Monday, March 14, 2016

Make It Big - Wham!

Since I am deciding if I need to review 4 or 5 ones this month, I'll do a quickie. This is the second studio album by the British duo that is Wham!. The reason I finally decided to review this was because I recently saw Deadpool and can't remember the last time I laughed so much at a movie. That is not even close to an exaggeration. So I figured I'd review this 80's big seller. I mean I can't say I'm a huge fan of the group, a few songs are okay, but why not do a review right. That's never stopped me before. Since I'm here I want to note I'll also be reviewing Heaven Adores You and untitled unmastered. this year too.
  1. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: Opening the album is the number that is pretty hilarious. Maybe it's because it was a fun song back when it came out but what I've noticed us things that are more, state of the art or trends, sound dated as soon as someone figures something better sounding. But lke the second this song starts I hear that 50's nostalgia, and this song is so...... I don't think this is as good as the closer. Because at least that I can laugh, but also get pleasure by way of "this is actually good". This is more of a, this is so cheesy, but not in a good way. Also the last minute could have been cut, or it could have been condensed by a minute. It's really not necessary.
  2. Everything She Wants: This song, is, I actually don't care for it much. Like there isn't much of a WHAM! here. This isn't anything overtly big here either. I mean yes, slower parts are good, but this is like..... this is one of those terrible tunes that's in a night scene in Miami Vice. This isn't terrible, it's just. It reminds me a bit of a lesser Duran Duran tune too.
  3. Heartbeat: YEAH!!!!!! If done slightly differently, including the vocalist, this could be a Born in the U.S.A. era Bruce. I feel like this would be a little deeper and not just a straight froward love song, maybe not, but who knows. I can do the chorus with his voice in my head singing it. Hey maybe he'll cover it in his new 2010's acoustic/band tributes he's been doing live.
  4. Like A Baby: This song is so boring. Maybe back in the day it wasn't but this song is just so, like..... I can dig slow jams and ballads and Spanish sounding guitars. I really honestly can, but this is just so fucking smooth jazz lame 80's horse shit. Why couldn't he have went the direction of Sade on this tune. They make music like this, kinda, and it's good. It' isn't boring, it doesn't go in one ear out the other. Ya killin' me Georgie.
  5. Freedom: Later remade or sequel-ed, I'm not sure, on George Michael's 1990 solo record. I will say this, this is, so far, the best song on this thing. I mean I don't think it's amazing, but I do think it's a much better song than the others up to this point. I prefer parts of the 90 version, but I also like version of this one that aren't on the other.
  6. If You Were There: This is a cover of the 1973 Isley Brothers track off their 3+3 record. I heard the original before I listened to this version, and I original has a funky feeling to it. I mean it isn't my favorite song in the world, they have much better songs I think. This is a pretty faithful cover, with the then current instruments. Like there is a keyboard on this instead of a clavi. This is just a bit more 80's. But the major difference is the vocals. I mean I don't love this, thought I do kind of like this version more than the original. 
  7. Credit Card Baby: I'm going to guess they were fairly new, or gaining popularity at this point in time. Also I cringed the first time I heard this. Also seriously, cut this fucker. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch.
  8. Careless Whisper: This is the song that, even though I get a laugh from it, I also love it. I mean it's pretty hilarious and amazing at the same time. On the one side, it so screams 80's from the saxophones to the music video that reminds me a bit of Miami Vice,  to the synths, and the overall atmosphere. At the same time it's great, and is actually a well written song. Something I've learned is it takes a well written song to last the passage of time. My all time favorite part of this song is the bridge. I can't not sing along to that, and this is regardless of how off pitch I am. I need to be able to get it. It's so fucking good.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. While the band has some solid tunes, there are some more filler and lesser tunes. This could have been a solid 7 Ep of like 4 tracks maybe. But I'm not really feeling this outside of the bolded tracks.

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