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The Real Thing - Faith No More

What a perfect way to have a summer feeling than an album that is quintessentially summer music to me. What is this, this is the third LP by Faith No More. Their first two LPs, '85s We Care A Lot and '87s Introduce Yourself feature the vocal talents of Chuck Mossley. He was a sang in a monotone voice, which might be off putting but I believe it worked for their sound and image. A lot of that founds its way on this, the first album to feature Mike Patton on lead vocals. In fact all the music was written prior and recorded, they just asked Mike to write lyrics and sing for the album. 
  1. From Out of Nowhere: Opening we get a solid opener. And to be honest this is a great opener, in context of the other albums they have song but they don't really pump you up. Right off the bat there is something building up to somewhere. Not tension, but the music is very very engaging. The play also happens to be much more fun and have more personality in my opinion. This has song great vocals and the keys are something else here. The arrangement is great and that bridge ...... Yes! Great solid opening. And even though it's a straightforward song, there are little elements that change slightly enough to not be a loop. {8/10}
  2. Epic: Possibly the best know song by the group, this tune is a classic. What a baseline, what a riff, what a rap. While I think it's silly, I still love this thing so fucking much. I also love the tone on those guitars, Jim does an awesome job. I also like this being sequenced second because I personally think if fits better that way. The song is quite good at building tension, and the licks are pay off. I could almost see this being played on strings and working well. The ending fade out is so fucking awesome and that piano. Well lets just say that's part of the reason the piano is my favorite instruments. Every time I hear it it takes me back to High School Summer Sophomore Year. Trust me I like this, not for nostalgia, but for the fact I just love these songs. 
  3. Falling to Pieces: The third track to be a single from the album, and at track three I gotta say it's great. It's weird how this song, along with my lesser favorites have grown on me. The bass line is very memorable, with some great guitar work and just gives an atmosphere. Like it can't hear this song and picture anything other than the music video. It's a fun music video, but the song itself is quite fun. I really love the keyboards on this thing too. I love the guitar solo towards the end, the buried in. And I like the multi tracked vocals on here, silly but add to the song. 
  4. Suprise! You're Dead!: This song has a much rougher, rawer feeling to it. It has that Metal that makes this a Funk Metal record. I could see this going toe to toe with another Metal band at the time. Maybe not as heavy as a Slayer, and I know there are heavier bands back then than Slayer, but yeah. I still think this song packs a punch and, maybe the backing vocals take away from that lunch a bit. If this was produced, or executed, a bit differently I could see this being a Slayer song. I really dig it and like the telling from Mikey
  5. Zombie Eaters: This opens with arpeggiated acoustic guitar, and is a nice follow up to the last tracks punch. I also like the hi hats that punctuate his vocals. The arrangement here is great and it builds tension. Even if you've never heard the song before there is a tension you feel. I love the Spanish feeling guitar licks and once it happens you just feel that hit. The bass is thundering and I'd love to hear this thing live. I really like the sections and the builds and changes that happen in this song. While it's pretty straightforward, I still like the little details here and there. It's not just a straight loop. The only real complaint is I don't think it HAS to be 6 minutes long. They could have maybe cut a minute out or 30 seconds maybe. Although I don't know, they do kind of justify the length a bit by the changes, but I feel a bit unsure. I like it but it is a bit long. I guess I really have to be in the mood to hear the entire song (outside of a front to back listen). I really like the ending though. 
  6. The Real Thing: Alright, six tracks in and we finally get the title cut. Opening with a drum beat, that has a snare hit (I believe)... Damn! There's also this like wind sound or something, or water sound effect. I don't know but I like it. There is a tension of waiting for the song to explode. Now while the explosions are more overt and obviously going to happen in this song than the last, that doesn't make it bad or worse. I don't think this is as well arranged, but there is a bit more of a punch maybe. This also sits at 8 minutes and is a song I feel like I have to be in the mood to sit through all of it. I like the vocals on this thing. I do dig the part where the song quotes down, nice dynamics. But again, I feel like it could end at 5 minutes but there's still 3 minutes left. Like honestly there isn't much that happens in those last two minutes of the song. I mean yeah sound effects, but that doesn't mean it's worth. They could have just as easily edited it to be shorter. 
  7. Underwater Love: Now where the last track runs out of steam a bit, this track absolves it of its sins for me. Honestly; as goofy a song as this is, and as goofy the lyrics are too.... I kinda love this song.  This is just a fun song that I feel like is a bit of a return to the fun of the first few songs. Not that the others aren't fun, but this is a fun song. I can't believe it wasn't a single. I really like the vocals and I love the underwater feeling to the vocals. I don't know, I feel like I'm underwater when I listen to this song. I could be crazy, but that keyboard intro definitely helps set that tone. Solid tune, which happens to be an all time favorite of mine. Also love the drums in the outro, good job Puffy
  8. The Morning After: This song is a song I go a bit back and forth with. Like okay, this feels like a song written for their last album or maybe their first. Like honestly, this would fit quite snug on Introduce Yourself or We Care A Lot. I like the punch/crunch to the guitar and the pop of the bass. Actually it isn't that much if a stretch to imagine Chuck's monotone voice singing over this. I like the harmony guitars in that one, I'll cal, aside. The funny thing is this was "demoed" and released on a 7" or something for a magazine back in 1988 with Chuck on vocals as New Improved Song. Now even before I heard that I could hear his voice over this, but look at the two side by side and you'll get what I'm talking about when I say this is a step up from the last two records. The ending is great also. 
  9. Woodpecker From Mars: Closing we have a reworking of Pills For Breakfast but better quality and more intresting. Now I could just be saying that because its an instrumental, but this compared to their last instrumental is far superior. Actually this feels a bit more like an eastern sounding thing. Also even though they aren't the same thing exactly, they both function and are set up similarly. This is just more of a fleshed out version of the idea better fit to the sound of the album. I hope that makes sense. Also this packs a lunch and is a far more satisfying closer. I really dig this tune, though it is a bit long. You could also see it as an extension of the last track a bit too, but that might be a stretch. 
Overall I have to give this album a 8/10. These are solid tunes, memorable choruses and fun to listen to while driving in the summer heat. While their next LP would be their best, this still belongs the best of the 80's list. This is fun and harmless music and maybe you'll end up finding a favorite song somewhere. This improves on what the previous two records where trying to do and is just, its kinda awesome and just so much larger and confident. The CD bonus tracks, Edge of the World is great, but it wasn't on the original vinyl so I didn't include it in the review. 

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