Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas with Tammy

What better a way than to close out the year with my main girl Tammy. While Ill never be one of her husbands, sad I know, I can still admire her and her music. So I wanted to say that while I am not expecting much out of this album, I still think it is a fitting ending you know.
  1. Silent Night, Holy Night: This is an ok version of the song, it isn't anything new but I like it. It give you that warm feeling that you are supposed to get from the song. It makes me want to look at a fire and makes me think of christmas. Plus I like that organ. The harmonies and the echo sounds quite good.
  2. O Little Town of Bethlehem: This feels like a Tammy version of the song. It's got the twangs that I've grown to become accustomed to on albums like Stand By Your Man. The strings here are phenomenal, and this is possibly the best version of the song I have yet to review. I think her voice works, I like it, the organ comes band and kind of peaks it's head out at different points. The swells are fucking great. Really, there is a punch to it, and the transitions are also very well. Honestly I'm surprised it's this good.
  3. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear: A song I love done in a manner that I is similar to that last track but not as effective. I much prefer the last track done in the country manner than this one, or the Nashville Sound rather. That's not saying it's bad I'm just pointing out it isn't anything terrifically mind blowing or 
  4. Joy to the World: This is a christmas classic, and it's done in a manner that I think is fitting of the song. This works for what it is, and I think the Jordanaires are for more effective here than on Elvis' album.
  5. Away in a Manger: This is a first for the blog. I have yet to review this track, which is kind of weird. I have heard this song so many times at church its weird I am not hearing it more on record. The album is more or less what you'd expect at this point from the sound and style. It's solid enough, maybe like a 6.
  6. Gentle Shepherd: I don't recall a song with this title. But it closes side one of the vinyl pressing of the original record. It's not that bad of a song, and it's pretty inoffensive. It's not overtly bad or anything annoying. But I'm pretty sure I'll forget it once the albums over. It's again not that bad.
  7. Blue Christmas: I'll have a pleasant experience with this track. Like it's honestly inoffensive.
  8. (Merry Christmas) We Must Be Having One: I don't think I have heard this song before. And honestly I don't mind this song, I got to say it's a nice change of pace. I mean it's a new song that works, for me at least. And the harmonies work also quite well.
  9. White Christmas: This is another Nashville Sound rendition of a classic christmas tune. I like the strings on this and the arrangement is pretty solid. It's not mind blowing, as I've said before, but I like it. I could see myself coming back to this version.
  10. One Happy Christmas: Eh, I don't know if I'm digging this tune. It's okay I guess, but I don't want to get 100 percent on board or give it a complete pass.
  11. Lonely Christmas Call: This isn't a bad song, but it's kind of a sad song. Sadly at this point I've run out of things to say other than I like the vocals and the way she says the words. I like the backing instrumentation, but it isn't the best you know.
  12. Let's Put Christ Back Into Christmas: I wonder what would happens if someone made this song today. This song is kind of stupid, if I'm being honest I don't really care for it. I mean this isn't really a last track, outside of the title. The rest of the song is a pretty bland arrangement considering what is on the rest of the album. It's not that it sounds bad, but it's just lets go out luke warm.
Overall I have to give this album a 6/10. This is a Tammy album, what did I expect. Something I wanna say is we lost a lot of talented musicians who, while I may not be fans of every single one of them personally, they played on something that some how helped shape the music that got me to where I am today. So I wanted to take this paragraph to just name them as a way of respect I guess and to condense this I decided to mention only those whom I haven't already mentioned earlier in past reviews. Paul Bley, Pierre Boulez, Jimmy Bain, Dale Griffin, Alan Haven, Al Caiola, Ray ColcordMaurice White, Keith Emerson, Phife Dawg, Merle Haggard, Jimmie Van Zant, Lonnie Mack, Billy Paul, Isao Tomita, Candye Kane, Gayle McCormick, Nick Menza, Marshall Jones, Henry McCullough, Dimitri Tiomkin, Bernie Worrell, Don FriedmanScotty Moore, Alan Vega, Bobby HutchersonBob CranshawTJ Tindall, Toots Thielemans, Rudy Van Gelder, Rod Temperton, Leon Russell, Mose Allison, Joe Esposito, Allen Zavod, Pauline Oliveros, Greg LakeGeorge Michael, Alphonso Mouzon, John Thomas, Carrie Fisher

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