Thursday, June 16, 2016

16 and Savaged - Silverhead

This is the second, and final studio album, by glam rock group Silverhead. It was released on Purple Records and features Michael Des Barres, one time husband of the beautiful Miss Pamela and also know as Murdock on MacGyver. By the way, I know both of those things and watch the show on occasion. It also features Nigel Harrison  who was a member of Blondie and co-wrote some of their biggest hits, including their biggest hit. The last person, while not a member, played on the record Ian MacDonald. The saxophone player, you know he played with Giles Giles and Fripp and Foreigner and the lesser known Centipede. Oh, also Rabbit Budrick, who tours with The Who was a player on the record. Okay, so I'm gonna be honest, I don't expect great things from this record, but who knows maybe I'll be surprised.
  1. Hello New York: Off the bat, the drum beat reminds me of something else. Is that bad, not necessarily. The song though, Ramblin' Gamblin Man, is more interesting than what sounds this. This feels very much like a glam rock song. This really could pass as a Mott the Hoople song, but not as interesting. Also Mikey, your vocals are kinda rough but not in the good Ian Hunter way. That saxophone doesn't help the comparison to Mott :D
  2. More Than Your Mouth Can Hold: While the track has some nice slide work, I can't help be think Mott, again. I know it's probably gonna be a terrible review if this keeps up but yeah.Oh, yeah this is a rocker.
  3. Only You: Hey, at least this isn't a rocker and has some organ. To be honest, I feel like if this  was in a slightly different setting, with some slide guitar or steel string rather, it'd make a goo Nashville Sound song. Like maybe a Dolly Parton or Tammy Wynette singing this, this could actually be a solid track. But this here, I mean it fits... I guess, but I feel like it could be better you know. I do like the organ though.
  4. Bright Light: Shocker, here's another rocker! Though, I like the break down section a bit, even though the vocals are almost in the back of the mix. But whatever. Nice solo, kinda, but again, nothing special.
  5. Heavy Hammers: Oh how cheeky, but seriously.... This is getting irritating. There isn't anything here at all. Where's the fucking beef, meat power. I cam up with new lyrics. "I got nothing to say baby, we can't think of anything, how about yoooooo". Also this song has a reggae maybe to it, but it fucking sucks. Like this is terrible. This would be good if it was 2 minute long not 3 1/2.
  6. Cartoon Princess: Let's play where's Ian or Rod Stewart. I could see Rod singing this, also at parts Robert Plant. Nice wah wah.
  7. Rock Out Claudette Rock Out: ............................................ Rod?!?!?!?!?!?! You know this could bat against Aerosmith and other rock giants.
  8. This Ain't A Parody: Gotta wonder if Axel Brawn was a fan of this album, or this song at least. I really hope this group is a pardoy, because then at least you could say it isn't funny. But like if this is a "we are for real"..... oh no! Cringe! Were Not A Parody, Heres The Shithead. As the song starts, I don't even want to sit thought this, because it's just a cringe building.
  9. 16 And Savaged: I know everybody loves a good statutory rape song. To be honest, if  it's good I don't mind. But it's not here, so I do. Let's fuck 16 year olds, cus Rock n Roll.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. This is another rock record that is just easy to digest. I like the cover a lot, and it's pretty notable, but outside of that there isn't anything here that can't be heard better elsewhere. I kinda predicted it wouldn't be that great of a review. I mean the playing is well enough, but again there is not much to take away as memorable or new or fresh or original, even if you look at that point in time...... Though I will pick up a vinyl copy some day ;).  Hopefully I'll have a few more reviews up this week, the ones I picked are quick and easy to do.

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