Thursday, December 1, 2016

Elvis' Christmas Album

So last year I did this Christmas themed thing, and while I did it I came across about a million different Christmas themed albums. Some look like shit, some might be okay (but probably will be shit), and some I don't know why but I want to hear. I'll probably kill myself after this, but why not do Christmas again this year, and maybe I'll get more than four done. This album, being Elvis' Christmas album, released on October 15th, 1957 (I don't really know why), but it is sure to have some classics. I mean look at the track listing. Something I wanna point out too is the last 4 tracks were released on Peace in the Valley Ep that was released earlier that year (in April). Let's see how many songs the albums have in common from this and last year. After looking I saw four songs, one of which was on three of the albums.
  1. Santa Claus is Back in Town: Not to be mistake with one of a number of songs related to this holiday that makes me want to kill myself. Wow that's a run on. But anyway, this opens and it isn't what I thought it would be. It's a blues number and to be honest it isn't the song I thought it would be. Like I was expecting something horrific. It's well enough, not that the whole album should be like this, but it ain't terrible.
  2. White Christmas: Last year I did Sinatra's Christmas album and this song was featured in it. The vocals on this kind of bother me, but again it isn't terrible. I mean it's not like I'll revisit it the same way I do Hey America, but it's well enough. Only real major complaint, why can't my Christmas be yellow or black or red or insert other colour relating to race.
  3. Here Comes Santa Claus: This is a song that I never really cared for any version of, this is kind of a bland song that does nothing for me. I could see people eating this up at one point, but I don't. There is a feeling of Christmas though from this song. 
  4. I'll Be Home for Christmas: Another song I don't think i ever liked. This has a jazzy feeling, but it's like fucking bland. It's more bland than the Sinatra album. Now that's not to say I hate it, it just doesn't have any flavor.
  5. Blue Christmas: This is a famous song that I know without even hearing it. For the review I'll listen, but I've heard this so many fucking times. I don't really care for this song, and I think it's a bit boring. There isn't even anything appealing to me about this. I mean I don't really have anything to say about this. I like the way he sings, and they harmonies. But it's not like I love this. And I guess it's nice to kind of focus on everything going on for once. I think the acoustic guitar sounds pretty good.
  6. Santa Bring My Baby Back (to Me): Now I'm pretty sure I've heard this song before, but I do know the title interested me. Like is this song about the war, is this song about something that could be deeper than just a break up. This actually makes me think of Weird Al. Like I could see him doing a parody and this being the outline but instead it's something over the top and absurd. But done straight.... This isn't really anything special. And it's not pulling me in at all. I guess it's nice to hear a new song.
  7. O Little Town of Bethlehem: I know this song, and I think it's an okay song in general. There are versions I do enjoy, and this isn't terrible. I feel like the song should be much larger, and the vocals should overwhelm, but in a good way. The organ sounds nice and I like that.
  8. Silent Night: So this fucking song, why is this on every Christmas album? Like really I don't quite get it. It's not that phenomenal of a track. This rendition, well honestly, it ain't anything special either.
  9. (There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me): While in opposed to reusing tracks, this is nice. In glad it isn't just a spew of the boring Christmas standards. This title also reminds me of the one Dylan song, Down in the Valley Below, or something like that (it's off Desire). This isn't that bad of a song, and to be honest it's probably my favorite song here. It has a gospel feeling to it, but there is also a doo wop feeling to it. So it does pull on my heart strings a bit. But not in the same way others of the style do.
  10. I Believe: This track has a very large feeling, and I think works. Do I think it works as well as it could...... probably not. But it is a breathe of fresh air. This song has so much potential, but it just doesn't reach that for me.
  11. Take My Hand, Precious Lord: This is another song that ain't half bad. But again, the high I need from this isn't reached. It's so close, and I'm pretty sure if I was to hear a cover or another rendition it would hit that. This isn't terrible
  12. It is No Secret (What God Can Do): This is a nice closer, but again nothing crazy
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. So at no point did I really feel anything, outside of feeling of Christmas on a few songs. The only songs of quality were from that fucking EP. But there was nothing at all, like not even me being bothered. By definition I felt what I'd consider a 5. But it just is so bland I don't think I can give it a neutral feeling. Maybe I'm cynical but if I feel nothing then I think that's negative. I like that there might be some originals, as in new songs for this, but yeah. I'm not a huge fan of Elvis, I only truly love a handful of his later songs and some earlier songs but nothing like this early. Ill probably do another Elvis one next Christmas. I mean I probably set myself up for failure considering I'm not a fan of that period of his music or his music in general. I respect him, but next week... Oh boy. I got something good planned.

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