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Straight Outta Lynwood - "Weird Al" Yankovic

This is the 12th studio album, 13th overall album including Peter and The Wolf, by "Weird Al" Yankovic. It was released on September 26th, 2006. Now I can't honestly say this is the first Album, that goes to Running With Scissors, that i remember by him. That album from 1999 was the first CD I ever got. But since my last review was the dirty Al why not do the clean Blowfly. Both kings of parody, but both in different worlds. Thought I think Al's better since he's able to do such a good job and its more that goes into it and it's also smarter. I also did he last album, Mandatory Fun, this last summer. One thing I will admit is I only listened to this album once for this review, but I've heard the songs enough to know how I feel about them and what not. Actually I could probably do it with out listening to the album at the same time as the review, but hey.... why not :)
  1. White & Nerdy: This is the song that I remember it coming out. I remember the song it spoofed Ridin' Dirty coming out. There was a kid who really like that song and I remember this was before I like hip-hop. Not that I like that kind of hip-hop but I am a different person than I was in 7th grade. And while the rapping is more spit fire than Amish Paradise, this just isn't as much of a classic. Another way I can connect the two is the intro from this and the original you could easily mix the two up. I think the music video has great parts and lyrically my favorite part is the M.C. Escher line. I wonder if this is the song that made it cool to be a nerd. Now I'm not a nerd, I love Star Wars, but I'm a "I really don't care". I do have a love a this guy's music though, so that might mean something.
  2. Pancreas: Much like Genius In France being a homage to Zappa, this is  homage to The Beach Boys. One thing you gotta love is the intricacies that he puts into these tracks. There is so much going on, instrumentation wise, it makes me wanna get tons of money just so I can play with all those instruments sounds. Even if you don't like this track listen to everything going on. You need head phones and even look at the instruments in the credits. I love the harpsichord part and the toy piano string solo.
  3. Canadian Idiot: This is a parody of American Idiot by Green Day. I'm not huge on this song, original, or the group in general. This is kinda funny, but you know..... I'm just not nuts about this. 
  4. I'll Sue Ya: This is a style parody of Rage Against The Machine and it's about this guy who sues people over stupid things. The think they did good job at sounding like them, and the best part is that fact that this is has some lawsuits that I wouldn't doubt are real.
  5. Polkarama: To be honest, one of my least favorite polka medleys. It could possibly be my overall least favorite. I'm not nuts about Hot Rocks Polka because it's sole Rolling Stones' songs from the compilation album it gets it's name from. I also am not nuts about the basically polka cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Maybe it's that those song in this one remind me of a time in music when it was kind of terrible. But there are some songs I like in it.And maybe it's the Chicken Dance that's played at the beginning too. But then again it isn't really played with a tone of energy that makes the other ones intoxicating. I mean there are songs that I didn't even know existed until I heard Polka Face but I still love the hell out of that. maybe because it's fricken. This really does very little to nothing for me. Which for a polka medley is shocking. Some artist's in this one include Kanye West's track Gold Digger, Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand (love the gun shot at the end of their part), Speed of Sound by Coldplay, also Beverly Hills by Weezer, Float On by Modest Mouse, Slither by Velvet Revolver. These are all good song, minus the first.... but parts like Candy Shop come one........... Ehhh
  6. Virus Alert: I assume this is a Queen style parody. But this kind of reminds me of Love is Your Weapon Of Choice by Flight of the Conchords. Now the other track came out about 3 years later, but you can tell which I heard first. But the "one liners" in this song are pretty wacky and they make me laugh every time I hear it. I looked it up and it's a style parody of Sparks who I know too little about to hear it. This is certainly flamboyant enough to be a Queen song, and I mean that in the best way possible. 
  7. Confessions Part III: This is a parody of Confessions Part II by Usher. It's kind of silly, in the Weird Al way. And you know some of them are funny and some of them aren't. Like the "Shirley Temple" line does nothing for me but the sink thing or the tooth brush thing too make me smile. Maybe he's being a little to honest, but that's also the joke.
  8. Weasel Stomping Day: I think the best way to enjoy this is from the Robot Chicken skit. This song probably would get annoying after multiple listens unless you really like old 60's Claymation specials music. 
  9. Close But No Cigar: There is a line in here that makes me giggle when I hear it. It's the line about why he broke up with first first girl. It's kinda like the precursor to Word Crimes. This is also a style parody of the 90's group Cake. I really dig the beat to this song, and think the references are great in this track. I really like the way the bass is being played, like in terms of rhythm. I love the Buddy Rich reference, and the Mama Cass one too. I also think this, along with other references on this album, make for the album to be more enjoyable if you get it.
  10. Do I Creep You Out: This is a parody of the Do I Make You Proud by Taylor Hicks. Now I don't care for this song much, and I care even less for the original. It sounds like a song from the 90's. The guy that is portrayed in this song is kinda creepy, but it just isn't that funny. I don't understand why the original track even matters. I think it's kinda weird that he cares if he makes anyone proud. But whatever.... that's just me.
  11. Trapped In The Drive-Thru: I'm from Chicago, well the suburbs, so I'm aware of R. Kelly. I'm niot crazy about the guy, and about his "actions" but I do like this. Yes, I'm admitting I've sat through all like 50 chapters so far. I the original it was kind of a stretch, but by chapter 13 it just tunes into a "lets just throw shit together, I don't care any more". In fact the only time the music changes is in like chapter 40 something and it's pretty good. The thing about this is that it literally sounds like the original. The best part of Amish Paradise is you can't really tell the difference at the beginning between the spoof and Coolio's original. This track is just like that. Now I can't say the entire track is like that, but the beginning is good enough to where you could mix them up. This is a pretty funny thing because it's like an melodramatic version of something that just happens every day. But I also love that little song he plays on the radio. If you don't what I'm talking about the nI don't want to spoil it but I'll give you this much. It's by this artist. Watch the music video of this on YouTube if you get a chance. It makes the song that much more enjoyable.
  12. Don't Download This Song: This is a spoof on the style of song that has existed ever since We Are The World. This song is funny in both lines, wording and what not. Now the song it's self isn't that amazing. But I love the references to the sites. I doubt any of those are still up today, almost 10 years after this albums release. To be honest, the best WATW style parody I think there is is Feel Inside by Flight of the Conchords. The line that a I love in this is where he says "Don't take money away from artists like me, how else can I afford another solid gold Hum V. And Diamond studded swimming pools, these things don't grow on trees".
Overall I have to give this song a 6/10. I love a good Al review, and I love putting in all the links that I need to in order to make it the best I can. There are a lot of references on this album that I don't think my little brother would ever get. With that said, I think you should do what I did with Zappa. If he said something I didn't get, I'd look it up. Instead of letting jokes pass you up, why not take this as an opportunity to educate your self a little on things they don't teach at school. This isn't meant as in insult, it's just meant as a way for you to look at this and say, maybe next time I'll get the jokes without having to look it up.

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