enjoy it, but outside of occasion refreshers I can't say I like it. I like the riff there is some punch to it. 
  4. The Reason a Dog: "Has so many friends, is he was his tail instead if his tongue". Ouch, the song itself isn't anything special. Very bare with some arpeggios and sounds like a rehearsal or them playing it the first time before its done. Joey was right about this sound like it wasn't finished. 
  5. Shela: I like the drums on this and the guitar tone and riff, quite tasty. I like the replication of a siren with the lead in the intro. This song feels like, outside of mixing, it was done. This song isn't too bad and has a lot of nice parts. But the vocals aren't really anything that mind blowing, to me at least. 
  6. Gypsy Boots: The guitar in the beginning puts me off a bit, but I like the song itself. Its kind of fun and has a nice vocal harmony that harkens back to Toys title track or Bright Light Fright. Actually this sounds like an 80s redux of Toys in the Attic. But the head is so bland and kills the songs momentum. Doesn't murder, but halts the song. Also great solo honestly, but this "head". Are you fucking me? The solo reminds me a little of Last Child
  7. She's on Fire: There is some nice acoustic electric guitar in this tune in the beginning. This remind me of a later song but I can't think of it at the moment. This is another passible song. Nothing really mind blowing but you'll remember the chorus. The rest is kind of filler to be honest. Also there are timing and synchronization errors. And there isn't any thing wrong with my Cd because there aren't any scratches. I like the bass that thunders in the track. Nice solo, but the rest of the song takes away from my enjoyment of it. 
  8. The Hop: I really dig the drums and the dance feeling to this. Its another fun song that just needed a bit more care. Like I feel like this would be a song that was recorded during the Get Back sessions. Which this kind of could be compared to kind of.  
  9. Darkness: This is a bonus track that is exclusively on the CD version of the album. At first I didn't like this song, but then when I heard this in it's entirety, a few times, it hit me. This is one sick fucking song. I really like the band stand vibe. We also get an 80s piano ballad to end the album. Its a very welcome change of pace. I like the Duke Ellington vibe I'm getting from Steven's phrasing at parts. Reminicent of Take the A Train. I also live the tempo change and how the song actually feels urgent and flows. This could also be compared in feeling to Round and Round. This is a bit of a chaos to it but its welcome. Even if the lyrics are kind if cliche. The solo works but not mind blowing. 
Overall I have to give this a 6/10. First off, this is most definitely not one of their best albums. But one thing I love about these songs are that I still, after not hearing one of the songs for at least probably like a good year some even more, I know the choruses to almost every song and know the melody. There is also this weird sort of atmosphere to the songs. Not off putting but it feels almost like there's air. Maybe it was done digitally. I mean I enjoy this over all more than my overall experience with some of the later albums, now at least. Look at it as a transition from the band they were, to the band they would become. Not to say Pump or Permanent Vacation are bad albums, but post 89 isn't very positive in my opinion. Also I want to say I think this was important for the mere fact it was raw, like they used to make, and I guess they realized they couldn't do it anymore. 

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